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Many years later Naruto was walking down the street with cheers and howls of accomplishment he had not only proven himself as the son of the forth but as a person with great charter and underlining zeel. He was the adopted son of Hiashi Hyuuga and ingaged to Hinata. Many years from now he would leed the Hyuuga clan. Naruto was all smiles as he walked down the street to his last day at the accademy.

At the accademy he herd the two banshees known as Sakura and Ino or aka The Pink and Blond haired banshee. Naruto smiled and hoped that they didn't pass to become ninjas so much so they would drop out of the program all together. The written tests were sent out and Naruto Sasuke and Sakura all got a perfect in that test that irratated Naruto to no end hopefully she would fail the next three parts of the exams. The next part of the exam was the surican and kunie throwing. Sakura almost failed on this exam and Naruto was happy he was still hoping beond all hope that she would still fail the exam. The next test was the sparing test and Haruto smiled as he was pared up against Sasuke to have a lite spar. The two of them squared off and were getting ready to fight when a light shown all around and a thunderbolt was herd rocketing threw the sky.A fire ball was seen crashing threw the sky and a loud boom was herd as the fire ball crashed almost infrount of the accademy. The accademy students went to investigate for what happened was out of the ordanary and was not an usual occuracne. It was not like the ordnary things they thought a medior would look like but it was a square box with ten seals spred around the edges. Naruto reconised the seals and knew the person inside would be quite agravated with the turn of events. A great cracking prelevated threwout the box as the seals started to break. One by one the seals started to brake and loose there power. 'Who ever is in that box is pretty mad now I would not want to get in his way when that thing gets out.' Naruto thought

A loud crack was herd as the stone was getting stressed from the inside. Little holes started to appere in the stone and a golden energy started to leek out. The kyuubi was thrashing in Naruto's head looking for a way to hide from the power that engulfed the box. The stone box sudenly exploded from the pressure that was inside and the golden energy solitified and condenced to a body of a thirteen year old. A loud shout was herd from his lungs as he said " Curse you father when Maat and Osiris finds out of this trechery your dead meat."

Sasuke decided to be arrogant and approched the stranger and he did it in such an atitude that in two seconds he hit the Hokage monument. What the fan girls noticed around him was a desplay of true power a six pack abs and mussle bound. All he had on was a kilt like thing similar to what the anchient Egyptians wore. There was a slight blush on most of the fan girls faces as most of them decided to swich to him instead of Sasuke there was only one fan girl left for Sasuke and her name was Sakura.

Naruto decided to be smart about this and tried to use diplomancy "Sir," he started " who is your father that hates you so and who are the people under the name of Osiris and Maat?"

The person smiled at him and responded "I am glad that you have used Diplomancy young one. I will answer your question. My father is Horus god of all the rulers. Maat is the godess of justice. Wilie Osiris is my grandfather and ruler of the land of the dead. I am Semina god of death. You may call me the Shitogami."

The academy students were silent as the grave as a pin drop was herd threwout the accademy. The god of death looked at Naruto and asked him "Has your tennet contacted you I think that she wants out."

The older teachers looked at Semina and the look on their faces were a look of shock as there was a relevation that the kyuubi was actulatlly a vixen. Semina looked at the shocked look on their faces as he smiled. "You know Naruto I can remove her without killing both you and her quite easily. It is so simple for me to remove her from you just as I sent that letter to Hiashi from the high heavens all thoes years ago."

Naruto bowed to semina and aproved but asked him "Why were you banished from the high heavens lord Semina?"

"Because of Horus's trechery and going against Maats judgment. I was found..."

"Inocent and all charges against Semia are droped he saw a problen and was willing to fix it. He aided his friend the kyuubi and helped her host to get away from the constant abuse from thoes villagers." Maat said

Horus was not happy that his son got a slap on the wrist if he would do that he would do that he would be sent to earth and striped of his power. In the dead of night Horus stroled to Semina's mantion with ten seals in hand he would get Semina into a trap and destroy him with the seals. Horus slowly made his way to his son's chamber room and got a better idea and send him to earth hopefully he would not rember anything and die on the way down to earth a permanat death that would be fit for such treson against him. A sinister grin spred across his face as he sealed up his son and casted down his son to earth as he saw his mistake as his son formed a box around himself and protected himself against the great heat. Horus also saw the place were his son was going to land was the same place were he helped six years earlier...

"Thus I stand here now and that acursed father of mine is going to die as soon as I get up there. I know for a fact that he will try to kill me whenever he has the chance to cover his tracks."

The future roockie nine was one of anger and hate to the god of the rulers. All of them were now on his side to destroy that evil god.

"Semina-sama I will help you on your quest count me in this plan." Naruto and Hinata said The rest of the future roockie nine gradually agreed with Semina and he droped the bombshell as he said "For my plan to work we need to get and releace all of the bijuu including the kyuubi now Naruto come here."

Naruto came to Semina and Semina started gathering his chakra and put a glowing gold hand placed it on his seal and a loud fox yawn as the kyuubi went out of Naruto's body and supprisingly Naruto was still standing. Semina smiled as the kyuubi changed into her semi-human form. Her first words to Semina were "Semina what took you so long you son of a bitch."

"Well Kyuu-chan the gods didn't give me a break to free you."

"As always Sem excuses upon excuses."

"I'll go now to get your younger sisters before I get my ass kicked around the globe se ya in a few minutis." Semina was off in a flash and came back in a flash with eight others. Semina releced all of the demons and sat down exusted. ' Thank the gods that the demons were greatfule that I came to there rescue instead of the akaski that ritual would not only kill the host but as well as one of the sisters.'

The kyuubi just grinned at Semina and pounded the tar out of him for leaving her for so many years. Each one of the roockie nine had the bigest sweat drop running down their heads as they saw the sean that was unfolding before them.

After the beating was compleated Semina had two black eyes and a broken nose that healed almost instantly. The kyuubi made peace with Semina after the rage was compleat and Shikaku started to yell "Why did you send me to Sana in the first place?" The other demons were in agreement with the question.

"You know that it is against the higher laws for a mortal to get imortality and that is the reson why."

The demons rembered why they were sent and now it made sence why they were to kill a certain person. Semina got a devlish grin across his face and said "Since you could not kill that one human I think you know what that means."

A look of pure horor raidiated on the nine bijuues faces as Semina made an unknown handsign and the demons dubbled over cluching there croches as fluid started to leak out. The entire lot of them were embaraced to find that they actually did leak after all thoes years of being inactive. It was to say most of the humans passed out from the irony of the situation.