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Chapter 1 A new arrival

Today was a usual day for little Naruto got attacked by mobs run around the city. All because he had the Kyubi no kintsu inside his navel. Today started like any other for Hiashi until he recived a letter from an unknown sender It was addressed to the "Head baka of the Hyuga clan". The letter had staited

To Mr Hiashi Hyuga

There has bean a great deception inside your clan you let down your best friend that sacrificed himself for the village. Such a sacrifice should not go unnoticed by the village.

No one respects his son the son of the yellow flash. I speak theses words to you that you might give him a home that could love and respect him for who he really is and who

he is not. The son of the yellow flash has the Kyubi no kintsu and just the looks are striking resemblance of whos son he is I plead to you that you take his son under your

wing and do not tell the city council or the hyuga council until its to late for them to change anything. I beg you look at who he really is and not what he has inside of him. He

will make his father proud of him and he will make you proud if you decide to adopt him. If you do not Your friend the forth hokage will weep because you are his guardian. I

have seen the deception that the councils have done and personally I am appalled by it and they will be in the pits of hell for it. I do not want you to be put there to.

Sincerely The one and only Shitogami

P.s dont be scared to kill anybody for this deseption I will love to feast on their soals

Hiashi was appalled by what he had read and noticed the resemblance almost imminently. Half of this mind said to execute the Hyuga clan elders for treating his son like that "There will be bloodshed by the end of the day in the Hyuga clan."

Konoha streets 9:05 pm

Naruto was once again thrown out of the orphanage were he lived for another night because the marton viewed him as an abominiation to the childern. Little Naruto was just looking for a warm home to stay in when his luck did good for him, he ran into Hiashi Hyuga who was looking for him.

"Are you Mr Naruto Uzumaki?" Hiashi asked him in a voice that could freeze water

"I am why do you ask mister."

"Because" Hiashi's face litened to where a smile could be seen he found his son"I will be your gardian from here on out"

Naruto's face lit up in supprise how could anyone want to adopt him of all people the outcast of Konoha the abominiation that lurckes the village the kyubi brat anything the villagers said to him was swept away under a carpet when he said that he was going to be his gardian. The head of the Hyuga clan wanting to adopt him.

Hiashi still seeing the shellshock on his face Hiashi's words were just "Come with me."

Hyuga comlplex 9:30 pm

Naruto egerly followed him to see his new home when he got there he was beond ammased he was speachless to see how big the hyuga complex was. The only thing that seemed out of line was the misterious blood stains across the wall and 1 dead Hyuga council member who seemed to be missing a brain. Little Naruto was scarred out of his witts seeing a gastly sight like that. A brain dead hyuga that was comical on the verge of funny.

"Naruto" Hiashi decided to say " the reson why i drought you here today is not only to adopt you but to honnor your fathers request."

"Hiashi-sama you knew who my father was?"Naruto asked sounding very suprisied. For someone to know who his father was could fianaly tell him who he was what he was like and if he was a great man.

"Yes i did my son he was a very very great and powerful man to not speak his name in honnor is a discrace to the village that dispised you so. If they only knew who your father was they would shake like a leaf in fear of who he was and the great bloodline he had."

"My dad had a bloodline?!" Naruto couldnt believe his ears he was treated like a freak for so long this startled him that he thought he was a monster himself.

"I'll tell you more in the morning I'll take you to your room."

Hiashi led the way to his new room and he accadentaly gave a room right next to Hinata's room.


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