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Written by: Ordinary Magic

Nothing but you,

How I wish it wasn't so.

It creeps in, like a spider
Can't be killed, although I try and try to
But don't you see I'm falling?
Don't wanna love you
But I do.
-Stop This Song by Paramore-

Chapter 10 Little Wonders

Our lives are made
In these small hours
These little wonders,
These twists & turns of fate
Time falls away,
But these small hours,
These small hours still remain

-Little Wonders by Rob Thomas-

Kyoya stood outside the bathroom, hair wet from the rain and clad in only a towel because his clothes had been taken to be washed and dried. He dragged himself to the shower and let the heat of the shower blast away until the whole bathroom fogged up. He stepped out and put on a shirt and pants that were sitting on the bed. His shirt and pants which had been washed and dried in what seemed like lightning speed. As he dried his hair with the towel, he looked around the room curiously. The walls were a plain white and were a stark contrast to the small colourful clump in the middle. He walked up for a closer inspection and saw numerous pictures on the wall. Most were people he did not know bu the assumed were old school mates. Surprisingly, there was one with the Host Club.

However, it was the picture at the corner that caught his eye.

It was of a dark-haired boy, no older than 9 with an auburn-haired girl around the same age. They were sitting under a cherry blossom tree and the flowers were flying everywhere. She was laughing and he had small smile.

Kyoya stared at the picture for a few minutes before smiling. He looked around the room and wondered if there was anything else to see. He knew Akari was not comfortable with people invading her privacy, what more, him.

Right on cue, there was a loud knock on the door. "Kyoya-senpai, I know you're done so get out of my room."

Kyoya calmly opened the door to find Akari standing at the doorway glaring. He smirked and she resisted the urge to smack him.

"This is all your fault you know."

Her annoyed tone of voice merely made him raise an eyebrow. "My fault?"

"You had to answer my phone and tell my mother that you were sending me home and that you would wait for me in my home until she came back from her shift."

"I'm not a weather man Akari, I didn't know it was going to pour and cause a flood."

"You still should have asked your driver to come and pick you up anyway. Does it really matter if you drown or not?"

"You seem quite unhappy."

"I hate you."

At that precise moment, the thunder rumbled.

Earlier That Day

Akari sat at the large kitchen table, spooning mouthful after mouthful of cereal into her mouth. She looked towards her right through the sliding glass doors into the garden where Tamaki was eagerly showing Haruhi the many different flowers that were blooming in the garden. His face was a mixture of happiness and enthusiasm while hers was one of annoyance but Akari didn't miss the occasional small smiles that Haruhi gave while Tamaki wasn't looking. She herself gave a slight smile before returning back to her cereal. She eyed the dark-haired guy standing in front of the coffee-maker with amusement.

Kyoya sighed in exasperation as he tried to figure out how to get the coffee maker to work. She bit back a laugh as Kyoya's expression became more and more annoyed by the second. He had asked her- no scratch that- told her to help him just a few minutes ago. She declined and cited his rudeness as the reason. Akari couldn't help but feel this was the best decision she ever made.

Footsteps from behind ended her reverie and she tensed as she felt two arms drape themselves around her.

"Good morning," the twins greeted in unison.

She slapped their hands away and glared as menacingly as she could. This proved to be quite difficult as she couldn't really muster up so much energy so early in the morning. "Its too early in the morning for you guys to annoy me."

They leaned against the table and stared at her with innocent eyes, "Whatever do you mean?" They grinned simultaneously and each helped themselves to her cereal.

"Hikaru, Kaoru, if you don't stop ruining my breakfast, I swear I will kick you both so hard that you won't be able to feel anything for a week."

"Awww, look at cute little Akari," Hikaru said while pinching her cheeks.

"Trying to be tough," Kaoru said with a grin before taking her cup of coffee.


"You have to help us out since the maids are not here," Kaoru stated like it obvious.

"You were brought up as a commoner for 6 years," Hikaru continued.

"I will kill you."

They just laughed and sat opposite her. Akari watched as Kaoru placed her coffee cup right beside him before sending a smirk her way.

She glared at the tall figure behind them and pouted. "A little help would be nice."

Kyoya turned away from the coffee maker, only to look blankly at her and then the twins. He paused slightly before raising her eyebrow at her. Then, without warning, he hit them both upside the head. They yelped and Akari snickered. However, her joy was short lived as Kyoya took her cup of coffee and walked out the kitchen with it. Not before taking a long sip from it right in front of her.

Her attention went back to twins who were rubbing their slightly sore heads, both wearing a look of bewilderment and shock. She grinned and helped herself to another spoonful of cereal.

Hikaru and Kaoru pouted before leaning forward, "So, Kyoya-senpai listens to you," Hikaru stated with a devilish smile.

She swallowed her cereal and frowned, "What is that supposed to mean? And, why are you saying it in that creepy tone of yours?"

"Well,Kyoya-senpai doesn't usually get involved in our arguments but it seems for you he did," Kaoru stated matter-of-fact. "How long do you think your relationship with him will last?"

Akari's hand jerked at the word 'relationship' sprinkling milk all over the twins. "What the hell are you talking about? We're just friends."

Hikaru and Kaoru completely ignored her and leaned back. They contemplated for a while before Hikaru said, "I never thought he was the type to listen to anyone besides his father and brothers."

"But with you, he seems a little different," Kaoru continued seriously.

Hikaru used one elbow to prop himself up and gazed at her seriously. "You can imagine our shock when we saw the both you under the tree and Kyoya-senpai was hugging you."

Akari nearly spit out her cereal at Hikaru's words and spluttered, "W-what?"

Kaoru nodded, casually ignoring her outburst, "We nearly died from the shock. Since when did the he comfort people?"

"Usually he just says something wise or walks away," Hikaru said. "He can be really cold when he wants to be so to see him sitting there with you, well we didn't really know what to think."

Kaoru paused before continuing, "Plus, he's never been interested in a girl before."

Hikaru nodded in agreement but then added, "But then again neither have we or Tono until Haru-"

"But-" Kaoru shot Hikaru a death glare, "-this is Kyoya-senpai we're talking about. We always thought he would go after some rich girl who would get him on his father's good side."

"Guess we were wrong," they said while shrugging.

She just gaped at them. "We're just friends," she repeated.

They raised their eyebrows, "Right, friends who hug each other at night all alone under the stars," Hikaru said sarcastically.

"Kyoya-senpai doesn't hug any girl, he doesn't sit on the grass like some commoner with any girl. He doesn't do anything with any girl outside of the host club," Kaoru added.

Then, they grinned their evil Cheshire grin, "And when the both of you kiss, I'm sure you'll be his very-"

"-first kiss,"

They both puckered their lips and smacked it loudly.

She couldn't help it. She blushed. It was ridiculous but it was a good thing Hikaru and Kaoru were too busy making kissing noises to notice.

She silently took a deep breath and counted to ten before looking at them with a small smile. They stopped their kissing noises and looked at her, puzzled.

"So, when are you going to tell Haruhi that the both of you like her?" she said sweetly and innocently. If they were going to sit there and dissect her love life, then she felt the obligation to do so as well. Revenge was sweet.

Now it was they who just stared at her, open-mouthed.

Akari smiled and leaned back casually in her chair, "Yeah, I know how the both of you feel about her. Its quite obvious really. Are you just going to pretend that everything will be fine and ignore your feelings? Let me tell you, it won't work. One day, you'll have to confront it. You can't keep pretending that you can share her."

She paused and looked at them. Their eyes were serious and maybe just a little sad. There was slight pang in her heart and she inhaled and exhaled. "I stopped pretending but I still can't-" She stopped and sighed. "Its okay to take your time but just don't take too long. She won't wait forever," Akari glanced out the window to see Tamaki pulling Haruhi to admire a rose bush, "She might find someone else."

Kaoru looked at her seriously. "Are you scared, Akari?"

She stared at him. "Scared?"

"That's why you can't, isn't it?"

She just blinked calmly at him but could feel her pulse rate increasing.

"Are you more scared that he won't wait for you-" he paused and gazed at her, unmoving, "-or that he will?"

She was just silent.

Hikaru and Kaoru looked down at the wooden table and when they glanced up at her there was no mistaking the sadness in their eyes. She gave them a soft smile, "Don't worry, everything will work out. You guys-" She gestured around to them, "the Host Club, I mean is too strong a family for ties to break so easily."

With nothing more to say, she got up from the table to wash her bowl, Kaoru's question replaying in her mind. As she finished washing and drying, she placed in the cabinet she found it.

"You're part of it too, you know," Hikaru said.

She closed the cabinet doors and turned around to see the twins smiling at her. "Huh?"

"When you say the Host Club is a family, it means you too. You're a part of the Host Club," Hikaru explained.

"Whether you like it or not," Kaoru added.

"No thanks," she deadpanned.

Hikaru and Kaoru bounded up to her and hugged her tightly. "Don't pretend you don't care!" they all but yelled.

"We know you do!" the said in singsong.

The corners of her mouth twitched into a small smile. She couldn't help that happy, light feeling in her stomach.

"Akari, you're so cute when you smile!" Hikaru cooed.

"Stop having such a bad temper and be more loving!" Kaoru said with affection.

"Only, if you both stop acting like idiots."

"Akari! Why did you have to ruin the moment?" they whined.

Still, they didn't let go of her and she didn't even struggle away from them.

Not even once.

Suddenly, Tamaki burst into the kitchen practically glowing. "Good morning my dear niece! Come outside and witness the splendid beauty of the flowers in full bloom."

"No thanks," she replied curtly.

Tamaki grabbed her arm. "What? Why not? It is nature at its best." His eyes began to water. "You hate me?"

She sighed. "No, take me to witness this beauty of nature," she replied with no emotion.

Tamaki's face brightened and he happily dragged Akari outside to the and Kaoru were about to chug down their coffee and join them when Hunny and Mori walked into the kitchen.

"That was really very nice," Hunny said with his signature cute smile.


"Not really. Tono is always like this," Hikaru said offhandedly.

Hunny hopped onto one of the chairs opposite the twins and smiled. "No, not that. When Hika-chan, Kao-chan and Aka-chan were talking."

Hikaru and and Kaoru choked on the coffee they were drinking. "W-what? How much did you hear?" they cried out.

Hunny hugged his stuffed rabbit, Usa-chan tightly and shook his legs while looking at them innocently. "From the part where you said Kyo-chan listens to Aka-chan."

"So, everything," they said in horror.

"Mmmhmm." Hunny began to eat the cake that Mori had set in front of him. He took a big bite and chewed slowly before adding, "Kyo-chan was listening too."

Hikaru and Kaoru spat out their coffee and began coughing violently. A worried Hunny and Mori began thumping their backs. "Hika-chan, Kao-chan, are you okay?"

They looked at Honey incredulously. "NO! KYOYA-SENPAI IS GOING TO KILL US!"

Hunny looked thoughtful and then said, "I think he was going to but then Aka-chan started talking about the both of you, so he decided not to."

The twins breathed a sigh of relief.

"I still might though."

Hikaru and Kaoru jumped at the sound of Kyoya's voice. He calmly walked into the kitchen and placed his empty cup into the sink. He turned at gave Hikaru and Kaoru a sharp glare. They flinched accordingly.

"Aka-chan is a lot more observant and mature than she seems, ne?" Hunny said, interrupting Kyoya's annoyance and the twin's fear.

"You could say that," Kyoya said coolly.

Hunny gave Kyoya a small smile. "Ne, Kyo-chan? How long are you willing to wait?"

"You mean for the idiot."

Hunny laughed apprehensively. "Y-Yes."

Before he could formulate a response, the glass door opened with a bang and standing there with a scowl on her face was Akari. She paused for a moment and eyed everyone suspiciously. From Hunny sitting at the table innocently eating cereal, Mori who was standing over him with a blank expression, Kyoya who was calmly leaning against the window and Hikaru and Kaoru who seemed normal except for the frequent frightened expressions they occasionally threw to Kyoya. "Does anyone have a band aid? Tamaki-senpai cut himself trying to pick a rose like the idiot that he is."

Hikaru and Kaoru jumped up in excitement. "Is he crying?" they asked in delight before running out the door.

"Tama-chan cut himself?" Hunny exclaimed in worry.

"Let me get the first aid kit." Kyoya opened a drawer and produced a first aid kit with the Ootori logo on its front.

Akari looked at him weirdly. "Do you always have first aid kits just lying around?"

"Is it that surprising? My family does run a medical company."

She just sighed. "Lets just fix Tamaki's cut before he becomes all melodramatic."

"I can feel the blood gushing out and the life draining away from me."

Tamaki's loud, dramatic voice was followed by a smack that Haruhi had all but gladly given him. "Stop being so ridiculous," was her emotionless response.

"Don't worry Tama-chan, we're coming!" Hunny said with concern before running off to Tamaki with Mori following idly behind.

Akari walked out, somewhat annoyed at the nuisance Tamaki was causing. She stopped when she noticed Kyoya wasn't following. She turned around and looked at him expectantly. "Kyoya-senpai, what are you waiting for?"

"I think the better question is 'who,' " Hunny said, suddenly appearing out of nowhere.

Akari jumped in surprise. "Gah! Hunny-senpai, please don't do that!"

Hunny just laughed and ran off while Kyoya-senpai just smirked and walked behind the small senior.

Akari just stood there in confusion. "Just when I began to think everyone here was normal."

"You're making dinner?"

Akari shot a glare at Kyoya who was standing at the kitchen entrance, arms folded, looking every bit the cool type that the customers of the host club knew him as. She turned her back to him and continued cutting up vegetables. "I am making dinner for myself if that's what you're asking. You can just eat some paper or something."

"Still annoyed I see."

His voice was so close that she jumped. Her head whipped around to find Kyoya right behind her, with amusement clearly written all over his face. She narrowed her eyes, took a deep breath, decided he wasn't worth getting worked up and continued with her vegetable cutting.

Kyoya took a step closer and casually placed both arms at either side of her, trapping her between the table and him. Her breath hitched and she became too nervous to even cut up the vegetables. She placed the knife down, inhaled then exhaled. "Kyoya-senpai, what are you doing?"

"You didn't really expect me to leave you home by yourself while it was raining did you?"

"Its not like I haven't been home alone before."

"Throughout the night? If I recall correctly, every time Nanami-san had to work overnight, you always spend your time at Kanako-san's house." He paused momentarily. "She's not home today is she?"

"No, she's in Okinawa with her family," Akari admitted. "But how did you know my mum would be stuck in the hospital because of the flood?"

"I didn't but I knew there was a possibility of it happening since the news did forecast a heavy downpour."

Akari sighed and relented. "Fine, thank you." She pause then grinned, "Thank you for caring."

She just smiled when he didn't say anything. She was about to get back to cooking when he leaned in closer, so much so that his cheek was lightly grazing hers. "What are you making?"

Their sudden proximity made her mind a little slow. After a few seconds of delay, she replied, trying her best to sound nonchalant, "Miso soup, sardine and rice."

"That's quite commoner of you."

"Well, I was raised as one for six years," she replied somewhat annoyed at the term 'commoner.' "Since you're so free, invading my personal space and all, go and get the tofu and sardine."

He chuckled before taking a step back and finally Akari felt she could breathe properly again. She sighed before continuing her work with the vegetables.

"Akari, where is the tofu?"

Akari looked up and nodded towards the fridge. She looked back at the cutting board and saw the gleaming knife poised above her finger where the green onion was supposed to be. There was red liquid dripping from the knife and then she saw the cut along her finger. That was when she felt the pain. "Damn it."

Before she could even react, Kyoya's two hands had placed themselves on her shoulders and steered her towards the sink. He reached over and turned on the tap before taking Akari's hand and placing it under the cold running water.

"Ouch," Akari mumbled as her cut stung from the running water.

"You should have been more careful," he said. She mumbled something incoherent and watched as the cut finally stopped bleeding.

He made her sit down on one the two chairs he pulled out. She quietly did as she was told and watched as Kyoya open the first aid kit that seemed to have appeared from nowhere.

"Seriously, where did you get this?"

He just smirked at her and grabbed her hand. "You don't have to be so rough," she complained.

"Come closer," he commanded.

She hesitated before pulling her chair closer to him. She held in a yelp when the iodine he dabbed on made the pain sear. As he treated her cut, all she could think of was how warm his hands were against her icy cold skin. The rain was beating down, making the already cool day all the more colder and she couldn't help but wonder how his hands were still warm.

"For someone who's known as the cool type, you have warm hands," she said without thinking. She mentally slapped herself as soon as the words came out.

"The cool type simply refers to my personality not my actual body temperature."

"I don't know, I guess I always imagined you'd be cold-blooded just like your personality."

"I think we need to review on how you view my character."

She just shrugged as he finished wrapping the medical tape around her finger. "Maybe."

Akari plopped down on the floor, feeling quite content after a nice hot meal. She looked over and saw Kyoya standing in front of the bookshelf and looking at the books on display. Feeling oddly curious, and in a much better mood after having her stomach filled, she walked over to Kyoya. "Whatcha doing?"

"You have a surprisingly large variety of books," he said casually while flipping through a book.

She narrowed her eyes at him. "What do you mean by surprising?"

When he just ignored her, she rolled her eyes. She noticed that his eyes had rested on a cookbook, 'Even a Monkey Can Cook.'

"I see you've spotted your kind of book but I would have thought you would have preferred something about a cold, heartless man taking over the world."

Her lips twitched upwards, thoroughly enjoying annoying him as much as he did to her. He turned around to face her, folded his arms and leaned against the bookshelf. "I suppose now would be a good time to talk on how you view my personality."

Akari just grinned. She looked up at his face and paused. "Ah, Kyoya-senpai, I think you have something on your hair."

Without even thinking or considering her actions, she placed her left hand on his shoulder and tiptoed, stretching her right hand to pick off the white speck sitting on his black hair. She stopped just as she got it and held her breath. Her biggest mistake was looking into his eyes. She stood frozen in position as his grayish black eyes stared into her own eyes. Her heart began to beat faster and she felt her cheeks heat up.

"Its just dust," she mumbled as her right hand fell to her side.

A small smirk played across his lips. "Thank you for getting it, Akari."

Her heart skipped a beat when he said her name, it didn't help that their faces were so close. She quickly took a step back and averted her eyes from him. She scratched her unitchy head and looked around awkwardly. " I'll just get you some blankets and pillows."

He raised an eyebrow and folded his arms, "Aren't I sleeping in your room?"

Her cheeks heated up at his suggestion and she glared at the spot between his eyes, "You're kidding right?"

"I assumed as the guest that you would offer me your room."

She rolled her eyes and managed to look at him in the eye, "Please. You're sleeping on the floor in the living room." She walked into her room and opened a drawer where the extra blankets were kept. She grabbed all of them including a pillow and walked over to the living room.

Kyoya stood at the doorway and watched as Akari arranged everything on the floor. In no time, she had made part of the living room look like a nest. Kyoya walked in as she walked out.

"Good night," she said as she stood at the doorway.

He stood over the pile of blankets, hands in his pockets. "Good night-" he turned and looked at her, "-idiot."

Yoshio Ootori looked at his nine year old son sternly.

"Kyoya, what exactly do you think you will gain if you do not try to follow in your brother's footsteps?"

"Yes father."

"I hope you know that it is your duty as the third son to support your brothers."

"I underst-"

"What the heck does that even mean?"

Yoshio looked at the small girl standing in his study room with shock as did Kyoya.

But Akari just ignored their expressions and continued on. "Just because he's the third son doesn't mean he's just relegated to supporting." She looked at Yoshio defiantly. "He can be so much more."

Kyoya got up from the floor with a jolt, the memory still playing in his mind. He sat up and noticed the blankets and cushions were all over the place. He sighed and rubbed his forehead, knowing it would be near impossible to fall back asleep. Not that he actually did to begin with, having just dozed off for half an hour. It was mainly due to the fact that he found the floor ridiculously uncomfortable, having never had to sleep on one before. There was another thing though, something that he couldn't quite register but his heart knew it had everything to do with the sleeping girl inside the room. He sighed again.

He looked around the darkened living area, wondering why he expected her to emerge from the sliding door and tell him to come in and share the futon. Part of him wanted to kick himself for being such a sap over a girl. Never in his life had he thought a girl could make him this way but as he looked to the sliding doors that led to her room, he knew that she was not just a girl.

Kyoya was smart, he known for a while how he felt for Akari but a part of him, a huge part tried to ignore it, pretend it wasn't there much like what she did. But the more he tried, the more real it became. Suddenly, he was acting in a way he couldn't explain, saying things he never would have thought possible and feeling things that he never had. When he accepted it however, it was as if he was seeing a different scenery. As if he wasn't just standing watching the sea but actually feeling the waves crash against his legs.

From the moment they met, their personalities clashed. Her loud and obnoxious and him cool and calm. Their constant bickering and annoyance towards one another was never ending. Despite the years that had grown between them, this element of their strange relationship persisted.

And maybe to the many outsiders that observed them, that was all. But there was more.

So much more and Kyoya knew all too well.

She was first girl that he gave his trust to, the first girl that ever came close, the first girl that fought against him and the first girl to stand up for him.

There was never much time to relax in his life, with his father's expectations, his brother's grievances towards him, everyone looking at him through a magnifying glass, analyzing his every move. Sure, he was confident and smart and he exceeded all expectations and found it all extremely interesting. It was all just a challenging game to him, after all but there was something about the way she was. She saw him in a way few have. When she wasn't busy trying to throw things his way, the way she looked him was unexplainable. When everything went quiet, she would sometimes just look at him. He liked the way she looked at him, like she saw something different. Something past the person everyone saw him as. Something that made her stay by his side after all this time.

She gave him something no one could have. Peace.

She was there, not letting go and never giving up on him, even when he hurt her, even when he didn't deserve any of her, she still was there.

He stared at the door and knew that he would most likely open them and come in only to have her scream and yell at him about invasion of personal space before kicking him out.

Then, before he knew it he was standing in front of her door, sliding it open slowly. He stepped in and saw her sleeping figure curled up under the blankets. He watched her sleeping for a minute before climbing in carefully so as not to wake her. He inched closer to her without really touching her.

He knew he was probably going to have face a very angry Akari when she woke up but it was nothing he couldn't handle.

Akari's eyes fluttered open at the sudden movement in her futon. She looked beside her immediately shot up.

"What the hell are you doing here, Kyoya-senpai?" Her voice rang across the room in shock and anger.

Kyoya sat up and looked at Akari calmly. "The floor was too uncomfortable."

"So, you decided to sneak in and sleep here?"

"Well, yes."

Her eye twitched as she heard his cool voice and and watched his indifferent face. To him, sneaking into her room seemed like the most normal thing in the world. "I am going to kill you."

Kyoya just looked at her. "Lets just go back to sleep. Its too late in the night to be making so much noise."

Akari just stared at the Kyoya, anger bubbling over the surface. As she glared at Kyoya, the anger began to dissipate as it always did whenever it came to him. She stared into his eyes before relenting. "Fine."

As Akari placed her head back down on her pillow, she felt a light feeling in her stomach as Kyoya lied down beside her. Suddenly, lightning flashed and a deafening sound of thunder followed, making Akari jump and she instinctively grabbed Kyoya's hand. Just as she was about to let go in embarrassment, his fingers intertwined with hers and held on.

She shifted around uncomfortably, and felt a heavy feeling in her chest. One she was not accustomed to. Guilt. She pinched the bridge of her nose and swallowed her pride. "I'm sorry for making you sleep on the floor."

Kyoya chuckled softly, "Feeling guilty?"

"Do you always have to make me want to take back my words?" she deadpanned.

His thumb began to rub the back of her palm in slow and smooth circles. "Not always."

He let go of her hand and placed it around her waist, pulling her towards him until her face was at the nook of his shoulder. The hand around her waist traveled to her back, running up and down in slow, even motions.

"W-what are you doing?" she spluttered.

"You're cold, Akari," he stated matter-of-fact.

It was then that she realized how cold she actually was. His body was so warm next to hers, that she cuddled up closer to him, wanting more of his warmth. She breathed in his smell and sighed, unsure of what she was supposed to feel at this point. She hated the way he could make her feel safe and warm, like no one else could. She hated the way she felt when he said her name. She felt special, wanted and needed in his eyes, when he said her name. She hated that she felt that way. All she wanted was to rip that feeling out and lock it in a drawer so that it never saw the light of day again.

He could be cold and calculating and sometimes she wanted a piano to fall on him for even having the audacity to be so manipulative. He had no qualms about using underhanded methods to get what he wanted, he was devious and cold and could at times seem heartless.

But she knew that wasn't all that he was, even if he tried to pretend that it was. That's why it was so hard to lock away that feeling in a drawer.

Her voice was light and teasing as she said, "You know Kyoya-senpai, you're a lot more warm than cool."

"I'm afraid I don't understand," was his blunt reply.

"You pretend to be all cool and indifferent but you're actually a very intense person." Her eyes began to feel heavy and she stifled a yawn. "You can lie to me all you want but I know."

"So much for me being cold-blooded," he replied nonchalantly.

"I never really thought that. I find it funny when people think so though," she said with a soft laugh, trying to keep her eyes open as tiredness began to overwhelm her.

There was only silence as Kyoya didn't say anything. She slowly started to drift to sleep when he didn't say anything and everything was beginning to fade away but before she did sleep, she said, her voice barely audible, "I still hate you though."

Kyoya's lips twitched upwards at her words. "I know you do."

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