The familiar clicking of heels interrupted the silence of the quiet squad room. Alex pushed open the doors with her usual grace.

Olivia looked over at her. If she didn't know any better, she wouldn't be able to tell what had happened to Alex over the last two nights.

"What can we do for you counselor?" Elliot asked, apparently in a good mood after catching a perp that had been on the run for days.

"Actually I was just coming to see if there was anything I could do for you," Alex smiled at him.

"I think we're pretty much done for the day," Elliot answered, "But we're just about to head out to Chauncey's. Would you like to join us?"

Alex paused, then nodded, "Okay."

"I'm gonna go see if Munch and Fin are ready to go," Elliot stood and trotted up the stairs.

Olivia watched Alex turn and meet her eyes. They simultaneously smiled.

"How was work?" Alex asked.

"It was alright," Olivia answered, her smile growing.

Alex nodded.

Olivia glanced around before asking, "Did you get that protective order?"

Alex nodded again, "A hundred and eighty days."

"Good," Olivia added as Elliot came down the stair alone.

"Looks like it's just us tonight," Elliot said grabbing his coat.

The three sat at a table talking around a pitcher of beer like they'd all been friends since childhood. After about an hour, Elliot checked his watch, "I gotta go."

"See ya," Olivia waved to him.

Elliot laughed, "Well, don't be so sad to see me go." He waved to Alex, "Bye Counselor."

"Bye detective," Alex waved back.

After Elliot walked off, Olivia looked over at Alex, "Do you need a ride?"

Alex smiled, "Don't tell me you're leaving now when the party is clearly just getting started." Alex motioned to the dull patrons, sitting their beers and remaining quiet except to comment on the game on TV or order another round.

Olivia laughed, "Is that a yes?"

"Yes," Alex nodded.

They rose and walked outside together.

"So this date you agreed to go on with me," Alex started, "How's tomorrow night?"

"Tomorrow night's good," Olivia smiled and put her hands in her pockets.

Alex looped her arm through Olivia's. "Fantastic."

"What are we doing on this fantastic date?" Olivia asked, noticing the way the wind revealed the blonde's slender neck and the way her hair waved in the breeze.

"It's a surprise," Alex answered, continuing to follow Olivia's lead.

"No hints?" Olivia asked.

Alex smiled and shook her head, "Nope."

"Please?" Olivia batted her eyelashes.

The blonde laughed, "As irresistible as that was, you'll want to be surprised."

"That good huh?" Olivia asked.

"You should know by now," Alex paused, "I go all the way or not at all."

Olivia smiled, "Well, now I really want to know."

Alex finally looked around, "Um Liv, do you always park six blocks from the bar?"

Olivia stopped and looked around. She laughed, "Oops." She started to turn around, but Alex stopped her.

"My apartment is only three blocks that way," Alex pointed down a cross street, "It's closer and these heels are not make for this much walking. They're pretty much for from the prosecution table to the jury box to the witness stand and back to the table."

"I'll carry you," Olivia offered.

Alex raised an eyebrow, "Are you serious?"

Olivia turned around, "C'mon."

Alex hopped onto Olivia's back. "You ready?"

"Yeah," Alex replied.

Olivia started walking with Alex on her back. They walked off down the cold streets. Alex played with Olivia's hair while Olivia concentrated really hard on putting one foot in front of the other.

Alex slid off in front of her building and took Olivia's hand. They walked up the stairs together and Alex opened her apartment door.

"So, am I driving you to your car in the freezing cold, dark night or are you staying here in my warm, safe apartment?" Alex smiled, taking off her coat and her suit jacket.

"Well since you put it that way," Olivia took off her jacket.

"Shall I get your usual clothes?" Alex asked.

Olivia laughed, "Yeah."

Alex walked back, already changed, with the clothes Olivia wore last time in her hand, washed and ready to re-wear.

"Thank you," Olivia smiled. She reached up and grabbed the clothes, but Alex wouldn't let go. Olivia looked up at Alex who was smiling slyly.

"They're gonna cost you something," Alex replied.

"I can sleep naked," Olivia crossed her arms with a cheeky smile.

Alex paused her eyes running up and down the detective's body. She donned her I-got-you smirked and turned on her heel, "Okay." She started walking off with the clothes.

Olivia followed her into the bedroom, "Are you serious?"

Alex laid down on the bed, pulled the covers over herself and looked at Olivia, "You won't do it."

"Was that a challenge counselor?" Olivia asked with a wide smile and raised eyebrows.

Alex just shrugged.

Olivia slowly unbuttoned her shirt and let it fall to the ground, her eyes never leaving Alex's. Olivia lifted her undershirt a little to unbuckle her belt and unzip her pants.

Alex was starting to have trouble breathing. Her knuckles were turning white as one hand clutched the clothes and the other held onto to the comforter around her.

Olivia let her pants drop around her ankles and stepped out of them.

Alex bit her lip at the sight of the tan, toned, bare legs in front of her. Her eyes traveled up the legs and around the blue underwear. Then up as the hem of Olivia's undershirt rose over her head and fell to the floor.

Olivia reached behind her back to the clasp of her bra.

"Here," Alex said and tossed the clothes she was still holding to Olivia

Olivia smiled, "Why now?"

"Cause if you didn't stop there, I wouldn't have been able to help myself and my grandma told me to never put out before the first date," Alex quickly said.

The detective leaned over to pick up the clothes and Alex's eyes traveled to the valley between the older woman's breasts, which was now fully exposed.

Olivia smiled, "You're grandma told you that huh?"

Alex's eyes finally made it to Olivia's face, "Yeah, she always had fun little idioms like that. You know, never put out before the first date, never eat yellow snow. Stuff like that."

Olivia pulled the muscle shirt over her head and put on the sweatpants. "Sounds like a fun grandma."

Alex nodded. She lifted up the covers for Olivia to get under and waited for the detective to get under before letting her arm fall.

Once they were curled up together, Alex asked, "You weren't really gonna sleep naked were you?"

"I knew you wouldn't last," Olivia smirked.

"What would you have done if I didn't say anything?" Alex looked at Olivia's face.

"You would have gotten an eyeful," Olivia replied putting some stray hair behind Alex's ear.

"Are you serious?" Alex asked, wide-eyed.

Olivia chuckled and shook her head, "No. I was going to stop."

Alex put her head on Olivia's shoulder, "Lucky me. Grandma would be proud."

They both laughed in each other's arms before falling asleep.