Chapter TWO: A Vow Between Friends

"Back in record time," Herby greeted 86 as she got off her ship with a handcuffed Numbuh 4. "Now, Numbuh 362 requested that you take Numbuh 4 to…"

"'Aye know what to do!!" screamed Fanny at Numbuh 65.3, leaving him to clutch his ears and follow her from a safe distance.

"C'mon, 'Oi can change! I promise 'Oi'll neva bully anotha kid again, jus don't decommissin' moi!!!" Numbuh Four pleaded. "An' do Oi reely 'ave ta be 'andcuffed? These things 're chaffin myoi hands ova here!" Numbuh 86 couldn't take it anymore.

"SHUDDAP ALREADY!!!!!!!!!!" Numbuh 86 shouted, shattering 65.3's glasses. "An' thee cuffs are ta keep ye from prancin' 'round an' talkin' about how 'kewl' da Moon Base is." Fanny said while rolling her eyes. "Now put a sock in it!!! We're here!" She un-cuffed Numbuh Four and, to his surprise, he wasn't in a decommissioning chamber. Numbuh 86 directed towards Numbuh 362 who had other operatives standing beside her, including Numbuh One. Numbuh 362 stepped forward.

"Walla-" she began to say.

"Numbuh 362, ma'am!" shouted Numbuh 20/20 abruptly.

"What is it?!" Rachel panicked.

"There's an ant on the windows," he reported. Everyone stared at him and then rolled there eyes.

"Anyways, Wallabee Beetles," the Supreme Commander addressed him, "you have repeatedly defiled the rules of the Kids Next Door to provide kids with justice AND you have made a mockery of your job to protect kids with your cruel antics." Numbuh Four began to sweat and tear up a bit, concerned about losing his memories.

"Miss Commander, sir, ma'am!" Numbuh 20/20 repeated.

"What now?" Rachel sighed.

"Now there's a beetle," he said slowly.

"May I continue?" Numbuh 362 asked and then cleared her throat. "Numbuh Four, such bully-like behavior…."

"Commander Numbuh 362!" Numbuh 20/20 interrupted once more.

"I don't care about what's on the windows, Numbuh 20/20!!" Rachel furiously shouted.

"But it's a cockroach now," he said while squinting his eyes. "...with chili sauce fire coming out of it….and it's growing," Numbuh 60 decided to take a look for himself.

"That's no bug!" Patton said and pointed to it. "It's a S.C.A.M.P.E.R. heading directly towards us!!" Upon getting a glimpse of the vehicle approaching the Moon Base at Mach Speed, everyone dropped to the floor.

"Numbuh 20/20! Open the emergency windows!" Numbuh 362 commanded. "Kids Next Door, hold your breath and grab onto something!!!" The operatives took a deep breath, grabbed onto the nearest stable structure, and the windows opened as she ordered.


Once the smoke clear, the operatives on the Bridge got back on their feet. Out of the S.C.A.M.P.E.R. came Numbuhs Two, Three, and Five frantically.

"Numbuh 362, you can't decommission Numbuh Four!" insisted Numbuh Five. "We promise we'll put him on a leash from now on!"

"And we'll put tracking collar ID on him so we'll know where he is at all times!" added Numbuh Two.

"And we'll feed him, walk him, and LOOOVVVVVE HIIIMMM!!!!" Numbuh Three promised. Numbuhs Two and Five gave her a glare and Numbuh Four started blushing like crazy. "What?" Kuki asked with a shrug, "That always works when I ask for a puppy."

"You guys," Herby intervened, "Numbuh Four's not being decommissioned."

"He's NOT??" asked Numbuhs Two, Three, and Five simultaneously.

"I'm not??" Numbuh Four repeated after them.

"No, you're not," confirmed Numbuh One.

"Numbuh Four," Rachel finally continued, "your actions have proved you to be, in laymen's terms, a big jerk. However, a jerk happens to be just what the Kids Next Door needs in possibly our most important mission since the Grandfather incident." Numbuh Four's eyes' widened. "Numbuh 65.3, give Numbuh Four the mission specs," the Supreme Commander ordered.

"Yes, sir!" said Herby as he printed them out. He handed them to Numbuh Four so he could begin to read them.

"Whoooooa," Numbuh Four gawked in astonishment.

"I know Numbuh Four," said Rachel. "It's not pretty and…."

"These words are LOOONNG! There's got to be loike two whole lettas in this one!" Wally said pointing at the information.

"UUUGGGGH!" Numbuh 362 groaned, covering her face with her hands.

"Umm, maybe I should just brief Numbuh Four on the mission details myself," Numbuh 60 volunteered and then cleared his throat. "Numbuh Four of Sector V! It would seem that another organization of kids has arisen to with the same goals of protecting kids from adults like the Kids Next Door. They even have the gall to fight against the KND to help villainous kids. They are an organization of Bullies known as the Bully Brotherhood." Numbuh Four scratched his head but nodded to let Numbuh 60 know that he understood. The rest of Sector V paid close attention, for this was new information to them as well. "We don't now their motives…" Numbuh 60 continued. "…but they can't be good since these are bullies were dealing with. So, the KND has decided to send an operative to go undercover at the Brotherhood, and Global Kids Next Door has chosen you to be that operative. We've been convinced that you're the only operative that can blend in with the Brotherhood."

"Under…cover?" asked Numbuh Four.

"Yes," Numbuh 362 said, picking it up from there. "We've manage to track one of the Brotherhood's members. You are to follow him to their base, find out the Bully Brotherhood's plans, and report them to us. If you find any computers that may contain information on them, place this in it." Numbuh 362 handed a floppy disc to Numbuh Four.

Kids Next Door: H.A.C.K.E.E.-D.I.S.K.











"If you manage to get some info on the H.A.C.K.E.E.-D.I.S.K., send it to the Moon Base immediately," Rachel added as Numbuh Four grabbed it. "And the coordinates of the location of the Bully that Numbuh 60 put the tracker on has been downloaded into your watch."

"Alroight," Numbuh Four said, "So Oi got ta infiltroite this Brothahood and be one've 'em, roight? Well, Oi've got jus' one question."

"Uh, ask away," said Numbuh 362, who was caught off guard by the fact that Numbuh Four was actually reviewing his mission.

"Wot's in it for moi?" Wally blurted out. The other members of Sector V face palmed themselves.

""What's in it for you?!" the Supreme Commander asked while shaking angrily. "Numbuh Four, don't you know what you are?!"

"Uhhh," Wally thought and rubbed the back of his head, "…Australian?"

"YOU'RE A KIDS NEXT DOOR OPERATIVE!!!" Numbuh 362 screamed as she drilled her finger in Numbuh Four's chest. By accepting this mission, you'll be helping the entire organization and kids worldwide!! That's what's in it for you, and as an operative should be happy to do so instead of being so…SELFISH!" Wally was frozen in fear and could only stare at his upset Commander frightfully. Everyone else was silent. Rachel turned away from Numbuh Four to face his teammates. "Sector V," she addressed them, "you are to keep in contact with Numbuh Four from your treehouse while he is on duty with the Brotherhood so he can call you guys if he has a question or if he's in trouble. Make sure to report any information he gets from them." Sector V saluted.

"Sir," Numbuh One said along with his saluted, "may I just say one thing to Numbuh Four before his departure?"

"...permission granted," said Numbuh 362 with a nod. Numbuhs 1 and 4 walked out of the Bridge and stood right behind the double doors.

"Numbuh Four," Nigel said, "allow me to make the situation you are in clear. Global Command views you as a thorn in the KND's side; they have for a long time now." Numbuh One could sense Numbuh Four getting mad, but he continued anyway. "They believe that you're too incompetent to go on missions…however, this is your chance to finally prove them wrong. With this mission being your first solo one, and an incredibly important one at that, you can show them what you're truly worth."

"Roight," Wally answered. "Oi won't let ya down Numbuh One."

"Don't do it for my sake, but for your own," Nigel said. Numbuh Four nodded and proceeded to go back to the Bridge. "Oh, and Numbuh Four," Numbuh One stopped him, "the Kids Next Door also believe that you don't belong in the Kids Next Door because of the what you are: a Bully."

"Ohhh, c'mon! Tons of otha operatives are Bullies!" claimed Numbuh Four.

"Such as…"asked Nigel, raising an eyebrow. As he suspected, Numbuh Four had no answer.

"So, ya want moi to becum a nerd or sumthin'?" Wally mopped.

"Not at all, you should be yourself," Nigel said to Wally's surprise. "You're a one of a kind in the Kids Next Door, Numbuh Four…but it shouldn't be that way. Bullies are kids just like any other type. They aren't create through some artificial means like Delightful Children or anything, and to view one species of kids as being 'unfit' for Kids Next Door compared to other kids just isn't right. All kids should be equal."

"Numbuh One…" Numbuh Four started, but stopped upon Nigel stepping closer to him.

"Promise me this, Wally. Promise me that you'll give this mission all you've got and prove to the Kids Next Door that Bullies are just as valuable to fighting adult tyranny as any other type of kid!" Numbuh One said and stoke out his hand. Numbuh Four smiled and shook it.

"You've got it, Numbuh One!" he said. "Oi'll take care ove this mission so good, Global Command won't know wot hit 'em!"

"Go get them Numbuh Four," Nigel said with a smirk. They headed back to the Bridge.

"Alroight, let's get this cruddy mission ova with," Numbuh Four said as he marched over to the pods.

"Don't worry, Numbuh Four," Numbuh Five said jokingly. "even your brain powa should be enuff' ta out wit da Bullies. Hehehe."

"Try not to 'jerk' them around too much!" Numbuh Two said with a laugh and then was slapped with Numbuh Five's hat. "Ow! What?"

"Good luck, Wally!" Numbuh Three said with her usual cheerfulness. And with those acknowledgements from his comrades, Numbuh Four jumped in a pod and headed for Earth.

"Alright Sector V, return to your treehouse and be ready to interact with Numbuh Four if he calls," the Supreme Commander ordered. They saluted once more and headed out.

"Looks like we'll need another ship," Numbuh One said as he glanced at the S.C.A.M.P.E.R. that was in flames. Numbuhs Two, Three, and Five giggled nervously.

"Good luck, guys," Rachel said as they exited the Bridge. She then looked at Numbuh Four's pod that was going to Earth outside the window. "…you're going to need it."