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Home of Alexandra Eames

Saturday March 8

8:13 PM

Doink, doink!

"Bobby!" The bird chirped for what must have been the thousandth time that evening. "Bobby!"

Alex Eames rolled her eyes. "Quiet Paulie." As much as she liked the bird, and Bobby, hearing the bird repeat the same thing over and over all day was starting to get more than little obnoxious.

"Bobby!" The little bird chirped again, seemingly just to spite her. His efforts earned him a crippling glare from Alex.

At that moment the doorbell rang, tearing Alex away from her staring match with Paulie to answer the door. She was surprised to find Bobby standing in the glow of the streetlight.

"Hey." She greeted lamely.

"Hey." He echoed –not unlike her bird – as he stood there, gazing down and shuffling his feet shyly.

"You coming in?" She asked, stepping aside from the door.

"Thanks." He muttered as he entered and took a seat on the couch.

"You want anything?" she asked, motioning toward the kitchen with her thumb.

"No thanks. I'm okay." He said quietly.

An awkward silence descended heavily upon them. Awkward silences; there had been a lot of those lately. There seemed to be an invisible rift between them and neither of them knew how to stop it from growing and repair it.

In am attempt to break the silence Alex searched the deep recesses of her mind for something – anything – to say about, but found nothing. The silence stretched on, getting more uncomfortable with each passing second.

"Bobby!" The bird's cheerful chirp shattered the silence and brought Bobby and Alex out of their separate worlds.

The two exchanged a glance before bursting out in laughter.

"He must've heard me mention your name over the phone." Alex managed to explain through her laughter. "He's been saying your name all day."

As the laughing subsided silence threatened to reign again. In an attempt to start a situation, the two spoke at the same time.



"Ah, you go first." Bobby said with a wave of his hand.

Alex hesitated. If she was right about what she was about to do, then the invisible gap would disappear. But if she was wrong, the rift would be ripped wide open.

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