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Torrie woke up from her deep sleep..and looked at the time.

"11:am Ughh" Torrie said moaning.

Torrie's cell phone rang.

"Hello" Torrie said.

"Hey Torrie it's John. We're all having at party... I was wondering if you would like to come?" John asked.

"Uhmm. Yeah, what time about?" Torrie asked.

"About 8:00." John replied.

"Sounds cool, bye..." Torrie said.

"Ok, bye then." John replied.

Torrie hung up the phone and went to the living room.


Torrie got up and looked at Mickie and Maria talking.

"Hi, guys." Torrie said, sitting down on the sofa.

"Hey sleepy head, You've woken up now?" Maria asked.

"Yeah, are you two going to the party?" Torrie asked.

"What party?" Mickie asked.

"Well I don't know, John just said," Torrie replied.

"Oh. Right." Mickie replied.

"Yeah anyway I'm going to pick out a dress." Torrie said.

"Okay dokey." Maria said.

Torrie coudn't decide what dress to put on...

She finally got one..

"Hey Mick what about this one?" Torrie asked.

"Let's see," Mickie said.

"Yeah beautiful" Mickie replied. Looking at the pink sparkly dress.

"Thanks" Torrie said.

"By the way, what shoes you wearing with it?" Mickie asked.

"My pink ones." Torrie replied.

"Oh. Good that's ok then.." Mickie said looking back at her magazine.


"Hey John," Shawn said coming in.

"Hey," John replied.

"Torrie, Mick and Maria coming tonight?" Shawn asked.

"Yeah.." John said.

"Awesome well see you tonight then." John said.

"Ok. Bye!" John said.

"Bye." Shawn replied.


End of Chapter.

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