Lust and temptation


Can you tell me what love is? It's been seven months now since I've been seeing him in private…Ino, Tenten, and Temari hate him for what he done to me when we were going out in public for two weeks. They said he did an awful thing to me to me, that he was a basterd the lowest of the low, but the worst part is I don't hate him…Even though I cried because of the rumours, the looks and the bitching I still wanted him, I wanted to fall asleep in his arms once more…I wanted to be loved, I craved for it.

I'm not proud of running to him but maybe I wanted to use him the way he first did with me…Maybe I wanted to show someone who I really was inside and explain why I acted so out of character, and maybe in turn I would want to know who he really was .

So this will be Hinata Hyuga's story, and I will tell you the truth of my past so called relationship with Uchiha Sasuke and the one night stands I kept secret from al those that I loved and stood by me…I hated myself but I couldn't stop…

Now it's up to you dear readers whether you would like to listen to a tale of pain, deceit, lust and forbidden love…For lust is a very dangerous sin indeed…


If anyone wants me to continue with the story review and I'll update as soon as I can…this fanfic will basically have some past experience that I had with my own boyfriend and other peoples experience with theirs, when I heard of all the experiences I thought it could be a really good story to tell and shows just how people get so confused when three words are mixed into the making of these relationships that change everything "I love you" …but I think it'll be told in the third person cuz it'll sound better and it doesn't sound as though I'm one of the characters.. But if anyone hates lemon I suggest you don't read the fic…



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