About the end, the middle then fork in the road for Charlie Dixon and Sarah Connor.


There is nothing more heartbreaking than seeing the joy from your child's face turn to complete agony. Sarah had explained to John that they had to leave. There was no safe haven anywhere for them - even in the arms of someone who loves them.

Sarah stood at the window, waiting for John to finish packing. She was all ready to go. It didn't matter that Charlie had already asked her to marry him. She had a suitcase packed and ready-to-go at the start of the relationship.


She froze.

Arms wrapped around her waist as she felt him place kisses against the back of her neck. "Charlie…" Sarah fought back tears, faking a smile. "What are you doing home so early?"

Turning around, Sarah looked into Charlie's calm blue eyes. The light the shone above them made his blonde hair seem like a halo. His smile that seemed crooked at times, smiled just for her. It was the same smile that made her say yes to a date, yes to moving in and yes to be married.

Sarah should have never said yes but no - just to protect him.

"I can not wait to see you in a wedding gown…" Charlie teased, hugging his soon bride closer.

Sarah hugged back because she knew she could never be his bride.

Not when she was responsible for the lives of millions in the safety of her son, John Connor.

Charlie must have seen something in Sarah because he asked, "Are you okay?"

Sarah reversed gears and placed a huge smile. "Yeah… yeah. I'm just tired, that's all."

"I don't think so." Charlie narrowed his eyes, "You always breathe a little deeper when your worried or got something on your mind."

Sarah blinked. She hadn't realized that Charlie had learned to read her that well. She thought that she had kept him at a good enough distance to be close - but not too close.

"No, I'm fine!" Sarah smiled again, this time letting her real feelings come through.

"Okay… If you say so." Charlie smiled, giving Sarah a kiss. He then turned to leave but gave Sarah a slight squeeze of her hand before leaving.

And that was the last time Sarah saw Charlie…

Now, Sarah stood in front of Charlie with a bleeding man under her hands. Memories of kisses, whispers and touches raced back to the woman. The look of confusion, hurt and amazement in Charlie's face caused a pain in Sarah's heart.

What had been but weeks for Sarah; it had been years for Charlie.

She should have never fallen in love with Charlie Dixon.

If she hadn't - he wouldn't be elbow-deep in Kyle Reese's brother's blood.

If she hadn't - he could have spared the heartache she caused in him when he finally saw her.

If she hadn't - he wouldn't even know what the future beheld and be able to live his life fearlessly.

Sarah fought back thoughts of an impending future with Charlie - the return of his love. She had to keep the thoughts away; that glimmer of a chance to have Charlie back into her life.

No… Sarah watched Charlie spring into action. He tended to the thick, red blood that seemed to pour out in gallons. Sarah couldn't help remembering how she was planning a small, quiet wedding - and even considering wearing an awful, white dress.

It would have been great.

It would have been wonderful.

Once Derek had been patched up and dressed, Charlie and Sarah had a talk. Sarah could see Charlie's face full of doubt - just like Dr. Silberman's and others like him. There was no use but to show proof.

It was Cameron's robotic eyes that proved her point.

It was also the six-foot tin man lying inside the garage.

At the end of the day - she found herself returning back into the safety of his arms.

That was the reason why she had fell in love with him - for the safety of his arms.

Yet, they parted and Sarah knew why - there was no safety for Charlie in her arms.

There could be no return to Charlie.

Or he would die if she did.

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