Chapter 1: "My Little Runaway"
A Sailor Moon Fanfic
By Bill K.

Sailor Moon and all related characters are (c)2001 by Naoko Takeuchi/
Kodansha and Toei Animation, and are used without permission, but
with respect. Story is (c) 2001 by Bill Kropfhauser

As always, for those only familiar with the English dub:
Diet=Japan's Congress

Also for those only familiar with the English dub, this story draws
on events occurring in Episode 20, which didn't run in North America.
That episode concerned a little girl named Sakiko and her father's
efforts to harness her budding telekinetic powers for his own

Finally, Haruka and Michiru are NOT cousins.
"It's a terrible thing to know the future. Terrible enough to
know your own, but even more terrible to know someone else's."

"Do you speak of something specific, Small Lady?" Diana asked
the little twelve-year-old girl with the vibrant pink hair twisted
into rabbit's ears. The little gray kitten looked up at her with
wide, wondrous eyes.

"Yes," Chibi-Usa sighed, but said no more.

She and Diana had just recently returned from the twentieth
century. No sooner had she arrived at the time door than she sensed
something amiss. Sailor Pluto was not there guarding the gateway. A
grave sense of foreboding flooded over the girl and she ran to the
drawing room of the Palace of Crystal Tokyo, seeking her mother and
father. It was to her immense relief that she found them both there,
immersed in affairs of state. Serenity looked up, grateful for the
interruption and her face lit up at seeing her child.

"Small Lady," she smiled, her voice hinting in timber at the
Usagi of old. Her arms spread out wide and caught Chibi-Usa as the
girl leaped up to her. The two embraced tightly, with Endymion
leaning in to share the hug. "Oh, you're getting so big! I missed
you so much!"

"I missed you, too, Mama," Chibi-Usa sighed. "You and Dad. It
hurt being away from you as much as it hurt leaving Usagi and

"Well, you're back now," Serenity replied happily. "What did
you bring me?"

"Mama!" scowled Chibi-Usa.

"I seem to recall Mako-chan gave you some cookies. Did you eat
them all on your trip?"

"Not all of them," Chibi-Usa replied, flushing with guilt.
"Besides, they're mine, not yours!"

"Oh, you're so cruel to your mother," Serenity said, only
partly teasing. "OK, keep them."

Endymion eyed Chibi-Usa with his unique perception.

"Is something bothering you, Small Lady?" he asked.

"Where's Puu?" Serenity and Endymion looked at each other
nervously. "Something's happened to her? What?"

"We don't know. Sailor Pluto came to us one day. She said
that she had to go into time to fulfill her destiny, and that we
would never see her again at that point in her life. We haven't seen
her since."

"And you just let her go?" Chibi-Usa demanded.

"Small Lady, you have to understand," Endymion struggled to
explain, "Setsuna is one of the outer senshi. The outer senshi have
their own missions and responsibilities and they don't feel the need
to clear those missions with us."

"You know how long it's been since anyone has seen Haruka or
Michiru," Serenity added. "Setsuna had her own mission to
accomplish. I couldn't stop her and I'm not even sure I should have
tried. All we can do is wait and hope they return to us some day."
She wiped a tear from Chibi-Usa's eye with her thumb. "I know it's
hard. You depended on Setsuna a lot. I'll try to fill the gap as
best I can."

Chibi-Usa nodded glumly. Diana, fresh from a reunion of her
own with Luna and Artemis, noticed her exit the Royal Drawing Room
and head straight for the Palace Library. The little gray kitten
scampered after her. She found Chibi-Usa at one of the archive

"What are you doing, Small Lady?" squeaked the kitten in her
high-pitched voice.

"Trying to find out what happened to my friends," mumbled
Chibi-Usa. Her fingers danced over the sensory pad, calling up
historical data from the past millennium. Specifically, she called
up any bit of data concerning Setsuna Meiou or Sailor Pluto. There
wasn't much, but what little there was ended right after the time
Chibi-Usa left for her second visit to the twentieth century.
Chibi-Usa flopped back into her chair.

"Didn't you find what you were looking for?" asked Diana.

"I think I did," whispered Chibi-Usa. "But it's not what I was
hoping to find."

Chibi-Usa attacked the sensory pad again, this time calling up
data about her twentieth century friend Momoko. Though technically
it had been a thousand years since she'd last spoken to the girl, for
Chibi-Usa the time had only been several days, just before the second
crisis with Neherenia. The computer brought up a large biographical
entry, detailing Momo's life as a practicing attorney and her fame at
being one of the first women to force her way onto the Diet from her
district, her resignation during the onslaught of the Second Ice Age
and her work to rebuild Japan after Sailor Moon and the senshi freed
Earth from its grip. The entry listed Momoko's husband and children
and drew a family tree right up to present day in the thirtieth
century. Momoko, however, had died at eighty-four, nearly nine
hundred years ago. Chibi-Usa sighed. She was proud of her friend's
rich, full life, but it still left her a lonely little girl in a very
large palace.

Then she thought for a moment. "What about Hotaru?"

Again, her fingers danced over the sensory pad, collecting
every scrap of information about Hotaru Tomoe and Sailor Saturn.
There were even fewer entries in this search. Chibi-Usa read them
one by one, picturing as she did her friend acting out what she read
in her mind. It was almost as if she were listening to Hotaru
narrate the events herself and it made Chibi-Usa miss the fragile
little thirteen-year-old even more.

Then she came to the last entry. Diana could feel her tense
up. The kitten looked up and saw the anguish in the girl's face.

"Small lady?" Diana asked plaintively. "What is it?"

Chibi-Usa disconnected the terminal and slid down from the
chair silently. Diana followed her curiously as the girl walked to
her room like a condemned prisoner. Her mistress crawled onto her
bed and curled up forlornly. Diana stared uncomprehendingly. It
seemed like the girl was crying.

"Poor Hotaru," she heard Chibi-Usa whisper. Diana leaped up on
the bed and padded over.

"What's wrong, Small Lady?" Diana inquired.

"It's a terrible thing to know the future. Terrible enough to
know your own, but even more terrible to know someone else's,"
Chibi-Usa whispered.

"Do you speak of something specific, Small Lady?" Diana asked
the little twelve-year-old girl with the vibrant pink hair twisted
into rabbit's ears. The little gray kitten looked up at her with
wide, wondrous eyes.

"Yes," Chibi-Usa sighed, but said no more.
* * * *
Hotaru closed the door behind her and doffed her shoes. Once
her slippers were on, she picked up her school satchel and headed for
the dining room. After staying late at the library to read some of
the simpler medical texts that Ami Mizuno had recommended, Hotaru had
headed back home and was grateful she had timed things just right.
From the smell wafting from the kitchen, Michiru was cooking tonight.

"Hello, everybody," the petite little girl chirped upon
entering. Setsuna put down her astronomy book and greeted the girl
in the blue and white sailor tunic and blue skirt. Haruka looked up
from television.

"Hey, squirt," Haruka smiled. "How was school today?"

"Fine," she replied, then darkened a little. "Well, all except

"Are you still having trouble with the vault?" Setsuna asked.

"Yes. I just can't seem to push off enough with my legs."

"Relax. You're just fourteen," Haruka told her lightly.
"You'll get some muscle on those bones. You should have seen me when
I was fourteen. Talk about a stick." Hotaru giggled.

"So, did you meet any nice boys," Setsuna asked. Hotaru
blushed slightly at the question and the reaction amused Setsuna.

"Did you meet any nice girls?" Haruka added and Hotaru blushed
even harder. She shot Haruka a stern look and the sandy blonde
chuckled. Just then, the doorbell rang.

"I'll get it," Hotaru called out. Setsuna intercepted her in
the hall.

"No, I'll get it," Setsuna said gently. "You get cleaned up
for dinner."

Hotaru complied and headed upstairs for the bathroom. Setsuna
glided with ease to the door and opened it. What she found startled
even the normally implacable woman.

"Puu!" gasped Chibi-Usa. The girl flung herself at Setsuna and
caught the woman in a tight hug. "Oh, I have missed you so much!
Thank the fates you were the one who answered the door!"

"S-Small Lady?" gasped Setsuna.

She wasn't sure at first. The girl she remembered was a
precocious little runt topped with bubblegum pink hair. This person
hugging her was tall and slender, with almost a feline cast to her
frame. Strikingly curvaceous for her age, which Setsuna guess at
either fifteen or sixteen, this girl also had a pristine beauty to
her that seemed cut to classical styles. Her pink hair was still
done up in rabbit ear odangos and ribbons of it trailed down to her
waist. She still possessed those large, inquisitive red eyes of
childhood. But the rest of her face was like a fashion model's.
Still, Setsuna only had to feel the warmth and devotion of this
girl's hug to know who it was.

"Yeah," the girl grinned. "It's me. Not so small anymore,
though. How about you just call me Usa?"

"As you wish, . . . Usa," Setsuna nodded, still surprised.

"Haruka, come see who's here!" Michiru called from the hall.
Haruka joined her and her face lit up.

"Well, the little rabbit," Haruka marveled. "When did you blow
into town?"

Just then they all heard footsteps pounding on the stairwell.
They all turned and saw Hotaru on the second step, clutching the
banister. Her gaze was awash with surprise and delight and just a
pinch of joyful tears.

"Chibi-Usa?" Hotaru cried, not daring to believe it true.

"Hotaru!" cried Usa.

The long-separated friends fell into each other's arms, hugging
and crying and laughing and squealing. After several moments, they

"Look how big you are!" gaped Hotaru.

"Yeah. I didn't think I was ever going to grow and then
'boom', it all happened in six months. I'm almost as tall as
Makoto-san now! But look at you!"

"I'm not that much bigger," Hotaru shrugged self-consciously.

"Yes you are!" Usa laughed. "And I bet every boy in school is
chasing you around, too!" Hotaru blushed again.

"Well I bet every boy in Crystal Tokyo is chasing you," Hotaru

"Not as much as you'd think," Usa replied, wincing. "But I
can't talk about that, you know? Puu - - Pluto always warned me not
to talk about the future when I was visiting the past."

"Wise advice," Setsuna said.

"She said modestly," added Michiru, a wicked smirk on her face.
Setsuna glanced at her, then returned her gaze to Usa.

"How long can you stay?" Hotaru asked urgently.

Usa shrugged. "I don't know. It depends."

"On what? Oh, right, you probably can't tell me." A fresh
idea lit up Hotaru's dark face. "Michiru-Mama, can Usa stay for

"I've certainly got plenty cooked," Michiru smiled. "Do you
think Usagi would mind if you stayed for dinner?"

"Well," Usa said, trying to look innocent and, to Haruka's
practiced eye, failing, "I don't think she'd have any objections
right at this very moment."

Hotaru hugged her friend. She led Usa into the living room to
do a little catching up. Setsuna joined Michiru in the kitchen to
help with serving.

And Haruka stared suspiciously at Usa until her eyes bored
holes in the girl's back.
* * * *
Crossing through the park by the lake were Usagi and Makoto.
Makoto was escorting Usagi back home after the two had spent a few
hours at her place snacking and laughing and talking about boys, and
even studying now and then with Minako and Rei. It had been a game
effort, but with Ami taking another college prep exam, there was no
one to marshal their attention. Still, Makoto had enjoyed it.
Having her friends over always beat sitting alone in her apartment.

Usagi's mouth opened wide enough that it threatened to unhinge,
then closed on most of a pastry Makoto had baked for them. Makoto
smirked, but her humor turned to gratification when Usagi's satisfied
sigh passed through lips coated in powdered sugar.

"Mako-chan, you have to be the best baker in the whole
universe!" she purred.

"Thanks," Makoto grinned.

"And I'm not just saying that! I've sampled nearly everything
this city has to offer!"

"I'm glad you liked it," Makoto said proudly. "I was kind of
wondering why you insisted we study at my place."

Usagi's gaze shifted to the ground and her face gained a guilty
expression. But when she peeked up at Makoto and saw her friend
wasn't mad at her, she perked back up again.

"It's OK, Usagi. I like baking for you and the others. Every
time any of you moan with delight or get a big grin on your face,
it's like applause."

"Then get ready to be applauded again," Usagi said and shoved
the rest of the pastry in her mouth. "MMMMMMMMMMMMMM!" Makoto
smirked self-consciously.

"How's your art coming?" Makoto asked.

"OK, I guess," Usagi shrugged. "I've been trying to draw Luna,
but she won't sit still long enough. She keeps saying nobody's going
to draw her unless they pay her first. Can you imagine that?!"

Usagi felt Makoto stop short. She looked up inquiringly at her
taller friend and saw Makoto staring straight ahead, her features
hardened and her jaw set. Usagi followed Makoto's line of vision and
looked ahead. Down the path, emerging from a cluster of trees, were
four young girls. They seemed vaguely familiar, but it wasn't until
Usagi got a look at their distinctive hairstyles in the fading
afternoon light that she recognized them.

"That's," she gasped in amazement, "that's the Amazoness
* * * *
Queen Serenity glided to the door of her daughter's room. A
vague emptiness had lingered in her for about an hour. It disturbed
her as much as the fight she'd had with her daughter earlier. It was
an unfair assumption, but it seemed like Usa went out of her way to
aggravate her anymore. Serenity had so much patience with everyone
else - - why did Usa have that unique ability to push her buttons.

"Sm . . ." she began, then caught herself. "Usa? Honey,
please say something to me."

When no response came, Serenity grew concerned. She pressed
the emergency entry button to the quarters, which were geared to her
fingerprints, Endymion's and the other senshi. The door hissed open
and Serenity peered in, prepared to hear angry accusations about
invasion of privacy.

The room was unoccupied and hadn't been since morning.
Serenity let out a long sigh.

"Finally got tired?" Endymion asked as Serenity entered their

"It's started," Serenity replied.

"What's started?"

"Usa's run away to the twentieth century," Serenity told her
husband. "Remember?"

continued in chapter 2