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Wolf In Fox's Clothing

Prologue: The Meeting of The 'Monsters'

The man sneered at the bloody whimpering mass under his foot, the people around him cheering with every stomp he gave it, "This is for my little brother, demon!" He yelled, giving it a hard kick. The force was enough to send the form sliding up under a light, where it was revealed to be a small blonde-haired boy.

His name: Naruto Uzumaki. The reason for the beating: he made the mistake of going outside on October 10th, five years to the day of Kyuubi's attack on Konoha. Unfortunately, this was also his birthday. Several villagers caught him before he could find a hiding place and now only one thought when through his young mind:


"Kill it!"

"That thing shouldn't have been allowed to live in the first place!"

"Die, you filthy monster!"

Every shout was punctuate with another kick or stomp by others joining the original attacker,

"Why do they hate me? What did I do?"

He choked on a scream as a sharp blade was driven into him.

"It's time to send you back to hell where you belong!"

"Why??" Was all he could think before his world faded into darkness.

"I see you have finally arrived, young one." A voiced boomed in his ears, making him jump to his feet.

"W-who's there!?" Naruto cried, thinking someone else had arrived to beat on him. He paled when he saw he wasn't in the village anymore. Instead it was some kind of massive cavern with strange glowing pipes along the walls and ceiling.. As he looked around, he realized he wasn't hurting anymore. He saw his bruises and cuts, even the bloodstains on his clothes were gone, "Where am I..?"

The voice chuckled, "Look behind you, kit."

He obeyed, only to find himself staring at a gate filling the entire cavern. Two large red eyes greeted him from behind the bars.

A set of equally large fangs grinned at him, "So I meet my jailer at last."

"J-Jailer..?" The boy backed up a little

"You don't know about me,do you?" The eyes and teeth lowered down to Naruto until he could see they were attached to the head of a giant red fox, "They call me...Kyuubi."

Naruto begin backing up even more, "K-Kyuubi..?? But..but they..they said you were dead.."

"Reports of my demise were rather...exaggerated." The fox responded, "I'm as alive as you are, more or less."

Seeing the obvious confusion on the boy's face, he continued, "Unfortunately, me being in here is the reason those sorry excuses for mammals out there hold you in contempt. The Fourth Hokage couldn't destroy me outright, so he sealed me inside a just-born baby. You were that baby."

"So..I..I am a monster.." Naruto's voice began to crack but it was cut off by Kyuubi.

"You? 'Monster? Don't make me laugh, kit! Did you volunteer to be the one I was sealed into!? Did you even know you had a tailed beast locked away in you? No!" He may have been the Nine-Tailed Fox, but even he found abusing a child disgusting, "The only 'monsters' are the ones ganging up on a five-year-old boy at this moment!"

Naruto looked up at him, "I-I never did anything to make them hate me..?" He asked, tears starting to run down his face.

"No, kit. The only crime you're committing, as far as their concerned, is still being alive."

The tears began to shift from sorrow..to anger. Anger at being hated for something he never asked for; anger at being the scapegoat.

"I never did anything to them...I never did anything.."

Back in the real word, the group were getting ready to deliver the final blow. A woman crouched down with a kunai at his neck, "Die!"

Suddenly, Naruto's eyes shot open, looking her dead on.

"I NEVER DID ANYTHING TO YOU!" He screamed, bringing a hand across her face as hard as he could.

The woman fell back, screaming in pain. Not from the 'slap', but from the slash marks across her face. This caused the rest of the group to step in shock. Especially when they saw claws sticking out from the boy's fingertips. They were small, but the wounds they had inflicted showed they were razor-sharp.

"I never did anything to any of you..!" He growled, slowly getting to his feet

Back in the seal, Kyuubi was getting a shock as well. The blue glow of the piles was being replaced by a gleaming silver and in the darkness he could hear the faint howl of a wolf. After a moment, the look of surprise on his face shifted to realization and he fell to the ground, roaring in laughter, "Kami, who would've thought!" He said between fits, "I don't know who to pity more, the bakas in this village or the kit when he gets older!"

Naruto's attackers paled at what they were seeing, the 'kyuubi brat' was glaring at them, tears still running.

"You hate me..you beat me..you hurt me..for something I NEVER DID!" He roared as his small body started undergoing a transformation; his hair lengthened and became thicker and shaggier-looking, draping down to his shoulders. His eyes now had silver mixed in with the sapphire blue. His teeth began extending into fangs that shined when he snarled at them. Finally, a pair of jet-black ears emerged from the top of his head and a black lupine tail sprouted from the bottom of his spine, matching the coat of fur now covering him, the only difference being three streaks of white on each side of his face, mimicking his whisker marks.

"You ARE a monster!" The woman he struck screeched, trying to reach for the kunai she dropped.

"Monster...?" Naruto growled, his voice slightly huskier than before, "The only monsters I see..are you!" With that he lunged into the group like a cornered animal.

Several of them yelled as he began slashing and clawing at any of them he could get to. His claws weren't able to deliver a fatal strike, but they were doing enough.

The woman, whether out of anger that the 'kyuubi brat' had the nerve to strike back or fear that he'd come to finish her, grabbed the kunai and dove at him, intent on making it fatal. Unfortunately for her, the action was never completed before she was literally snatched out of the air by her throat.

"Naruto!" Came a voice that the boy recognized; the voice of Sarutobi, the Third Hokage. The old man glared at the woman in his grip as a group of ANBU that were loyal to him began rounding up the ones responsible.

"Sir, there's no fatalities, but all of them were slashed up pretty good." One wearing an eagle mask reported.

"I want all of them sent to Ibiki, immediately!" The old man growled.

"Grampa Saru..?" Came a voice from amongst the scattered civilians and shinobi. Sarutobi sighed in relief when he heard the boys voice, but he paled slightly when he turned to check on him.

Standing where the voice came from, wearing Naruto's clothes...

was a black-furred ookami, standing upright. Several of the AN BU seemed to be started as well.

"A..A werewolf.." One of them whispered.

Well, this is the start of my new story. Just so you know, Kyushu won't exactly be 'Mr-Nice-Guy." in this one. He'll be yelling for Naruto to do some damage sometimes, or be a pervert Jiraiya would be proud of; but he'll still have a code of honor in a way.

Plus, Narrator will be having problems with his new ability. But you'll find out in the next chapter.

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