Chapter One

It was a quiet day in Konoha, after dawn there was a tall blond man walking toward the Hokage tower. Naruto had changed over the years. No more was he the loud, brash bright orange wearing Genin that he was at the age of 12 now almost 8 years later he was a loud brash mostly black wearing Jonin. With some dull orange still on his uniform he just happened to like the color even after he realized that a bright orange was probably not the best color for a ninja to have on.

Now a Jonin it had not really taken a long time to get to this point, he had been named Jonin at the age of 16 the first in he graduating class of 9. It was a disappointment, somewhat, to him when he returned to the village after 2 ½ years of training to find that he was the only one left in his age group that was still a Genin. He had brushed it off after all he realized that it probably would have happened as he was gone for almost 3 years.

A month after he returned he was given the Chunin exam once again and passed that. Another thing that raised his spirits was that he had achieved it on his second try while his friends had all taken 3 tries to do so, with the exception of Shikamaru who was one of the few rookie to ever pass that exam on his first try.

The Chunin exams are administered twice a year, every six months. The Jonin exams are done once a year. Due to the demanding qualities of that exam it cannot be done very frequently. Therefore Naruto was a Chunin for six months and then took the next exam and passed that on his first time. Now at the age of 19 all of his friends were of Jonin rank with the exception of two. The first being Shikamaru who had taken a liking to being an academy Chunin sensei and never took the Jonin exam, that and he was much too lazy to bother.

The second of his friends to not be a Jonin, in rank at least was Sasuke who returned to the village severely injured after finally tracking down and defeating his brother. Sasuke was place on probation and forbidden from taking the exams for 2 years for deserting the village. He had worked hard to gain the trust of the village back and truth be told only his friendship to Naruto and Sakura saved him from a much harsher fate, Naruto being on good terms with the Hokage almost like a little brother and Sakura being her personal apprentice.

Naruto had also managed to defeat the Akatsuki the final battle with the leader Pain had almost killed him he had to draw on the power of the demon in him and it took the power of 6 tails to defeat that man-god. Three people went to fight Pain Naruto, Yamato and Sakura; Yamato went, as he was to only one how could have possible helped Naruto calm down after the 4th tail came out. It proved more challenging with the sixth tail and Sakura had her work cut out for her once she had to heal Naruto once he had passed out from the strain of the fight.

Naruto to his credit has never used the demon power since that day but he had finally done it. He had stopped the ambitions of this group and therefore there were no longer any reasons to draw on the power. But it wasn't only the reason to fight to protect him self and the rest of the world from them he had also avenged the old man Jiraiya his and his fathers old sensei.

For Naruto also knew whom his parents where he had been told after he was named Chunin when Tsunade decided that it was time to let him know of his true past. He took it quite well considering that it was his father who sealed the demon in him, but he always respected the 4th. He was also shocked to find that he was named for a character in one of Jiraiyas books, not really happy to be named after a perverted book Tsunade gave him a copy of this book and he was pleased to find that this was not a perverted book that Kakashi seemed to cherish but rather a very well written book that Jiraiya had given up on viewing himself as not that type to write those books.

Breaking from his thoughts he continued walking to the tower and stopped at his favorite spot, the ramen shop. Greeting the old man and his daughter that ran that shop Naruto, surprisingly only ordered one bowl of beef ramen. As he was leaving he ran into another of his friends, Hinata was also walking from the tower. Naruto was impressed with Hinatas progress in the past and her promotion to Jonin was well deserved.

"Hey Hinata" Naruto called out.

Hinata looked up blushing as Naruto still being kind of dense but not when it came to her anymore he had realized what the blush had meant and also realized that he had similar feelings how ever years of being ignored and not that social had hindered him when it came to speaking to her. He also took into account of the demon that was still within him and there where only some of his friends that know of its existence, unfortunately Hinata was not one of them. As it is true that she had been made Jonin but Tsunade and Naruto but decided to keep it from any others in his generation and after until Naruto told them himself. He was not looking forward to telling them especially her as he would have to tell her before he even tried anything, it wouldn't be fair to her is she didn't know got too attached and then hated him for the demon. So he just kept up a friendly face and cheerful attitude afraid of upsetting her or offending.

"Hello N-Naruto-kun" stuttered Hinata.

"So where you headed?" asked Naruto

"I have a mission I will be leaving for a couple days," responded the shy Konouchi.

"Cool" said Naruto "what kind of mission?"

"Oh it is just a simple transport mission," she said.

"OK, well I'll see you when you get back OK? Well hang out that sound good?"

"I'd like that Naruto-kun" she said this time no stutter.

"Cool well I gotta go the old lady is expecting me soon." He said and with that took off to the tower.

Smiling at Narutos slight on the Hokage she kept walking as well.

Naruto made it the tower and was heading to the door when she saw Sakura heading out papers in her hands she would have waved to him if it where not for the paper work.

"Hi Naruto" she said "I'd like to talk but I've got to get over to the hospital and finish filing the paper work and then well maybe after that we can talk out I'm going to go to Sasukes house after work."

"Yeah ok Sakura I'll see you later."

Naruto entered the Hokages office saying " I hope you don't get too attached to that chair as it will be mine soon…" he started but stopped before he could refer to her and an old lady or grandma. He stopped as there where others in the room aside from Tsunade and Shizune. Also standing before the desk where Shino and Neji, both looking at Naruto expressionless or so Naruto assumed with Shino if he could see his face.

Tsunade then spoke up "I have called you three here as I need the three of you to take on a new mission of sorts."

"What kind of mission" Neji asked.

Tsunade smiled "you three will be taking on your own 3-person Genin team."

To be continued

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