A/N: Here's another drabble from lunch. Also from allunwritten.

The Last Pages

Bobby was finishing the last pages of his book. He sat against the headboard of the bed reading from the light from the lamp next to him.

Alex walked in and laid on the bed next to him. Her hand draped on his chest. She fingered around for a moment.

"Alex- honey, could you hold on one minute? I'm almost finished with my book." Bobby said very distracted.

Alex rolled off the bed. "Okay- fine." She said innocently. "I guess I'll just have to shower by myself."

She then stood at the end of the bed and began to slowly take off her clothes. When she was down to her underwear and bra Bobby looked up from the book for a second. Alex noticed, and then torturingly slow took off the rest. "Okay, fine, suit yourself." She then turned and walked out the door.

Bobby watched her go. He then realized that he wasn't going to finish his book until later. He set down his book and yelled down the hall, "Alex! Hold up!"

"What about your book?" She asked sarcastically.

"Screw the book." She said jumping out of the bed.