St. Patrick Day Weirdness 2: Trago's Revenge

I don't own anyone but Monloose, Trago the golden demon, Munchie.

Part 1

One day in Demon World, A mouse demon with a mongoose tail named Monloose was walking around.

"Mon, dis is worthless, the only Demon in demon world that has no powers. Even Munchie has powers and he's the smallest." Monloose complains in a Jamaican accent annoyed. "But I'm taller than Munchie, by two inches, but I have no powers."

Just as he was walking, Monloose trip over something…

"Ouch, Mon, What was that?" Monloose asks as he tried picked it up. "Dis thing is heavy, I can't believe it! Dis is gold, solid gold."

"Hey, Monloose what did you find?" Munchie asks but his mouth drops to the floor. "Monloose, leave that gold alone."

"Why, Munchie?" Monloose starts to say in a different voice. "I remind you of someone?"

"Hi-Ya, Trago." Munchie gulps.

"Well, well my failed possession of you last cost me to find another body, your friend, Monloose." Trago says sinisterly.

"Bye!" Munchie gulps as he ran away.

"Good he'll take me to the ancestor's descendant." Trago says as he followed Munchie.

Meanwhile at a bar in Demon World, Jin and the others enjoys a day off, but doesn't enjoy Chu's drinking.

"Isn't that enough, Chu?" Touya asks.

"No way, Mates." Chu states drunkenly.

"Here we go again." Rinku replies annoyed.

Just then Munchie ran in

"He's after me…" Munchie states in panic.

"Who's after you, Munchie?" Suzuka asks annoyed.

"Trago, he's back." Munchie states tired.

"Did-ya-release-him-from-his-gold-entrapment?" Jin asks.

"No, no, no," Munchie replies nervously.

"Then who did?" Shishiwakamaru asks with the sword at Munchie's throat.

"Monloose did." Munchie gulps. "He tripped over it and tried to pick it up…Aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh! He's here."

"I'm back." Trago states sinisterly. "I want my revenge on the wind master's descendant."

The other demons freaked out and ran out.

"I-stopped-you-once-I'll stop-ya-again." Jin states confidently.

"Not this time." Trago states as he shot blue beam at Jin stunning him."

"Jin!" The other 5 yells in horror.

"Take this," Chu states as shot energy ball at Trago.

"Shards of Winter!" Touya calls out.

"Serpent Yo-Yo." Rinku calls out.

"Rainbow Cyclone" Suzuka calls out.

"Banshee Shriek." Shishi calls out.

"Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha." Trago laughs. "Now that the Wind Master's descendant is down, I'll turn you into Leprechauns.

Trago shoots his ray again and turned everyone into leprechauns."

"Not again." Rinku states annoyed.

"Now get to work find me gold." Trago screams.

All the Leprechauns unwillingly find the gold.

"Oh-no, everyone's Leprechauns again." Munchie gulps. "I have to get Yusuke Urameshi and his friends."

"Yes, go get them, Munchie, My revenge will be complete soon." Trago says as he laughs.

To be continued…