Author's Note: Sorry that the last chapter got a little off topic, and I stuck in the fact they were staying for a couple of days first, out of like, nowhere. I realized that I'd forgotten that they have to explain to the guys at school (especially the rumor spreaders, like Jessica and Lauren) what happened. So this chapter will be basically the Cullens telling them why Victoria was there and junk. Well, not junk... think of it as stuff. Laugh. Randomness... anyway, I hope you like this chapter. I'll be making it up as I go along as well, so if it's sort of weird, I'm totally, majorly sorry.

I yawned, almost falling off the bed. Where was Edward? He should be here, when I woke up, shouldn't he? I cracked open one eyelid—the clock on the wall said that it was seven o'clock in the morning. Still a bit early to get up, but if I fell asleep again, I'd probably be late. I was just wondering, again, what my love was up to, and why he wasn't there, when he appeared out of nowhere, at the foot of the bed.

"I'm very sorry, Bella," he apologized, "I had some errands to run for Esme."

"Don't worry about it," I said, patting the space on the bed beside me. He came over and sat down beside me. Through the thick blanket, I could still feel his icy cold skin.

"Should we be getting to go soon, love?" Edward asked me.

I yawned. "I suppose so—I'm a little tired today," I said, "Okay. I'll need my human moment, please." I grabbed my bag of toiletries, and headed for the bathroom.

I brushed my teeth, still half asleep. Groggily, I stepped into the shower, and turned on the hot water. I felt so relaxed that I could've fallen asleep again, but that would've gotten Edward worried. I sighed, and tried to speed up my shower process. When I finally stepped out of the tub, I felt very warm. Wrapping myself in a towel, I went back to Edward's bedroom—well, more or less our bedroom now—to find something to wear.

Here's your outfit for today. Wear it. OR ELSE. My soon-to-be sister in law will not be dressed as a hobo. And trust me, you would've been.

x o x o


The combination of clothing that Alice had picked out for me was not as bad as I'd feared, what with the whole 'or else'. It was a simple baby blue silk top, with white jeans. She'd even left a pair of hoop earrings (I was almost one hundred percent sure that they were pure silver) though it might not exactly be safe for me to wear them. I sighed. Then again, knowing Alice, it wouldn't be safe if I didn't, either.

I arrived downstairs about five minutes later. Charlie was sitting at the breakfast table with a plate of pancakes, reading the newspaper, just like he would at his own house. Everyone else was sprawled on the couches in the living room, except for Esme and Carlisle.

"Hey kid," Charlie waved at me, "Have a good night's sleep?" he glared at Edward as he said this.

"Oh, great," I said, "Couldn't be better." I tried to hide my yawn without Charlie seeing.

I was about to hunt down a spoon, a bowl, and some cereal in the numerous cupboards in the Cullens' huge, not to mention unused kitchen, when Edward got up, and within ten seconds, had my breakfast in front of me.

"Thanks," I said appreciatively.

Twenty more minutes later, Edward drove me to school in his Volvo. Charlie had already gone (Alice had gotten his cruiser here in the night). Everyone else was taking Rosalie's convertible. (Author's Note: Rosalie does drive a convertible, right? Or was that Jasper? I'm too lazy to check, plus my internet's not working so I'm not exactly willing to flip through a couple of hundred of pages in Twilight right now)

When we got to school, we were surprisingly greeted by Jessica and Lauren.

"So, kill anyone else today, Edward?" Lauren asked, tossing her blonde hair to the side, in a very stupid attempt to attract his attention.

"Shut up, Lauren," I said, walking right past her.

Unluckily for me, she stuck out her foot, causing me to trip, but with Edward standing right by my side, I did not fall on my face. Edward glared at Lauren, and for a moment, she looked frightened, but quickly recovered.

"Bitch," she said, walking away with yet ANOTHER annoying toss of her stupid blonde hair. I was surprised at myself. I normally didn't get this angry.

"Sorry, love," Edward said, looking down guiltily. What did he have to be apologizing for? I thought.

"Don't worry, Edward, I'm not a glass doll, you know," I attempted to cheer him up, without many achievements.

We were 'welcomed' by many more stares that day. Some people appeared scared, while others were angry, and more just thought it was best to pass right by us without giving us a glance. I stuck close to Edward all day, knowing the trouble that awaited him without me by his side. It wasn't much compared to what he'd done for me, but at least now he could avoid any fierce looks from my three admirers: Mike, Tyler, and Eric. They, at least respected the fact that Edward was trying to protect me, but didn't really quite 'get it.'

"So, Edward," a girl from my Spanish class seemed to appear out of nowhere, "Care to explain what happened?"

His response was growling, and the girl seemed to want to run away as fast as she could in the opposite direction, but wanting some answers. "It is not of your affairs," Edward said in a low, menacing voice that he never used with me.

"Uh, yeah, whatever," the girl said, walking away.

Throughout the whole day, Edward did not give out a single explanation to the school of Forks, but by the afternoon, no one was badgering us anymore. Nevertheless, I stuck beside him all day. Hopefully, tomorrow wouldn't be this stressful, though. I was tired of just listening to Edward tell people that it was none of their business. You'd think that the one time they started paying attention to the Cullens was for a good purpose, but no. Only when your local vampire family commit murder do you start seeing them as some sort of a threat. Well, not even a threat. For us, it was merely extremely irritating.

"Ugh!" I said, frustrated, "If only I could just tell them to GO AWAY!"

"I agree with you, love," Edward said, looking pained, "By my count, three hundred and thirty four students have approached us today with that matter in mind. Literally! I really feel like tearing through this wall and leave with you, and never return to this stupid building!" he fumed, "These children really have no brains. If I don't answer one of them, what makes them think I'll respond to another?!"

I had never seen Edward this stressed out, and it was scaring me. "I'm sorry," I whimpered, "If it weren't for me, and Victoria, for that matter, none of this would've happened."

"Bella," he said in a strict tone, "This was not your fault. But I would appreciate it if we could've rid this world of that... woman, in a place with fewer witnesses; that is true."

I sighed, "Only two more days."

"Yes, only two more days," he agreed, "I don't suppose it's a good idea to leave right now."

I stared at him in shock. He laughed, "I wish."

How I wished, too. Stupid Victoria for coming after to avenge her mate's death, stupid James for having to come after me in the first place, and trying to kill me, only getting himself slaughtered by my vampire family, stupid Laurent for telling her that I was still here...! I really felt like screaming as loud as my lungs allowed me to. I fidgeted in my seat all the way home, but at least we would be farther away from those nuisances.

When we arrived at the Cullens' place, I gratefully allowed Edward to pick me up and take me inside. I was exhausted, for some reason that I couldn't fathom, and not due to Jasper's influence.

"Bella?" Charlie asked with an amused expression, "How was school?"

"Ugh!" I groaned, throwing a pillow at him.

"Tsk, tsk, tsk, Bells. Resort to throwing things, now. My poor daughter is becoming violent," he grinned.

"Hey, you're lucky you didn't have to drop by the station today to tell them what happened."

"Go away," I said, taking Edward's hand.

"Come, love," Edward said in a strained voice. I had a huge headache, and would be glad to finally get to lie down.

Author's Note: Okay, that chapter, I think, was horrible. I'm too tired to go over it, so if it has a whole bunch of grammatical errors and sucks even more than I thought it did, sorry. I am just very pissed off right now. On the bright side, I'm probably going to pre-order Breaking Dawn soon. Does anyone know whether it would get here earlier than the release date? I'm getting off topic. Anyway, I hope you guys don't completely abandon this story due to this totally boring chapter, but if you did, I wouldn't blame you. I'm going to try making the next chapter better, but don't actually expect it to be.