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This story is about an organization of Bullies rivaling the Kids Next Door in their job of saving kids and fighting adult tryanny. How will the Kids Next door overcome this strange, new threat? Only one way to find one! So, without further delay...


"Aaaahhhh!!!" screamed a little boy as he ran from a parking lot with a paint spray can in his hand. Behind him floating the worse guy a rule-breaking kid could run into at night: Count Spankulot.

"Those who spread graffiti on transportation vehicles shall feel the stingy wrath of…Count Spankulot! Mwaaaahahahahaha!!!" shouted the Count as he swooped down and grabbed the child. Spankulot laid the kid stomach down across his lap, lifted his hand, and…..froze.

"Has this ever happened to you?" asked an anonymous voice. "Don't you wish that you have some sort of protection when this kind of stuff happens? Well now you can! Introducing, the Bully Brotherhood! With just a phone call, we will send one of our grade-A bullies over…" a Wedgiesaurus Rex suddenly appeared and stood over the Count, "….to do THIS!" Spankulot unfrozen and turned his head to see the gi-normous bully behind him. The Wedgiesaurus Rex bent over and grabbed the screaming Count, giving him some buttocks pains of his own with a reverse wedgie.

The scene changed to one with a little girl surrounded by evil adults.

"Mad Dad mad about your report card? The Terrible Tutor shoving Algebra books down your throat?" the voice continued. Bullies appeared at the snap of the girl's fingers. "Take them down with the Bully Brotherhood!"

The scene switched to a dramatization of the Kids Next Door. The tree house they were in was a normal and trashy one, rather than one made using 2x4 Technology. The kids inside were lying around lazily. An alarm went off, and they became to slowly stumble about.

"The next leading brand of kid justice protection, they take their time with their mission specs, gear, and briefing," said the voice as the kids were shown doing those things respectively. "But the Bully Brotherhood acts impulsively, so it won't take more than a few seconds after the phone call before we show up. And unlike those stupid Kids Next Doofuses, the Bully Brotherhood delivers justice to all kids!"

The scene changed once again to a kid behind the bars of a cell in Kids Next Door Artic Prison Base.

"Those pesky operatives arrested you because you beat up some nerds?" the voice asked and the kid behind the bars nodded. "Well, just call us…." the kid pulled out a cell phone and called the Bully Brotherhood, "…and we'll whoop their butts back to preschool!" The KND guards get beat down and the kid winks towards the screen.

"For just two measly payments of lunch money, we'll send you a bully for your defensive needs. And you can get even more bullies for another payment of lunch money each. For a week's worth of lunch money, we'll send you one of our special teenage bullies fresh from Permanent Detention. You can also get your own personal Bully Bodyguards for three payments of lunch money a week. Just call 1-800-BULLY so you can be protected now! That's 1-800-BULLY!"

"When faced with the consequences from stupid old adulthood, just call 1-800-BULLY for the Bully Brotherhood!" sang a chorus.

"And remember," said the anonymous voice, "Bullies do what the KNDon't!"

And with that, the screen went blank.

"And that seems to be our situation, Sector Leaders," proclaimed Numbuh 362, the Supreme Commander of the Kids Next Door, as she began to pace on the stage of Kids Next Door Moon Base. "A group of Bullies has decided to create their own service for kids, for profit I might add, to rival our own organization. And, as you witnessed own their commercial, they're even bold enough to penetrate our own bases."

"How and the world did they acquire all of those teenage bullies?" asked Numbuh 14. "They even got the ones locked up in Permanent Detention!"

"I haven't a clue at the moment Numbuh 14," Numbuh 362 answered. "However, we'll be sure to look into that right away at all the middle and high schools across the globe."

"Uh, sir?" asked Numbuh 78. "Why would Bullies want to help kids anyway?"

"We aren't sure, but I think they might be in it for the money," Numbuh 362 guessed.

"Negative, sir," said Numbuh 1-Love. "If da Bullies jus wanted money, dey'd jus take it by force like dey always do."

"Hmm, that is true Numbuh 1-Love," Numbuh 362 admitted. "I guess their motives remain a mystery to us all."

"So, what are we going to do?" Numbuh 10 asked.

"We're going to takedown their organization! Now, as all of you saw, the Bully Brotherhood broke into the Artic Base. However, thanks to the quick thinking and bravery of our very own Numbuh 60…" she gestured towards Patton who was standing besides her on stage proudly after being spoke of so highly by the Supreme Commander in front of all of the sector leaders, "….a tracking device was placed on one of their troops and we know of their location."

Numbuh 86, who was also standing at attention on stage, began to silently fume. She just couldn't stand it to see a boy do something right or be spoken of greatly…and Numbuh 60 experienced both of those things. But she began to feel a little better, because she knew what Numbuh 362 was about to say next.

"Now," the Supreme Commander continued after taking a deep breath, "despite the fact that Global Kids Next Door could probably take them down, we can't just declare war on the Bully Brotherhood. Numbuh 74.239 and his team of scientists have done a study showing that the organization of Bullies is popular. If we attack and conquer them, the KND might end up looking like the bad guys in the situation. So we'll just have to take them down from the inside; send in a Kids Next Door operative who can handle the spit balls, pink bellies, wedgies, and name calling of bullies without so much as a tear! It's going to take…"

Numbuh 86 put on a wide grin. She was about to make a bold move by cutting off Numbuh 362 to nominate herself for the mission, and she'd sure get it due to that cruel attitude she's been putting on for all of these years. Fanny folded her hands behind her back, stoke out her chest, stepped forward, and….

"…more than that," said non-other than the leader of Sector V as he stood from his seat and walked towards the stage. Rachel glared at him with a cocked up eyebrow for interrupting her, but she could help but smile at the bold….and bald, boy. "I'm certain that all of us, being Sector Leaders, are able to cope with the rough practices of the Bullies. I'm pretty sure that the majority of Kids Next Door Operatives also meet those qualifications. But being able to deal with a noogie or Wet Willy isn't the same as giving one!"

The other Sector Leaders began to mumble in agreement with Numbuh One; even Rachel nodded in agreement to Nigel's claim. Numbuh 86 however became red with anger. Not only did Numbuh One intercept her attempt to interrupt Numbuh 362 with a speech so he could take the mission for himself! Fanny could feel the intensity of her anger steaming through her ears.

"The Kids Next Door is made up of many kids: nerds, girly girls, honor students….but none of them can do that of a Bully. The operative who infiltrates the Brotherhood has to be one who can give a power wedgie without a second thought about going easy on their victim. The operative has to be able think impulsively instead of intelligently. In other words, the operative has to be a real jerk! There's only one operative in the KND that can convince the Brotherhood that he's one of them; only one operative who can truly be mistaken for…a Bully."

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