I totally hate this fic- it's written in first person which I now hate to do, it's cheesy and lovey-dovey and the characters have no backbone. The only reason I write it anymore is because of the dedicated reviewers. In the future I may start something similar again, but in third person- not sure though. I decided to give you a chapter as I realised I haven't updated in months, so enjoy.

Previously in James Vs Severus…

"So Lily, basically, I just wanted to ask you if you'll consent to…" He swallows and takes a deep breath as I wait, stunned, for the rest.


"Meeting my parents?"

I breathe a sigh of relief and laugh out loud.

"What is it? Don't you want to?"

"Oh, nothing, I just thought… nothing. Of course I want to meet them! I think it's time you met mine too, actually."

"That'd be lovely."

"Hmm. They know about you now, anyway."

"Hadn't you told them?"

"I hadn't thought to. I didn't want them to ruin it."

"Oh, I see." He smiles. "How'd they take it?"

"My mother, not so good, my dad, okay. They've warmed to the idea since, though."

"Phew. My parents love you already."

"Love me? They don't even know me!"

"Lily, you're the only girl I've ever loved. They're obligated to love you too, or otherwise forsake my happiness."

I smile at him. "So when can I?"

"Whenever you like."

"How about Friday? I have to go into Diagon Alley with my mum tomorrow, but I'm completely free Friday. And all weekend. So you could meet my parents at the weekend, too."

"Sounds wonderful."

"Hey- what time is it?" He checks his watch, and frowns. "2 am."

"Really? Oh gosh, James, I'd better be getting back. I need to be up at seven to catch the train into London… Oh, I'm so sorry."

"It's fine. There'll be plenty more times like this."

"James- I've had a wonderful time."

"Me too. Just move off the rug a second and I'll pack up."

I stand up clumsily and move to the side, smiling at him.

He rolls up the rug slowly and then looks up at me. "I love you, Lily, you know that, don't you?"

I laugh quietly, rolling my eyes at him and he stands and cups my face in his hands. "I really do, Lily. I really do." He kisses me softly, then bends and picks up the rug.

I spin round in a circle, dazed.

"Er- Lily? You need a wand to apparate." He throws me my wand which I'd thrown carelessly thrown aside.

"I wasn't…"

"I know. I feel like I've been spinning ever since I met you."

I smile at him and he winks. "Shall we get going then?"

"Sure." He takes my hand and we apparate back to my room.

We make the plans for the meeting of the parents and then he hugs me tight and leaves.

I change back into my pyjamas and lay down in my bed, smiling as I drift into sleep.

Mum wakes me up far too early in the morning, stuffs some toast down my throat and we're off. Unfortunately, Petunia's coming too, but boy doesn't she want to. She moans all the way there and trudges round, pretending to be unimpressed at the packed magical shops.

"Right, let's get your owl first then, shall we?"

"No, wait, we've got to go to Gringotts first. You can't use pounds here, mum."

"Oh, of course not. Off we go then."

After we've changed the money- while Petunia gawped unpleasantly at the goblins, we go to buy my owl.

I choose a beautiful snowy white owl, one of the rarest of its kind, the shop owner insists. It nips my finger affectionately from behind the bars of its cage.

When we're back at the house after a very long day, I approach Mum about me going round to James' tomorrow.

She's in the kitchen chopping up vegetables for dinner, listening to her favourite classical music. "Mum?"

She looks up and smiles. I can tell she's enjoyed today, being out just us three again. "What is it, Lily darling?" She turns the radio down.

"You don't have anything planned for tomorrow, do you?" I ask hesitantly.

"No, do you want to do something? We could go for a walk…" Excitement flares in her eyes at the thought of us all out together.

"Well- actually- I was wondering- well- James invited me round to his house to- umm- meet his parents- and I really thought…"

"That's a nice idea. Your father and I would love to meet James."

Oh Merlin, she thinks she's coming too. "Mum-"

"Yes, that would work out nicely. I'll make a cake tonight and we can go for tea tomorrow. You can go and send him a letter from your new owl now then, can't you?"


"I wonder what one must wear when you first meet your daughters boyfriend's parents… especially when they're wizards and you're a, you're a moogle- perhaps there's a book on wizarding etiquette…"

She's not listening to me now, just caught up in her own ramblings, planning outfits and structuring possible compliments.

I trudge heavily up the stairs, wondering whether James will mind if the whole Evans clan end up on his doorstep tomorrow.

I quickly write out a letter explaining everything and send it off with my owl, who I decided to name Rowena, beautiful and clever founder of Ravenclaw house. If it was a boy, it would have been Godric, obviously, but I did always admire the quiet intelligence of the Ravenclaws at Hogwarts. The sorting hat even considered sending me there…

"Evans, Lily!"

I stumbled forwards and put the hat on my head shakily.

"A muggle-born… hmm…"

I remember being very angry at that statement, and hoped it wouldn't affect my chances of getting into a good house.

"You seem very intelligent, no doubt- and yet so loyal and kind-hearted- either a Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff would suit you well… Oh- wait- there are great sacrifices ahead for you- extreme bravery- utter selflessness… no choice but to put you in the house you deserve… GRYFFINDOR!"

I caught Severus' eye as I took the hat off and made my way to the cheering Gryffindor table and smiled apologetically, mouthing "I'm sorry".

I smile at the memory. Gryffindor had certainly suited me well, providing me with good friends, good opportunities, and of course, James.

A sharp tap on the window breaks me from my reverie, and I rush to let Rowena in, who has a reply tied to her leg. I stroke her beautiful white feathers as I read the letter.


I don't mind in the slightest if your whole family want to come; the more the merrier- but I know you probably do mind, so if you want to say that only you're invited, I don't mind. I would, however, love to meet your parents and charming sister, and we may as well kill two birds with one stone and meet them all together. Just an idea- but you can decide- whatever you want, I want, and I'll do my best to provide it.

You- with or without your family- can come around 11 tomorrow if you like; my mum wants to serve lunch in the garden with a "friendly" match of wizard boules. I don't think you'll have ever played it so I'll understand if you don't want to. Perhaps if you have a muggle set of boules you could bring it and we could try your version.

Love, love, everlasting love,



He's so lovely. He seems to genuinely want to meet my family- even though I told him about their initial reactions concerning our relationship- so I guess I'll have to take them with me. I put the letter on my desk and take out a book on wizarding games, hoping to learn a little about wizard boules before I am forced to play it.

Gah. Soo cheesy.