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"Black Zetsu Talking"

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Chapter 8: Hide and Seek

Shizune walked on the beach shore together with the man of her life. A warm smile was painted on her face while she was hugging the silver haired shinobi's arm and her head rested on his shoulder. The sea beside her had the most beautiful color of blue. The sun rose up brightly, warming her body under the soft baby-doll tank and white shorts she chose to wear. On her right hand was her espadrilles, thus she could feel the soft, white sands tickling her toes. She then stopped walking and stared on the horizon. The man with her paused too, with a soft smile curved on his lips. She let out a dreamy sigh, leaning her body closer to the man that she was with. The place was so romantically perfect it almost felt as if she was in clouds of her dream.

The gray haired shinobi then moved and faced her. He held her chin in between his fingers and lifted her face up to meet her stunning dark orbs. "You're so beautiful." He said softly.

Her cheeks flushed. Then, a smile curved once again on her glossy pink lips and her hands moved up to hold his hard and toned chest. "Kabu-kun," She called in bliss, her eyes never left his. Inch by inch their face moved closer. She closed her eyes. She could feel his hot breath tickling her sensitive skin. Her heart then begun to thump harder under her chest. Closer. Their face nearing each other. Closer. There are only a few centimeters away. Closer. "Ouch." Shizune's eyes popped open.

"Sorry." Tobi apologized, rubbing the back of his head sheepishly. "Tobi is a good boy." said him before taking the ball that hit Shizune's head and stormed away.

A vein animatedly popped out on Shizune's head and Kabuto just let out a bitter sigh. The place wouldn't be very romantic with so many people around.

Tobi ran to his playmate, Deidara, as bubbly as always. The two were playing beach volleyball while being watched blankly by Zetsu, Hidan and Kakuzu. Those three also felt pity on their leader. You see, it was Deidara and Tobi's first time playing a sport in their whole life thus every time they'd hit the ball, it would land everywhere except on the right spot. And their leader, Pein was their coach. The pierced shinobi felt like taking all of his orange hair off his head and realized that destroying a village was a lot easier. Konan sweat dropped animatedly while staring at them.

Not far away from the Akatsuki members, Ino, Temari and Tenten were having fun playing in the water. The three felt like they were back in their childhood days and almost wished the time to stop moving for a while. It had been a long time since they had their vacation and they never had a chance to play in a sea- not until now. Each of them chose to wear their swimsuits. Ino wore her sapphire two-piece that truly matched her cerulean orbs. Temari had her leaf green tank tops and white shorts that revealed her silky, soft, tan skin. And Tenten, who'd always felt self-conscious every time she'd show up a skin, wore her pink one piece that served as her second skin and showed her perfect curves. Seriously, the lady shouldn't feel too self-conscious as she has a body that rivaled the blond chick.

Kankuro has camera on his hand, taking pictures of the three and admiring more the long haired lady. She was like sunshine and bubble that clashed together to make a beautiful piece, like rainbow. She has a body that almost paralyzed him when his eyes fell on her wearing her swimsuit. And her eyes, those crystal blue orbs that seemed to pierce him every time they'd land on his. Oh Jashin, he felt like his nose was bleeding.

Chouji on the other hand sat not far away from the puppeteer, admiring and staring at the certain lady he'd longed his whole life while eating grilled steaks.

Meanwhile, Tsunade had her back on a beach chair, wearing a white one piece that didn't fail to show her bulbous cleavage and creamy long legs. A large white sunglasses and an umbrella protected her from the beaming sun yet she loved the heat showering her bare skin. Jiraiya and Orochimaru sat on the opposite chair with a slug smile on their faces as their eyes stuck to the certain woman. God, she has a body of a goddess. They were so caught up in their fantasies they flinched as they heard the lady of their dream called them.

Orochimaru grinned after. "Yes babe?" asked him seductively.

"What do you want my honey-pie-cheese-cake-strawberry-cream-puff-addict ing-wine?" Jiraiya asked, flashing a smile on the blond woman in front of him.

Tsunade's head turned to look at the two sannins under her sunglasses. "I'm thirsty, I want some super, extra cold lemon flavor sake." replied her coolly though the two men really thought it's hot and it burned their cheeks. But then, Jiraiya and Orochimaru's smile faded after a few seconds and stared at the incredulously sexy woman blankly. Did she just ask them to get her a drink like they were some butlers? Tsunade tucked her shades down and gave the two a look with her eyebrows raised up like a terror teacher. "Any problem?" She asked that made the two to pale and squeak.

"No ma'am!" They answered hastily as they stood up with their backs as straight as walls. Then, like robots, they walked away to get what the woman wants.

Not far away from the sizzling hot (She made me write that.) Gondaime was her certain pink haired apprentice who was very busy making the coolest sand castle in the whole ninja world. She chose to wear her red tank top and bright white bermuda shorts that reached up to her knees. She also tied up her bubblegum hair and wore few accessories. At that moment, she really does felt that she was on her vacation. She was having fun, finally and for what seemed like the first time in her life, she has totally forgotten hospital and mission duties.

The certain red haired kazekage was with her, helping her making the incredibly huge sand castle. He couldn't help himself but to admire the busy pinkette while he was keeping the sand castle not to wreck. She looked utterly stunning whenever she was concentrating. She'd bite her lower lip most of the time and it made him wonder if it was as soft as it looked like. Her pale skin under the sun seemed as soft as silk and as velvet as milk he wanted to caress them. He had never felt so drawn to someone before. He was a loner by nature; he could survive on his own and was very much used in solitary.

But this girl.

This little woman had changed everything.

He had never felt the need to be on someone's side. He needed her on his side. He wanted her to be with him. He wants her.

Itachi glared at the certain red haired, green eyed man. He was sitting on top of the large rock not far away from the pinkette and the red head shinobi. He was beginning to get pissed. He knew it wasn't only him and Sasori who craved for her attention, affection and her herself. He knew there would be more competition but he never expected them to be quite a threat. That kazekage had his score before back when they were at the ship and now he was having his luck again. His fingers kept twitching. He wanted to kill him, now and there. He wanted to stab him to death until no one would be able to recognize him. But for some reason, he couldn't. It must be because of the deal everyone made. He knew it wasn't just a simple promise to not try to kill each other while they were on vacation. There was more to it. There was something more in their vacation than meets the eye but it wasn't his current interest. Sakura was his interest right now and maybe, his interest forever. His crimson eyes then moved and looked down to the other Akatsuki member, the puppeteer. The red head was leaning his back on the rock he was sitting at with his arms crossed across his chest. Though his eyes held nothing but dull expression, the dark aura that surrounded him confirmed that he was pissed too.

Sakura held a smile on her face. Perfect, she thought, admiring her latest work of sand art. All she had to do was to smooth few parts here and there and she would be done in no time.

She raised her head to take a look at the kazekage.

He was already smoothing the rough edges of the castle. He had his nonchalant mask on yet she knew he was enjoying what he was doing too. The wind blowing on his soft scarlet tresses was picture perfect. She had never thought he would look this handsome back when she was thirteen. But then again, who knew he'd be there accompanying her, doing childish thing such as making sand castle? She looked back down to the sand castle with an amused smile curving on her lips. Her vacation was getting more and more interesting.

Then, she froze as she felt her hand accidentally brushed his. It was just a simple touch, how silly she was? But her face changed its color. What the hell was wrong with her? She secretly took a glance on him from the corner of her eyes while still trying to look busy on her work. He wasn't looking at her and he was still wearing his blank expression. It seemed like he hadn't noticed her blushing and stunned face. She sighed in relief.

"You know Sakura, I really like touching your hand." The red haired kazekage said. Sakura stiffened and felt the shade on her cheeks darkened. "Oh, and the blush on your face looks lovely." He added. An amused smirk worked its way up to his face though he wasn't looking at her and was still doing his work. The pinkette felt her face burned in embarrass. Two Akatsuki members on the other hand, held their gaze on the kazekage, glaring at him as if they could kill him that way.

Kiba and Neji were grilling meats and fishes though it was only the younger shinobi who was really doing the work as the long haired brunette was only standing still with clenched fists and activated byakugan; his incredible eyes focused on the pink haired kunoichi and scarlet haired kazekage.

Not far away from where the certain kunoichi and kazekage sat Sai with sketchpad on his lap and a pencil on his hand. He was wearing nonchalant expression as he drew on white paper his pink haired teammate together with the huge sand castle but leaving the red haired shinobi behind.

Naruto and Hinata on the other hand stayed at the porch with their cold tropical juice as they silently watch the beach from afar. The blond shinobi moved and wrapped his two strong arms around the long haired kunoichi who was sitting at the railings. Said kunoichi's cheeks flushed red. The man then slowly kissed her red face with a soft, warm smile. She smiled too and moved, giving the guy a soft smooch on the lips.

Meanwhile, the super genius Shikamaru was sleeping near the three Sannins on the colorful towel matched with a rainbow umbrella and has no intention of playing or fooling around the beach.

Daytime passed by quickly and night entered while some of the girls- Ino, Tenten, Hinata, Temari and Sakura decided to have fun and play at the training room. The place was wide and there were nothing inside except the mirrors that were attached to the walls.

At first they thought of playing at the game room but the place was full of guys thus they had no choice and chose the training room instead.

Different kinds of snacks, sodas and board games were scattered on the wooden floor as Ino, Tenten, and Temari sat with cards on their hands while Hinata was silently watching them, drinking grape juice. The four were also wearing their sleeping apparels as if they were on a pajama party.

Ino bit her lower lip uneasily, staring at her cards before she looked up and glared at Hinata. The dark haired kunoichi flinched and paled slightly. "Where the hell is Sakura? She's taking too long!" Ino yelled in annoyance. Seriously, that pink haired big brow was starting to adopt her former sensei's bad habit.

Hinata moved away from Ino really slowly as she answered, "M-maybe she has to do something f-first." She then noticed the blonde kunoichi's cerulean eyes twitch. "B-b-but I think she'll come anytime soon." She added quickly.

"Tch." Ino scorned. "This card and that girl are match made in heaven; they're making my head boil."

Temari grinned.

Tenten's jaw dropped as she gasped while looking at the certain sand kunoichi. "Hey!"

Temari smiled a very despicable smile and laughed lowly. "I won." She announced with a huge grin.

Ino threw her card, dropped her body on the floor and sighed in defeat. "This is boring."

"That's unfair, you cheated!" Tenten cried while pointing accusingly the four-ponytailed kunoichi.

Temari gasped very dramatically. "I did not." She said slowly with a shock expression.

"You saw Ino's card!"

"You saw my card?"

"I saw her card?"


"What the-"

"No. No. I don't think I saw your card."

"Yes! Yes! You saw her card, admit it."




"Argh, this is boring."



"G-guys please stop arguing."

"Yo, what's up guys?"

The four ladies looked up to the kunoichi who spoke. Sakura grinned as she remained standing with a pillow and different kinds of board game on her hands, wearing a red pajama and pink spaghetti strapped top.

Tenten scowled. "Temari's cheating."

"Tenten thinks I am cheating."

"Okay. Okay." Sakura said calmly. "Tenten, I don't think Temari would cheat." She then looked at the sand kunoichi. "Temari, don't cheat anymore okay?"



Sakura then felt a heavy, dark, full of grudge aura on her back. The pinkette paled as she looked at Hinata with her body shaking slightly. The Hyuuga nodded swiftly. She then gulped before slowly turning her head around only to see her best friend with three angry veins sticking out on her platinum blonde head and hell surrounding her. She then laughed sheepishly.

"Sa-ku-ra!" Ino growled lowly, cracking her fingers before tackling the pink haired kunoichi.

"Okay! Okay! I'm sorry I was late okay?!" The pinkette cried. She then looked at the blonde kunoichi with her huge, teary, emerald orbs. "Please let me go."

"I will slaughter you! I will feed your body to Akamaru and your bones will be a decoration in my shop!" Ino growled with demon eyes and demon smile.

"No! Konan, help-" Slowly, Sakura's soul began to fly out from her body. The blonde kunoichi paused; everyone paused and the time seemed to stop if only not for Sakura's soul quickly returning to her body.

The four kunoichi then looked at the only Akatsuki woman.

"Um, hi." Konan smiled an awkward smile.

"H-hi." Temari and Tenten greeted back at the same time with stunned expression.

Hinata stared at the blue haired lady quietly.

Ino dropped Sakura with blue eyes as huge as saucers as they focused on the certain Akatsuki member. She then walked slowly, heading to where Konan was standing. "You," She called. The older lady stared back at the blonde kunoichi with an unsure expression before turning her head to look at Sakura. "Where…" Ino then stopped in front of the blue haired lady and raised her hand. "Where did you buy it?" She almost squealed, touching the white flower on Konan's head.

Konan blinked. "Um…" Amber eyes then shifted to the pink haired kunoichi. Said kunoichi gave her an assurance smile. She then smiled too. "I made it."

"Really? Wow. This is so pretty." Ino replied in awe.

"I can teach you how to make it; it's just a simple origami."

The blonde medic grinned and nodded excitedly.

"Um, hi m-my name's Hinata." The long haired kunoichi said with a flushed face as she stretched her hand to the Ame kunoichi.

Konan smiled and took it. "Hi, my name's Konan." said her kindly.

The sand kunoichi scratched her ponytailed head embarrassingly as she spoke with tints of pink on her tan cheeks. "I'm Temari." said her. The amber eyed ninja smiled at her. She smiled back.

The brunette then bowed. "Good evening, I am Tenten." She said very formally and stiff.

Konan chuckled softly. "So cute." said her while staring at the chocolate haired lady. Tenten blushed. "But no need to be formal, just casual, okay?" The brunette nodded before smiling back.

Sakura held a soft smile as she stared at the ladies in front of her. She knew they'd like Konan. The lady was really easy to like.

"Alright, now that we all know each other's name, how about we start our pajama party ne?" The pinkette chirped, taking everyone's attention.

Tenten placed a hand on her chin. "Hmm, so what are we going to do first?" She asked, sitting in front of Sakura followed by Hinata who sat beside her and Ino, who sat beside the said pinkette, while on her other side sat Temari. She then looked up to Konan. "You may sit." She smiled.

The blue haired lady then sat in between Sakura and Temari.

Temari then clapped her hands once. "How about we play cards?" She asked excitedly.

Everyone except Konan and Sakura stared blankly at her.

"We just played that." Ino said with a dull expression.

"Plus, you cheated." Tenten added.

Temari stuffed her tongue out to the brunette.

"How about board games?" Sakura asked.

"Nah, that can wait." Ino answered while eating popcorns with a blank expression.

"Pillow fight?" Hinata asked.

"Too cliché." The blonde medic replied, still with blank expression.

"Movie marathon?" The sand kunoichi asked.

"There's no tv in this room Temari." The pinkette, who was eating a chocolate chip cookie, replied.

"Ah," Temari tapped her hand. "How about spirit of the glass?"

Sakura and Ino's bored face brightened.

"No!" Hinata almost yelled. The other ladies stared at her. "I- I- I- m-mean…" Holy mother cow, how could she say to her courageous kunoichi friends that she has phasmophobia? No, no, she couldn't tell them. Ino would definitely laugh at her. Tenten would be worried to death. Temari might scare her more. And Sakura would search for the cure obsessively. She didn't want that chaos. No one would want that kind of chaos. It's more than horror.

"I don't think there are ghosts here." Tenten commented while drinking an orange soda. Hinata looked at her with a huge smile and sparkly pearl eyes. The brunette sweatdroppped.

The other ladies then nodded.

So, what would they do?

Then, Ino saw Chouji passing by.

"Chouji!" Ino called.

The addressed shinobi who obviously came from the kitchen and was carrying loads of chips, paused and turned his head to his left, only to see the girls inside the huge room.

The platinum haired medic waved her hand as bubbly as always.

Chouji's face flushed red.

"Come here." His teammate said. He then pointed himself questionably and slightly looked behind him to see if she was calling for another person. But there was no one around him. "Chouji, come here." The girl motioned her hand. Thus, the chubby shinobi walked inside.

"Um, hey." Chouji looked at everyone before stopping his gaze to his teammate. "Do you need something?" asked him before throwing potato chips inside his mouth.

"Wanna join us?" The blonde kunoichi smiled sweetly.

Temari choked. What the- she thought this was supposed to be girls' night?

Konan and Sakura looked at each other, shrugging as they turned back their attention to the sapphire eyed lady.

While munching the potato junk food, Chouji looked again at the other girls. "I- I don't think I'm welcome here." said him honestly. "You're all girls."

"What? No, of course you can join us." The pink haired lady said while the raven haired Hyuuga nodded in approval.

"Lee!" This time, it was Tenten who called. The black headed shinobi walked to them as lively as always, greeting all the ladies in a very eccentric manner and was asked by the brunette if he wanted to join them too.

Lee declined. The shinobi said something with words 'Youth' and 'Gentlemen' and 'Enjoy' that no one really understood or cared about.

But then, they saw Neji. The chocolate haired kunoichi called him too. The addressed guy walked to them and was asked if he wanted to join them. The mighty Hyuuga was about to refuse until his pearl orbs fell on the pink haired kunoichi. Flowers bloomed. Yes, flowers. Flowers everywhere. What the hell? Anyway, he wasn't the kind of man who would let go of the opportunity to spend time with the lady who stole his heart thus, he sat down quietly and decided to join the girls. And just like domino, Lee joined them too followed by Chouji.

Chouji smiled to himself, giving his girl teammate secret glances while eating his favorite chips. However, his smile vanished as Ino called Kankuro and was asked to join them too. The face painted guy of course happily threw himself in. Then, said face painted guy saw his younger brother, the Kazekage, and called him. This time, it was Neji's smile that flew away.

Hinata then saw Kiba and Shino and called the two. Seeing Ino and Sakura, the two shinobi joined in.

After a while, as the group drowned in deep thought of what they were about to do, the pinkette saw Deidara and called him. The blonde missing-nin happily jumped in before he saw Gaara and Neji that brought a scowl on his beautiful face. Then, came Tobi and before everyone knew, the whole members of the Akatsuki had joined in. Mainly the reasons were Konan and Sakura.

Hinata then saw her boyfriend and the blonde cheerfully joined in too. While trying to pick of what to eat, his cerulean orbs caught Sasuke and called the guy.

After hours of searching for the youngest Uchiha, Karin finally found her love of her life and let herself joined the circle.

Then, Sakura saw Sai and called him. The oblivious guy received lots of glare but the root anbu was well, remained smiling that brought more heat to the situation.

The last one to join the odd circle was Shikamaru who happened to be passing by with pillow on his arms. The lazy guy was seen by Chouji and was called. Without having the slightest idea of what they were doing, the guy chose to join everyone.

"Uh, so what am I supposed to do here again?" Kisame asked who grabbed a bar of snickers and took a bite. "Hmm, this tastes good, what is it?"

"It's called chocolate, baka." Kakuzu whispered.

Kisame was about to defend himself but saw Sakura and grinned, showing to everyone his sharp razor teeth. "Hello there, cotton candy."

The pinkette looked at the blue skinned man blankly. "'Sup, whale."

Kakuzu choke whilst Deidara and Hidan tried their best to suppress their laugh.

"So, what are we going to play now?" Tenten asked.

Everyone fell silent. Some tried to think. Some paused to look as if they're thinking.

Tobi's mask brightened like a light bulb and raised his hand. "Oh, Tobi knows. Tobi knows." said him enthusiastically, waving his hand like a kid. Pein and Zetsu sighed and face palmed while the others looked at him blankly. "Let's play hide and seek!"

"Baaa-ka. That's for kids, un." Deidara said. Neji and Itachi nodded in agreement while Sasori and Kakuzu sighed in disappointment.

"I think that's a great idea!" Sakura chirped. Kisame's jaw dropped. Deidara and the other Akatsuki froze in shock. Did she just agree to Tobi's childish suggestion? Is it the end of the world? The pinkette turned her head to Ino. "Remember the time when we used to play that game?" asked her.

Ino thought for a moment before her face brightened and a huge smile formed on her glossy lips. "I remember that." replied her. "Was it the game with whoever lost will be the slave of the winner?" The pinkette nodded.

"Hmm, with this number, I think we should reverse it." Konan suggested.

"Agreed. How about whoever wins will be able to pick among those who lost to be his or her slave for a whole day?" Temari asked.

Ino and Sakura nodded.

"What do you guys think?" Tenten asked.

"I- I think it will be fun." Hinata said.

"I like it!" Naruto yelled.

"Fine." Pein mumbled.

The others nodded in agreement.

Then, everyone stood up.

"Wait!" Sakura called. Everyone looked at the pinkette. "Who will be it?" asked her.

Everyone paused for a moment and sat down.

"Let's spin the bottle." Temari suggested.

"Then, whomever it landed to will be it." Tenten continued.

Everyone sat in a circle before Ino began spinning the empty bottle of vodka.

They all wore a blank expression before the bottle began slowing down as time passed by. Each faces changed as the thing moving in the middle stopped and landed on someone they didn't realize would be playing with them.

"Kuri-chan, where do you think Plant-kun and Stich-kun went?" Asuma asked, cuddling his wife on the bed.

"Maybe they're busy playing or watching tv." Kurenai replied; crimson orbs still stuck on the book she was reading.

Asuma moved and went in front of the raven haired lady, moving down the book his wife was holding and stared at the lady. "Do you think they're not coming yet?" asked him.

The crimson eyed woman gave her husband a soft smile and leaned her face closer to his. "Hmmm, maybe." replied her, inching her face slowly to the man in front of her. "They're taking long." She finished before giving the dark haired shinobi a soft kiss on the lips.

Asuma grinned and kissed his wife for the second time. This time, it was more firm, hotter and less careful.

That thing,

That thing called bottle.

That thing that was chosen to pick someone to make their game more interesting, 'Well, it is interesting.' thought Pein.

Just what the hell does that bottle thinking?!

Is it the end of the world?

Why the hell did that stupid bottle decided to stop to someone like him?!

To someone as dangerous…

As clever…

'Darn you bottle, why did you choose my older brother?' Sasuke thought.

That's right.

The poor bottle-kun chose the Uchiha.

The Uchiha.

The older Uchiha.

Itachi Uchiha.

The Itachi.


At the pool,

"Have you wonder what's going on inside?" Kabuto asked.

"No, but they did made some noise and now it's really quiet." Shizune replied.


1. The game will be played for only one hour. The "It" would lose if he wasn't able to find everyone at the given time and the game would restart again without him and the persons that he had already found.

2. No hiding outside the mansion.

3. The "It" must bring every person he had found in the room where they started the game.

4. Jutsu was allowed to use but fighting with the "It" was strictly prohibited.

5. It was just a game for ninjas who were extremely bored and has nothing better to do, nothing personal.

Let the game begin.

Naruto chuckled evilly to himself.

That's right, if he would win, he'd choose Sasuke. Oh the thought of making the mighty youngest Uchiha into a slave.

Sasuke serving him iced tea.

Sasuke making him ramen.

Sasuke wearing an apron.

Sasuke cleaning his mess.

Sasuke kneeling in front of him.

Sasuke suffering for the whole day.

It would be heaven- well, only for Naruto.

Again, the blonde ninja chuckled twistedly. Kyuubi never thought that his host has that kind of evil side on him. The game really scares him for some reason.

"Hey," Someone called.

Naruto, who chose to hide inside a small cabinet, slowly turned his head to his side. He then froze and paled because there, beside him, sitting like the child ghost in the movie 'The Grudge' was the older and eerie Uchiha. After three seconds, the blonde shinobi yelled through his lungs and then poof, he was gone.

Itachi, who was left sitting alone inside the dark cabinet, smiled amusedly. "Kagebunshin." He said softly to himself before him too, disappeared and began searching the other players.

At the kitchen, there was Chouji, hiding at the food storage while eating his favorite flavored chips. However though, after a few moments, the young shinobi felt someone's presence that really alarmed him. He paused and swallowed the food he was eating. Slowly, he moved only to see the older shinobi eating dango.

Itachi looked at the young Akamichi too. On his side were bunches of dango sitting along. His stare while eating the sweet dumpling obviously stated that the younger shinobi was out and he should move already. Chouji paled, but stood up anyway and walked together with him, bringing along the foods they were eating.

The two stopped at the training room.

Chouji obediently sat down and just ate his junk food quietly as he watched the older Uchiha ate the dango that they brought along.

Deidara on the other hand tiptoed through the lounge room and noticed that there was no one around. A smile crept through his lips while he hid very carefully behind the couch, strictly making sure that he had made no sound, knowing very well how sensitive the hearing senses of the older Uchiha.

Now, why would he want to win?

Of course he'd pick Sasori as a slave.

Yes, revenge is really darn sweet as the crimson haired Akatsuki had been very bossy around him, thus winning would definitely be payback time.

"Deidara-Sempai!" The blond haired Akatsuki was about to yell in surprise but thank Jashin he hastily covered his own mouth.

What the hell?

"Tobi, what the heck are you doing here?" The blond shinobi hissed quietly.

"Tobi is a good boy, Tobi is hiding."

"Shh! Lower down your voice, he might heard us."


"Go away, find another place."

"But- but Tobi found this place first." The masked Uchiha replied. "And Tobi want to be with Deidara-senpai!" exclaimed him.

The said blond Akatsuki punched his new partner's head. "I told you to lower down your voice!" The blond hissed. "Just get-"

The two Akatsuki members stiffened before slowly looking up.

Tobi and Deidara yelled in surprise, hugging each other in fear.

There, before their vey eyes, was Itachi, silently staring at them with his crimson orbs.

Uchiha then brought the two like a caught in the act prisoners to the training room.

Thirty minutes later, Shikamaru, Hidan, Kakuzu, Tenten, Lee, Kankuro, Hinata, Temari, Kiba, Konan, Zetsu and Pein were caught.

Shikamaru was captured while sleeping at the couch where he should be hiding.

Hidan and Kakuzu were caught because of a trap- a jewelry trap to be exact -that Itachi specially prepared. The dark haired Akatsuki easily fell for it while Hidan was caught for trying to stop his partner from falling into the said trap.

Tenten was caught as she hid in panic at the powder room. She thought the said room was for the girls but realized soon that it wasn't as she saw Lee inside being captured by the dark haired Akatsuki.

Kankuro and Kiba were caught because Itachi copied the face of Ino and asked them to follow her. Easy as pie.

Hinata was caught while hiding in panic at the closet room.

Temari was caught because she didn't know where to hide.

Konan was captured because Itachi copied the face of Pein and asked her to follow him. The trick would never get old.

And Pein and Zetsu were caught because they surrendered, they didn't even know why they were playing with them.

Obviously, Itachi used kagebunshin technique in order to find them faster. You don't really underestimate an Uchiha.

At the laundry room, Ino chose to hide beside the washing machine, forcing herself to fit in into the tight spot. Her heart almost stopped when she heard the door opened.

She then slowly moved to know who entered the place she was hiding at.

Black hair.

It must be Itachi.


But the hair was shorter.

Oh, it was just Sasuke.

She sighed in relief.


Sasuke! Sasuke! It was Sasuke!

She's with Sasuke! Alone! Inside a room!

Or not.

"Would you stop following me?" Sasuke said coldly.

"Why would I? I'm your girlfriend and I want to hide with you." The red haired kunoichi replied.

Ino, who was still in her hiding place almost gasped but then, she quickly covered her own mouth to avoid making any more noise.

"Why are you being so cold to me in these past few days?"

'Sasuke's always cold to anyone.' Ino thought.

"Colder. You're being colder. Have I done something wrong?"



'What is this awkward situation have I gone in to? I should've revealed myself sooner and walked out as fast as I could.'

Karin looked down and frowned before looking up at the youngest Uchiha again with a serious stare. "Is this because of that pinky or the blonde one?"

Sasuke raised an eyebrow. "Naruto?"

"No! Ino!" The addressed lady who was hiding almost jumped from her place when she heard her name. "Arg! This is enough! If you're breaking up with me, I'm going to tell to everyone that you took my virginity! That you asked me to bear Uchihas. That you chose me as your partner to revive your clan! I'm going to tell to everyone how I let myself to be used by you yet you'd still leave me for some other girl! ... Why?" Tears fell down from her left crimson eye. "You said you chose me because I'm a strong kunoichi. You said an Uchiha deserves only a strong ninja. Aren't I strong enough?"

Sasuke looked away from the crying lady and clicked his tongue. He then sighed in defeat. "Who said I'm breaking up with you?" asked him, still looking away from the girl in front of him.

"Huh?" Karin looked up at the man in front of her and stopped sobbing.

The Uchiha then looked down to the red head. "I'm not breaking up with you."

"Really? Then why are you…"

"I just wanted to be alone for a while."

"I-I see." Karin wiped off her tears and smiled. "Then would you kiss me?"


"You don't want to?" The red head was about to cry again but then she felt Sasuke's cold hand cupped her cheeks and pressed his lips onto hers.

Ino's blue orbs widened as her heart ached she felt like ripping it away from her chest. Moving wouldn't be her problem anymore as her body froze like a statue. The conversation she heard, she was able to take. But seeing the two of them kissed- passionately right her very eyes…

"Would the two of you kindly stop what you're doing? Not only it disgusts me, you two are also out of the game so would you obediently move out already?"

Sasuke and Karin were both paralyzed as they both stared at the older Uchiha in front of them.

'The hell with that speech?' The red head thought.

Itachi then turned at the corner of the room where few washing machines stood. "You're out too Ms. Yamanaka."

Ino flinched.

Sasuke's eyes widened.

Ino stood up and showed her self to everyone, smiling and rubbing her head sheepishly.

'Was she there the whole time?' Sasuke thought in horror.

Kisame slammed the door open of room eight.

He paused.

He turned white.

Pure white.

Including his clothing.

Right his very eyes were Kurenai and Asuma.

Who also froze and turned white.

On the bed.

Doing it.

The position? Well, let's just say, Asuma's on the back.

Who knows how many seconds have passed before finally, Kurenai yelled.

Asuma moved swiftly, covering his and his wife's body with a blanket.

The door closed behind the Akatsuki member.

"Dude, what the fuck?" Kisame asked, his colors also returned back to normal.

"What are you doing here?" Asuma asked, forcing himself to act like nothing happened.

"I'm here to hide." The shark-man replied.

Kurenai blinked.

Asuma raised an eyebrow.

"You can't hide here, I was here first!" Someone yelled from the corner beside the bed of the newly wed couple.

The three shinobi turned their heads to where the voice came from.

It was Naruto.

Kurenai's whole body turned into stone. She couldn't take it more.

"A-are you here, hiding the whole time?" Asuma asked in horror.


"Did you saw everything?"


Asuma froze into a stone too. Naruto raised an eyebrow, confused. And Kisame laughed.

"What's happening here?"

"Nothing it's just, that brat saw the two were having… you know, the whole time!" Kisame laughed and then looked at the man beside him.

His body turned white again.

Itachi then brought the almost soulless Kisame and the still confused Naruto to the training room while Asuma and Kurenai were left alone, still not moving and frozen like rocks.

At the training room,

Ino, Lee, Kisame, Kakuzu and Zetsu were playing cards. Kakuzu was winning while Lee was losing. Hidan would've played with them too if only it wasn't a sin in his religion.

Chouji was still eating near to Shikamaru who was sleeping safe and sound beside Akamaru- the two really get along very well when it comes to sleeping.

Kiba and Kankuro were playing chess. Kankuro was the one who was losing though the two seemed to have no idea of the rules of the said game. Thus, no one attempted to watch them. Only the two of them understood each other.

Sasuke and Karin were sitting quietly at the edge of the room. Karin kept clinging on Sasuke while the said Uchiha was paralyzed; still having a hard time taking the fact that someone saw and heard everything.

Pein, Konan, Hinata, Naruto, and Tenten were playing spin the bottle. Naruto was dancing in the middle as a dare.

Temari and Deidara were making a plan to get rid of Tobi.

And Tobi, well, Tobi was still annoying.

"Hey, Kabu-kun, I heard some yell inside. Do you think they're okay inside?"

"Yes, they're fine. Would you stop thinking of them?" The silver haired man asked as he cupped the girl's cheek in front of him.

Shizune laughed sheepishly. "Okay." replied her in bliss, inching her face closer to her lover.

Forty minutes had passed, and Itachi has yet to find six persons and they were Gaara, Shino, Neji, Sasori, Sai, and Sakura.

It was a mystery why those six men were playing with them as well as whom they would choose as a slave.

Sakura, however, even though it was clear why she was playing the game, had still no idea who would she choose as a slave. There were just too many of them to choose from and everyone seemed a perfect candidate as a slave for her.

She sighed bitterly while hiding somewhere on the dark area of the library. 'This is why I really hate choosing.'

Then, her green orbs widened as someone grabbed her from behind and covered her mouth. Her heart beat speedily while she slowly looked at the guy behind her.

Said guy then kissed her cheek and curved his lips into a twisted smirk.

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