Xemnas hates the gym. Still for two hours a day, he's there. Hating it. He hates the way the weight rack mocks him with amounts he'll never be able to lift. But what Xemnas hates even more is the way Xaldin can always out lift him. Always.

He watches as Larxene sits there and files her nails, giggling at Marluxia with a coy smile. He hates the way Larxene giggles period. And he just hates Marluxia. The only good thing about the gym is that Xigbar lets Demyx control the music.

But then, 15 minutes late, Zexion shows up and the music isn't the only good thing.

Xemnas likes the way Zexion smirks and lets him watch as he bends over to grab another ten pound; Watch the way sweat rolls down Zexion's shirtless body.

Hell, Xemnas loves gym when Zexion shows up. But he hates how Zexion teases him, constantly bending over and licking his lips. Hates the way the younger taunts him with bare skin and strained groans, even though they both know Zexion can lift more then that.

And Xemnas hates the way Zexion tempts him, lingers too close, the way he whispers such dirty things to him that even Zexion is surprised the elder can still walk right.

And its right around then that Xemnas likes gym.

Except Axel strides in, a cocky smile on his face as he wraps his arms around Zexion and kisses him roughly, making the smaller boy moan. Axel's green eyes smirk at Xemnas all the while. Xemnas remembers why he hates gym.

That is until Zexion shows up at his room again. Xemnas forgets about gym when Zexion's lips crash onto his and the boy's pulling off clothes and touching him, moaning for him again. And soon he's under Xemnas again, begging for more, fucking Xemnas again…

Again and again.

It might have bothered Xemnas, if he didn't know that Axel was fucking Saix every other night. But Xemnas knows it so it doesn't bother him, especially when Zexion does that and screams Xemnas' name into the sheets. But then morning comes and Zexion teases him for two torturous hours before Axels whisks him away, his grin triumphant. It's then Xemnas realizes he doesn't hate gym.

Just Axel.

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