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Full summary: After her parents divorce, Akari Shirafuji, age 10 is kicked out of her wealthy and lavish lifestyle and moves with her now single mother far away where she lives life as a commoner. For 6 years she enjoys life as a commoner…that is until her father announces that she is the successor of his law firm. Thrust back into the world of business and wealth, she expects things to get complicated, but when she meets the Host Club and an old childhood friend, life becomes plain hell.

Written by: Ordinary Magic

Nothing but you,

How I wish it wasn't so.

It creeps in, like a spider
Can't be killed, although I try and try to
But don't you see I'm falling?
Don't wanna love you
But I do.
-Stop This Song by Paramore-

Chapter 1 Ready To Go

You've got these little things
You wanted something for 'em.
You'll either get it or guess you won't.
What does it really mean to get nothing from anyone?
There's a million ways it could go.

-Ready To Go by Panic! at The Disco-

"Ok. Don't panic." whispered a 16 year-old girl to herself. "Its just a school. What's the big deal?" she lied to herself.

The wind whipped Akari's already messy auburn hair all over the place and slapped her right in the face. Grumbling, she took out a hair tie from her pocket, and quickly tied her hair up into a messy ponytail. She knew this probably wasn't the best way to make a good impression. She also knew her mum would give her a lecture on how important first impressions were but at this point she wasn't bothered. She was not in the mood to preen herself, having woken up late and missing breakfast. The grumbling of her stomach was a constant reminder of having neglected it.

Though strangely enough despite the constant complaining her stomach was making, it was just not enough to overshadow her complete and absolute nervousness.

Akari wrung her hands as her hazel eyes looked up at the Ouran High School gates uneasily. The sheer size of them made her feel extremely small. She tugged at her dress, feeling a wave of absolute disgust wash over her when the flash of bright yellow of her dress caught her eye. The dress made her look like a puffed up canary. Akari didn't trust her mum who had said she looked so lovely in the dress and took pictures of her in said dress.

She only liked seeing me in something besides jeans, Akari thought grumpily.

Akari gave it one final tug and turned her attention back to the gates which she had yet to enter for fear of all the plausible mishaps that could happen. Because to Akari, first days of anything never seemed to end well for her.

Or start for that matter.

Take for instance, the first day of kindergarten, she had spilled orange juice not only on herself but on the teacher as well. Or the start of third grade when she got a bee sting. Or the first day of middle school when she had kicked the wall out of anger and fractured her toe. So you see it only natural for her to feel anxious. Or rather a little more anxious than what was considered healthy.

But this time, she was determined to make it through the first day.

With her dignity intact and having made a superb first impression.

Even if it killed her.

With that thought in mind, she decided to untie her hair and fix in a neat fashion.

With a deep breath and a heavy heart, she walked through them muttering to herself. "This day is going to be fine," Her feeble attempt to calm herself, hardly made an impact.

Akari entered through the doors and nearly gasped at the sight in front of her. Though to be honest she didn't know why she was so shocked. After all, she did use to live a luxurious life. But she had never seen a school like this in a long time. Its gleaming marble floor, beautiful chandeliers hanging from the ceiling, velvet curtains drawn to reveal flawless glass windows was nothing like the school she had previously attended.

Akari stood at the entrance, grateful to be find no one in the hallway. She glanced at a nearby clock and knew she was late but was not in any rush to get to her class. She was a new student after all and that in itself was a good excuse for her tardiness.

But its not like she wanted to be late, she just didn't have the nerve yet to face her new classmates who were part of an elite society.

Well she was too.

However, Akari was a slightly different case. Which other rich person could say they had spent 6 years with their mother as a commoner and was rather used to the simple lifestyle they had and was not comfortable with the thought that they had to be in the same room as the 'future leaders' let alone talk to them.

Not that she planning on talking to them.

Because she wasn't.

She pinched the bridge of her nose and exhaled through her mouth. She there and then decided that if she were to make it out alive in this school, she would at least have to befriend some people, just school friends though, nothing more. She would have to put her cowardice behind her and at least attempt. Her shoulders slumped a little as she thought of the possible things that could go wrong which would end with her having no friends at all.

These thoughts were useless of course, considering she was trying to be more positive.

She wondered if she would even have anything in common with her classmates. They had lived completely different lives and might view her as an alien of some sort. She shrugged and decided pondering over it was futile.

Akari had promised herself not long ago that she would not let this whole experience change her. She liked how she had lived and how it shaped her to be the person she was today. With that thought in mind, she soldiered on to her class.

As she walked down the corridor she looked left and right for a sign -any sign- that said 1-A. She sighed as frustration began to build up an and she seemed nowhere near the elusive 1-A. As she walked down corridor after corridor, she saw many beautiful paintings and decor but that was it. Not a soul seemed to present in the hallways. It was not long before Akari realized that she was hopelessly-

"Lost," Akari groaned, "I'm lost." She mentally berated herself for having no sense of direction and not asking for a map from her dad or someone.

Akari sighed in frustration and exhaled loudly. Her bad luck on first days of school was starting to rear its ugly head and Akari could not be more irritated. Too caught up in her dilemma, she didn't notice that there was someone heading towards her direction, straight for a collision course.

By the time she did, all she saw was a head of blond hair and her books flying in the air before she heard a loud thud accompanied by pain.

Akari rubbed her eyes vigorously, until everything came into focus and gently felt around her head to make sure she didn't have a concussion. She looked up, every bit as prepared to yell at the person who caused her to fall. Her glare was met by a pair of eyes who looked at her with nothing but concern. She stiffened.

She just sat in silence for a few seconds as if she had gone dumb. She stared at this guy who was standing above her, dressed in what she assumed was the uniform for Ouran male students of the high school section. His hair was a beautiful golden color and his eyes a sparkling sky blue. Akari just stared at him for never in her life had she seen someone so godlike.

Then, as if a brick had hit her on the head, she came to the horrific realization that she was on the floor with an extremely handsome guy looking from above. Akari felt her cheeks burn from embarrassment as words seemed to fail her. She opened her mouth to say something but closed it again.


"I am so sorry, princess," Tamaki apologized as he extended his hand to help her.

Akari eyed the hand uncertainly before taking it. His hand smooth hand enclosed around hers and pulled her up to her feet with what seemed like no effort at all.

She dusted her dress and knowing she couldn't continue to be silent the whole time, lest he think she really was dumb, she opened her mouth and muttered the only thing she could think of, "Thank you."

Tamaki picked up the last of Akari's books and handed it to her, "There is no need for thanks my fair princess for your radiant beauty is enough" Tamaki declared striking a pose, sparkles floating everywhere.

Akari coughed. Are these sparkles?

Suddenly in a split second Tamaki had pulled her face close to his, too close for her liking. She for one didn't like people invading her personal space, even if he was as good looking as they come.

"My dear princess I have to assume you are a new student for I could never forget one as beautiful as yourself," Tamaki said, his blue eyes shining.

"Ummm-" she hesitated, "Yes, I'm new." Is this guy hitting on me? Akari had no idea how to react. No guy had ever flirted with her in such a bold and open way. This was probably because she came from a place that resided in the outskirts of town where boys were of the innocent farm boy type and not the flirty french type.

Tamaki let go of her face and bowed down, "My name is Tamaki Suoh. And what may I ask is yours, beautiful?"

She hesitated for a moment, wondering if giving her real name might pose as a hazard for her in the future. Deciding to ignore her paranoia, she replied in her best polite voice, "Akari Shirafuji."

"A beautiful name for an even more beautiful girl," Tamaki said charmingly.


"Words seem to fail you in my presence. It is alright my princess, ask whatever you wish to ask and I will answer it from the bottom of my heart."

Akari just guffawed at him at a complete loss of words. She felt quite weirded out by his demeanor and wasn't sure if she should laugh or be annoyed. Never in all her 16 years of living had she encountered a person as strange as him and she has met some complete weirdos before. However, Tamaki in Akari's opinion was a different class of strange.

He acts like a prince. This was all she managed to sum up about Tamaki. She did not mean in a nice way either.

"Tamaki-senpai, where is class 1-A?" Akari asked cautiously. She wasn't quite sure how to act in front of Tamaki and decided the best possible solution was to to get away from him as fast as possible.

"Three doors down the hall on your left," he gestured down the hallway before looking at her again, with a hint a excitement. "My princess, as you are a new student, I would like to invite you to the Host Club, a club my friends and I formed solely to make women happy."

Akari almost laughed at that. She wondered how in the world he could make women happy. Though, she guessed it had something to do with his good looks. There was no doubt in her mind that girls were clamoring over him in this school. Also, if his friends were even half as good looking as him, the girls would rush to this so called Host Club, no hesitation at all. She did feel a twinge of curiosity but quickly stomped it to the ground because she wanted no part in whatever things they did in their club. She was hoping to befriend normal people.

"I'll think about it," she lied through her teeth.

"Wonderful! We work in the Third Music Room," Tamaki said. Without a moments hesitation, he took hold of her hand and brushed his lips against her skin.

Her eyes widened and her cheeks burned again. She could only watch as Tamaki strode away leaving a trail of sparkles floating in the air and leaving her speechless yet again.

Her eye twitched, "Who the hell does he think he is?"

Akari stood right in front of the door that had the sign '1-A' above it.

"Guess he was right."

Akari looked at the door, biting her lip. Her stomach was queasy and her heart was hammering so loudly, she couldn't even hear herself think. She smoothed out her hair, wishing she had spent more time combing it out. It took a few minutes before she finally mustered up enough courage to knock on the door. She heard a shuffling of footsteps before the door opened revealing a middle-aged man. He had dirty blond hair that had been combed and gelled down, pants that looked so outdated, even a fashion reject like Akari could tell it was horrible with a pair of spectacles perched on the bridge of his nose.

He narrowed his eyes at her, "You're late."

She inwardly cringed at the harsh tone of his voice, "I'm new and I don't know this place very well. So, I kinda got lost," Akari said somewhat lamely.

"Well, I trust you don't need a map to find your seat. I am your History teacher, Mr. Ohashi."

Akari stepped in and made a beeline for a seat but was stopped by Mr. Ohashi.

"Aren't you going o introduce yourself?'

She turned and gave him a Do-I-Have-To look. His stern expression was answer enough for her.

Akari gulped as she stood in the front of the class. She never had been fond of being stared at. So it didn't help matters, that this was exactly what her fellow classmates were doing.

She bowed, "Hello my name is Akari Shirafuji."

She didn't feel the need to add an 'Its nice to meet you' because that would be a lie.

"Ms. Shirafuji, you can take a seat diagonal to Mr. Fujioka," Mr. Ohashi said curtly. "Mr. Fujioka, please raise your hand."

Akari saw a feminine looking boy with brown hair raising his hand. Akari made her way to her seat carefully.

I don't need the embarrassment of tripping over my own feet.

Unfortunately, she did trip on her feet but thankfully she managed to balance herself in time. Hikaru and Kaoru snickered in the background. Akari just rolled her eyes at their immaturity.

"Ms. Shirafuji, this not the time to play the fool. Please hurry up and take your seat."

Akari took her seat, which was right behind Kaoru. She sighed, wondering why she had to get the seat that was right behind the immature guy. She looked down at her books, intending to do so for the rest of the day. Akari vaguely heard Mr Ohashi talking in front, but his voice droned on so much like a robot, that she gave up all effort of even trying to listen. When she did glance up though, she saw Hikaru and Kaoru had their arms draped around Haruhi.

This place just keeps getting weirder. Akari aimlessly flipped through through the textbook and slumped down in her chair.

"Ms. Shirafuji, do not slump in your seat. Now I want you to read out loud to the class page 8 of your textbook," Mr Ohashi called from the front of the class.

Akari inwardly groaned.

So much for a good first day.

Profile-cue robot voice

Name: Akari Shirafuji

Age : 16

Physical Appearance: 5'0, long auburn hair, hazel eyes

Family: Father is Tatsuya Shirafuji

Mother is Nanami Kadzuki

Parents are divorced

Social Status: Successor of Shirafuji Law Firm

Place of Residence: Lives with her mother in an apartment

End Profile-robot walks away

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