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"Mother!" Dromeda swung round the doorframe of the dining room, where her mother and father were taking tea. "Aunt Walburga's head is in the fire; she wants to speak to you."

Druella Black, her mother, waved a hand dismissively at her daughter, without even looking up from her scones. "Alright, Andromeda. Tell her I'm coming." Only now did she look up, wrinkling her nose. "And sort out your hair. You look like you've been dragged through a hedge backwards."

Andromeda sighed and took the loose pins out of her light brown hair. "I will, Mother." She turned around, back into the room she had been in before. A woman's severe face gazed regally out of the fireplace, her impassive black eyes falling on her niece when Andromeda re-entered the room. "Mother will be here in a moment, Aunt Walburga." The fourteen-year-old informed the head that sat in the fire.

"Thank you, Andromeda." The woman's face remained stony. Dromeda had the ominous feeling that she should say something, but her usually clever mind had gone blank. She just stood there, twiddling her thumbs and staring at her scuffed shoes in embarrassment. However, she didn't have to wait long before her aunt spoke again. "And what on earth happened to your hair?"

The girl tentatively touched her hair. She's tied it in a loose knot at the back of her neck just five minutes ago. Had it come undone already? She'd have to get Narcissa to fix it for her later.

"Andromeda, you may go now." Dromeda jumped at her mother's voice. She turned to see Druella standing straight-backed in the doorframe. She nodded silently, and walked out of the door, glad to be out of the awkward atmosphere. "And shut the door, please." Her mother's voice was hard and uncaring, as it always was. Sighing slightly, she obeyed. As the oak door clicked shut behind her, she turned the corner and slammed right into the person she didn't want to see- her older sister, Bellatrix.

"Watch where you're going, idiot." Bella shoved her sister backwards as she said this, but it was just an offhand quip, carrying no real malice.

"Oh, go find someone who cares, Bella. If you can find one, that is." Dromeda knew that she shouldn't have said it, especially when her sister was obviously n a foul mood, but she said it anyway. The next thing she knew, she was backed up against the door, with her sister's wand pressed into her throat.

"You wanna say that again, Drommie?" Bella hissed, pushing her wand tip harder into Dromeda's neck.

Dromeda swallowed, feeling the uncomfortable notion of swallowing while your air pipe is cut off by a wand, scared against her will. "You're sixteen, Bella." She managed to spit out. "You can't use magic yet, remember?"

"So? The Ministry will never find out. And the parents will never know."

"As it happens, Bellatrix, Mother is currently talking to Walburga by Floo in that very room. If I scream, you're done for." She nodded at the door she was currently pressed up against. The momentary gleam- that had been almost like insanity- faded from Bella's black eyes as they flicked from Andromeda's to the door, and back again. Dromeda smiled, knowing full well that she looked annoying, and that her sister would like to do nothing better than slap her. Deciding to go for the full effect, she continued, "You were saying?"

Bellatrix tensed, her dark eyes falling on the oak door again. Then, ever so slowly, she took her wand away from her sister's throat, pocketing it angrily in her black jeans. She stepped back, still staring at the door. Dromeda pushed past her, deliberately barging into her shoulder. She waited for her sister's hand to come flying across her face in a slap, but it never came. Andromeda started for the door, but her sister's voice stopped her. "What are they talking about, anyway?"

"How should I know?" Dromeda shrugged, turning to face Bella again.

"It's probably about us, you know. We're all the old hag talks about, really. I can just hear her now- going on about what disappointments we are…" Bella mumbled to herself, never taking her eyes off the door.

Andromeda turned again, only to crash into her other sister, Narcissa, who was heading for the sitting room. "Hey Drommie. What's going on? And what happened to your hair? And what's gotten into Bella-"

"Cissa, you can't go in there; Mother's having a conversation with Walburga. And is my hair really that bad? You're like the third person to comment on it today. Oh, and if you're wondering what Bella's doing…" she checked over her shoulder at Bellatrix, who was still staring at the door, "Bella has a newfound obsession with the door. I think she's in love…"

Narcissa looked round Dromeda at her eldest sister, who looked up and glared. The blonde laughed at Bella's face, then reached up to tuck a strand of Andromeda's light brown hair into its bun. Sighing, Cissa pulled the whole thing out and started it again.

Bella walked towards her sisters, closing the two paces in between them. "It wouldn't hurt to listen at the door, y'know. We'll find out soon enough, anyway…"

I didn't know Walburga was coming over," Narcissa mused as she tugged at Dromeda's hair, probably trying to distract Bella from her newest scheme, which would almost certainly end in tears.

"Floo." Bella answered, as if this explained everything. She turned her gaze on the door again, and thought for a second, before striding over and pressing her ear against the wood.

"Bella!" Both Narcissa and Andromeda said it at the same time, but in hushed tones, in case their mother heard them. Bellatrix, however, paid no attention to either of them; she was focused on what she was hearing. The eldest Black sister beckoned them over. "Cissy… Drom… listen to this…"

Narcissa swept past Dromeda and pressed her ear, too, to the door. Bella's black eyes locked with Andromeda's and narrowed, as if daring her not to do the same. The younger glared back for a minute, before she hesitantly joined them.

"—Ok, Drue? Your girls are really the only ones I trust to look after them." That was their aunt.

"Really, it's fine. Send the boys round at 6. I'll talk to the girls- no problem."

"I'm not so sure they'll agree to this, though. I don't want to cause another fight…"

"There won't be one. I'll lock Bellatrix up if I have to-"

"Oh, that's nice!" Hissed Bella, a little too loudly.

"Shut up!" The two younger sisters chorused. Bella rolled her eyes and returned her attention to the conversation between the parents.

"Thank you for dong this, Drue. I wouldn't force them on the girls like this, but-"

"God! What are they talking about, already!"


There was silence on the other side of the door. "Hang on a moment, Wal…" Druella's voice was dangerously quiet, and muffled footsteps could be heard heading towards the girls listening at the door. Andromeda quickly stepped back from the door, pulling Cissa with her. Bella, however, stayed firmly glued to the wood. She narrowed her eyes at them, and continued listening at the door. Their mother's footsteps were defiantly getting closer now, but Bella kept her ear firmly pressed against the wood. The other two sisters already knew what was gong to happen- they hid behind the old Grandfather clock to avoid it. They tried to beckon Bellatrix over, but she ignored them. She was being incredibly reckless- Druella was practically at the other side of the door now.

Druella yanked the door open, causing Bellatrix to fall into the sitting room, landing hard on the floor.

"Oh…err…" The eldest Black sister was reminded exactly how scary her mother could be when she was angry. Laughing nervously, she improvised. "Well, whadyaknow, Mother, the door does open… erm…"

Druella's eyes bulged and she opened her mouth. Bella braced herself for the storm.

"BELLATRIX DRUELLA BLACK!!! What on earth are you doing?"

Bellatrix looked down at the floor she was sprawled on. "Um… lying on the floor?"

"Don't you dare take that tone with me! It's a very good thing your father forbids me to use Unforgiveables on you! And to think, I was going to ask you to be responsible tonight. Well, you've just passed that privilege onto Andromeda!" Bellatrix gulped as her mother ranted. "Go to your room, NOW! I'll be up in a minute."

"Yes, Mother." Bella leapt to her feet and sprinted up the large staircase, hearing a small giggling coming from the Grandfather clock.

Druella stepped out of the sitting room, into the corridor, glaring as her eldest daughter slammed her door upstairs. Then, she turned, pausing for a second to look at the giggling Grandfather clock, and returned to her place in front of the fire.

"Oh, did you see her face, Cissy? She was terrified! I'm never gonna let her live this down!" laughed Andromeda as she almost skipped down the corridor of Black Manor.

"Actually, it surprised me that she could run that fast. I bet she's feeling really embarrassed right now…"

"And, God, Mother was furious! Bella's in for a lot of pain!"

The two giggling sisters turned the corner into the kitchen, only to find their father sitting at the kitchen table, drinking brandy.

Cygnus Black was so much nicer than his wife- he loved his daughters, more than anything in the world, and his family meant everything to him. He looked up as Cissa and Andromeda entered the room. "Hey girls!" He said, opening his arms for a hug. They both hugged him, and, with a flick of his wand, two chairs appeared in front of them. Andromeda flopped onto the chair; Narcissa chose Cygnus' lap instead. "I heard your mother screaming a minute ago. What was that about? She sounded furious."

Dromeda laughed. "Oh, she caught Bella eavesdropping."

Cygnus laughed and nodded. "And were you two there too?"

"Well… yeah… but we, unlike Bella, had the sense to move out of the way before Mother opened the door.

Cygnus winced. "Oh, Bella can be an idiot sometimes… poor girl. I suppose she's being punished now?"

"Yes. She is." Druella stood in the open doorway, a belt in one hand, and Bella in the other. Her fingers dug into her daughter's arm in a vice-like grip. Bella was trying to pull free, but she couldn't. "Now, girls," Druella roughly shoved Bellatrix onto the chair that Cissa had rejected as she said this. "I have something to tell you." She put the belt on the kitchen table, and turned to face her daughters and husband. She glared at Cygnus, who coughed slightly, and pushed Narcissa off his lap, joining his wife. Narcissa pouted and sat on Bella's lap instead.

"Girls, your father and I are going out tonight, with your Aunt Walburga and Uncle Orion. You are to baby-sit Sirius and Regulus. Understood?"

Cissa smiled.

Dromeda nodded.

Bellatrix fell off her chair. "Mother! No! I don't want to look after those prats!"

"I don't care, Bellatrix! You are going to look after them, whether you like it or not."

"But Mother!"

"Shut up! The boys will be here in 5 minutes. Andromeda, you're in charge."

Bella's head shot up. "Huh?"

"You heard me, Bellatrix. Andromeda is in charge."

Bellatrix was on her feet in seconds. "But… I'm the eldest! I should be in charge! It's not fair!"

"Bellatrix! Shut up now, unless you want another beating!" Druella's face went a blotchy red with frustration as she said this. Bella opened her mouth, and closed it again as her mother picked up the belt.

Andromeda pinched Bella's cheek, only to infuriate her more. This was going to be very, very fun.

Sirius and Regulus arrived by Floo powder at exactly 6 o'clock. Sirius was laughing as he tumbled onto the carpet, but Regulus was crying. For two boys who looked almost exactly the same, they were very different.

Sirius grinned like a maniac upon seeing his cousins- and all three girls thought the same thing… 'Oh dear.'

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