A random night for Derek Reese and Sarah Reese. This is the last chapter in this three-part story. Thanks to those who reviewed!


Sarah Connor opened her eyes abruptly, shooting up from her bed. There always something at night and she never understood why she would try to even attempt to sleep.

"What hap-" A bare-chested Derek burst through the door, gun in hand.

Sarah put up her hands, "No, no. It's nothing."

Derek blinked as he lowered his gun. He watched Sarah place her hands on her head.

After a few seconds, Sarah noticed Derek still standing at the foot of her bed.

"You can leave," Sarah said. Pulling back up her heavy head, she noticed Derek giving her a strange look.

"That's why I won't sleep sometimes," Derek pointed to Sarah's head. "Nightmares… This is the fifth time this week."

It was Sarah's turn to blink. "You've been watching me."

"Might as well." Derek shrugged, "Don't trust the metal bitch. It doesn't really help at night that she's up and about, lurking while I sleep."

Sarah did not answer; She, too, have had the same thoughts.

"Don't tell John that," Sarah furrowed her brows.

Derek's eyes clouded, "He doesn't know any better."

Sarah closed her eyes, trying to cut out the screams that still etched in her head. The dreams were becoming more intense with every night. Sometimes they would stick with her through the daytime. The faces of terminators, of John dying or…

Derek gave Sarah another odd look.

"Didn't I tell you to leave?" Sarah asked sharply, opening her eyes.

Derek rounded to Sarah's bedside, "Can I sit?"

Without an answer, Derek sat. Sarah's eyes narrowed, she had never met a man as stubborn as Derek Reese.

Kyle was gentler; Derek was more head-on.

Leaning closely to the woman, Derek said "You really need some sleep, Sarah."

Blue eyes… Very calm, blue eyes.

Like Kyle's.

He wasn't Kyle.

Sarah quickly turned, getting up from the bed. She could tell Derek was watching her intently, she could tell from the warmth in her cheeks.

"And what do you think I should do?" Sarah shook her head, "its hard enough just to close my eyes."

Derek stood up then pointed to the floor. "I'll sleep here at nights. That'd way - if you do wake up - All you have to do is reach for me."

That was an unexpected gesture. "I don't know…"

Derek placed his gun on her dresser before looking back at her. "I wouldn't mind the company and that'd way… I can keep a closer eye on cybrog."

She wanted to mentally kick herself for thinking it but Sarah couldn't help it… The idea was not unwelcoming by the slightest. If she woke at night to see Derek, maybe it would calm her nerves down.

"I don't snore if it makes you feel better," Derek gently said.

Sarah smiled, "Maybe it could work."

Derek nodded, "I'll get my sheets from the living room."

Once Derek left the room, Sarah blew out a sigh. Was she wrong in thinking Derek could help her sleep better? Did she need Derek here? Did she want him close - for comfort or watch?

Did she really miss Kyle this much?

Derek isn't Kyle.

Sarah looked into the mirror, glancing to make sure… What the hell?

She didn't need to look good!

This is ridiculous!

Just as she turned to tell Derek she changed her mind, she saw him walk through the door. He had but one blanket for the floor, one to cover himself and a pillow. He had on sweats and a black tee showing off the muscles that flexed when he moved…

Sarah… you've seen him naked before. These thoughts will definitely get you in trouble.

Sarah wanted to tell Derek about her change of feelings. Instead, she said "Please don't tell John about… our - this - um…"

Derek blinked then slowly smiled; A small and subtle smile. "I won't. I'll be out of here before John wakes or even metal-head out there knows about it. I put on this tee just in case he did walk in on us and we could tell him some kind of story… like," he pursed his lips then snapped his fingers. "I fell asleep in here while we talked about some mission."

"John would never believe that."

Derek grinned, "Yeah. Telling him the truth would probably be the best."

"Only…" Sarah smiled, "If he walks in on us."

"Cameron will think it's odd that you're sleeping in here," Sarah said. "She might ask questions and I know that she'll ask John first."

"She rounds twice and that's before we all sleep. After that, she's in her room." Derek caught the look in Sarah's eyes. "I told you. Don't trust the bitch."

Sarah shook her head. "And you're sure we want to risk a possible walk-in by either of them?"

She didn't get an answer but instead, the low breathing from Derek's sleeping form.

Sarah bit her lip; she needed an answer.

"Derek…" Sarah said a little louder. "Are you sure this will work?"

Derek mumbled a few words before saying, "I don't know… don't know if it'll work." He yawned before turning over towards the window. "Just reach for me."

Sarah gathered her legs towards her, staring at Derek for awhile before displaying a smile across her face.

He wasn't Kyle.

He was Derek.

"Just… Sarah," Derek grumbled once again. "Just reach for me."

Sarah whispered back, "I will. I'll just reach."

Yes. He was Derek.

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