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Alex took a breath. 'Now or never' she thought. Bobby was looking at her expectantly. Swallowing her apprehension, she gently placed her hand on his forearm, leaned in and kissed him.

Her heart was pounding erratically in her chest as she waited for a reaction. When one didn't come, she pulled away, cursing inwardly and mentally kicking herself. Seven years. Seven years of partnership, seven years of friendship. She had just taken seven years of their lives, and ruined it with one action.

Alex hung her head, unable to meet Bobby's eyes. "Bobby…I…" She had no idea what to say. She felt she had to apologize, but how? "I'm sorry… I shouldn't…"

"Eames-" Bobby started, but she stopped him.

"No… please just don't say anything. If we could just forget this ever ha-" Alex was cut off by her head being pulled upward and the startling feeling of Bobby's surprisingly soft lips covering hers.

Alex froze up in surprise for a second, but quickly snapped out of it and melted into Bobby's tentative kiss.

"Bobby…" Alex murmured breathlessly when they pulled apart.

His response was to wrap his arms securely around her. Wordlessly, Alex rested her head against his chest. Bobby took the opportunity to do something he had been longing to do for so long; he buried his nose in Alex's hair and inhaled deeply. Eames' scent… he never thought he would ever get a chance to savor it quite like this. Alex chuckled quietly.

"Sorry." Bobby apologized quickly, suddenly embarrassed. He felt the blush creeping into his face. "M-maybe I should go…" He said, pulling away. He stood and rubbed the back of his neck awkwardly.

"Bobby…" Alex began, trying not to sound pathetic, or desperate. "You can't just… I… Stay? Please?" She asked finally. As far as trying not to sound pathetic, she had a feeling she had failed. "I want you to stay."

He met her eyes, and the decision was made; he was staying.

"Good." Alex smiled, jumped up, took hold of his wrist, and started leading Bobby to her bedroom. Bobby was thrown completely off guard.

"E-Eames," He stuttered, trying to keep the panic out of his voice, "W-what are you doing?" He abruptly jerked his wrist away. Alex turned to him, looking hurt. "I–I'm sorry… I just… I don't want to screw this up." He said, his hand absently returning to the back of his neck.

"You're not going to screw this up." Alex assured him, taking his wrist again, and looking into his eyes. "Trust me."

Bobby looked into Alex's eyes. He trusted her completely.


"Bobby!" For the second time that evening, Paulie broke the silence. Only, this time, the silence wasn't awkward.

"Shut up Paulie!" came Alex's annoyed voice from the bedroom, followed by a chuckle from Bobby. "Stupid bird…" she muttered as she snuggled into Bobby's chest with a contented sigh.

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