Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto. This was written for yhaythar from the prompt "If it bleeds we can kill it." The quote is from The Predator. Read and Enjoy.

Sakura's head fell back against the tree, the bark dug into her back as pain shot through her thigh. As team medic she wasn't supposed to allow herself to get injured but she had. The pink haired medic had barely moved out of the way of a killing blow, leaving a large gash in her thigh from when she'd jumped away from the enemy.

At the sound of twigs breaking, her eyes snapped open and a kunai was pressed to warm tanned flesh. Intense brown eyes were staring down at the wound on her upper thigh. One of her hand was pressed to the worst part of the wound to stop the blood flow.

"Kiba! You scare the shit out of me," she mumbled, pulling the kunai away from his neck and placed it back in her pouch.

"Will you be able to heal yourself?" he asked, crouching down to inspect how deep the cut was. His fingers brushed her hand away, so his own could cover the wound on her inner thigh, so she could work with both of her hands. Even though the act wasn't sexual, she still shivered –eyes meet and left her breathless. He grinned but motioned for her to get her supplies out of her back pouch and hurry.

"Who the hell was that guy anyways?" she grumbled. The mission was supposed to be a simple D-rank mission….but now she wasn't so sure about it. The ninja they'd gone up against was definitely out of their league. "He hadn't been in the information we'd been given."

Kiba nodded but other wise stayed silent. His hand fell from her thigh, but he continued to sit on his heels, his mind going through the possible scenarios.

"I mean did you see him?" she continued her ranting. "Barely even scratched the guy, even with my strength and your Gatsuuga didn't work! And how do we look?... like we've been battered around by a tsunami. Kiba what are we going to do?" She hadn't meant for the desperation to come out in her voice, but it had and he'd noticed.

Kiba looked up at her and rose to his feet, so his face was level with hers. His eyes showed confidence in their abilities. "If he bleeds," he said gruffly. "Then we can kill him…and afterwards I'll really make you breathless."

Sakura huffed and rolled her eyes, but she felt a little better about their mission.