Melancholy love

Jade x Dist as teenagers


No matter what the school, Valentines Day was a big event among all the students. All the young men and women swooned and squealed when gifts were given and received while those who were ignored pouted and cried away the day.

All this for the sake of a simple emotional response to pheromones and sexual instinct called love.

Idiots, all of them.

Jade Curtis, a student at the most prominent military university in Grand Chokema, watched them pass with disgust, he had thought at this stage of life and at such a prestigious school he would be spared this hustle and bustle for once. Yet here he was, sitting on a stone bench in a discreet alley, huddled up with his latest book. He was hiding, as he had in youth, from all the women doped with romance who were intent on interrupting his concentration. Honestly, he would have said something harsh but Nephry would hear about it and well… he didn't want to face the nagging, it was easier to hide.

Love was for a world of fools, fools who had no control over their emotional and mental state and went falling for the first thing that caught their eyes. What good did it do in the end? Reproduction? There were already too many people he had to put up with. Now there was a holiday to encourage such actions and he'd never get any peace and quiet?


He bit his lip to hold back a groan, how did he always manage to find him? He must have attached a tracking device on him at some point, with his obsession with his toys he wouldn't put it past him.

"What is it Saphir, I'm trying to read."

The younger boy trotted up to his bench, he could tell by the slight pant to his breath he had been running before he came, "Where have you been? I've been looking everywhere for you." With a heavy sigh he plopped down beside the other, his white lab coat flutter down after him. Brushing some of his ivory bangs that couldn't reach the short pony tale he managed to calm down a bit. "Why are you all the way back here?"

"Trying to get some peace and quiet. I'll ask you again, what do you want?"

He didn't have to look up from his book to see him pouting, he knew him to well. "No hello or anything? Honestly, I don't know why I made these for you."

There was a long moment of silence before the brunet finally had to give in, "Fine, what did you make?"

"About time." A small smile hinted at his freckled cheeks as he fished around in the messenger bag he always carried. It took him a while, as his thick framed glasses kept falling, but finally he pulled out a small pouch tied with a ribbon. "It's Valentines Day, you know. Nephry showed me how to make chocolate for everyone."

Jade turned away from the gift, sighing in frustration. "Saphir, its bad enough I have to put up with this from the girls but you know for a fact I don't like sweets."

The young mechanic glared a bit, "Well aren't you Mr. Popular. Yes, I know how you feel, that's why I made you batch special. It's the darkest Chocolate I could make without it being poisoness."

That managed to spark his interest. He knew his sister had been teaching the boy how to cook, mainly to keep him away from the abuse of the other children after school was out but he had yet to actually taste anything he produced. With a hesitant hand he reached in the small sack and pulled out what appeared to be an almost black piece of chocolate in the shape of a small heart. He was cautious, it was his nature, and the thing didn't hold a foul smell nor look dangerous, so he took a bit.

It was extremely bitter… hm, just the way he liked it.

As he took another piece he caught the other's expression out of the corner of his eye, he could have lit the entire alley with his smile, yet as soon as he realized he had exposed his braces a hand was clasped over his mouth in his self consciousness. Though he had not said a thing, the fact that the brunet was eating his treat probably brought more joy to him then any words would. Jade just kept quiet, no need to encourage his foolish excitement, he was such a simple boy.

"I got all the figures together for our next few experiments." He was grinning from ear to ear as he leafed through the dozens of files in his bag.

"Oh? Well if they're correct then you've been a busy little pet."

The smaller boy huffed, "Of course it's correct."

Jade chuckled, their conversations were always the same, deeply scientific with the more then occasional jab, he always held the upper hand and it was fun to watch him get so frustrated. Though he hated to admit it, Saphir, if tedious at times, was one of the few people in the world he could actually talk to. Most of the other students, the professors, could never keep up with his thoughts, his theories. Little Saphir would follow even word like he followed him around, adding the physical means and calculations that would be needed to make his theories reality. Honestly he enjoyed their chats very much, but he would never let it on, he just wasn't that kind of person.

"Oh, it's getting late…"

Jade looked up, sure enough the sky had grown orange with the setting sun. Looking down he noticed he was on the last chocolate in the little pouch, apparently he had completely lost track of time. He'd always heard time tended to fly when one was having fun and a decently stimulating conversation was probably as close as he would get. "Hm, I suppose it is. We should get going, don't want to miss the curfew back at the dorms."

"I've seen you sneak in and out before." The other stated with a huff.

"Of course, but you're far too clumsy, if I had you tagging along I would certainly get caught."

He could hear a small growl but payed it no mind. "Don't be like that, as a romantic, in the classical sense of the word, I'm sure you've had en enjoyable day."

"Not particularly." The smaller boy sighed, "We all don't have hundreds of admires chasing after us."

He chuckled, "All those vapid girls thinking they can win another over with candy and empty words? Don't make me laugh. It's simply hormones."

"Exactly, that's not what love is."

Jade cocked an eyebrow, a smirk forming on his face at the other's confidence. "Oh, and you're an expert? Strange how I haven't seen all these mysterious lovers that you have learned from."

Apparently he couldn't keep up such confidence, once questioned his gaze shyly trailed down to the ground, a small pout pulling at his lower lip. "W-well, no… I don't have 'experience'… but I know love isn't just… words and gifts and attraction."

This was interesting. Despite years of friendship he couldn't recall ever chatting on this subject, in all honesty he never really imagined Saphir having an opinion, no matter how dramatic he always was. "Is that true? So you've been in love?"

Pink lingered in the smaller boy's cheeks, he had seen him shy before but with his eyes to his shoes and his hands wringing nervously, it was fascinating. He usually held such pompous pride.

"Yes…" he stated finally.

Jade was taken aback, the mechanic spoke to him about everything, he couldn't get him to shut up. Why hadn't he known of this before? …Why did he even care? Hm, well he was his pet, perhaps he was getting too possessive. "Is that so? Well? What is it then?"

Obviously the boy was hesitant, he could see him nipping at his lip, braces shining in the dim light. Still he eventually spoke, voice slightly higher then usual. "Love is… finding someone you could talk to for the rest of your life."

The taller boy paused, rolling the statement around in his head, he couldn't help but smile. "Interesting… Just talking?"

"Y-yes… affection, looks and lust can only last so long… after all. A connection is what really matters… don't you think?"

"Hm… it's ironic, and a bit pitiful, but that is perhaps the most sensible thing I've heard all day."

Saphir seemed sincerely shocked that Jade would give him a compliment, even a back handed one. It took him a few seconds to actually process what he had said, then a smile showing every bracket on his braces stretched across his face. He might as well have told him he was a genius. "R-really Jade? You a-agree with me? You think I'm right?"

This is why he never gave him complements, "I said it was sensible, you made sense, I didn't say I agree with you…"

"But you still value my opinion." He beamed so bright Jade was temped to shield his eyes. He had his own way to shut him up.

"My, I've forgotten how reflective your braces are Saphir, almost like the headlights on your machines."

Sure enough the smaller boy clamped his hands over his mouth with such vigor he might have been protecting the gates of hell. The ability to speak clearly lost, all he could do was grumble for his fingers and glare at the other, pink lingering on his pail cheeks.

Jade only chuckled, if it wasn't his braces it was his freckles, or his glasses, or his runny nose, he would always find something to tease his companion about no matter how old they were. It wasn't as if he found any of his little quirks offensive, on the contrary, the fact that he was so sensitive about imperfections was the entertaining… it was… cute? Is that what Nephry and Peony would call it? Well… as close to cute as he would be willing to consider something.

Hm, love being someone you could talk to, huh… a connection, an attraction…


"Yes Jade?" The boy never stayed angry for long, he was far too eager for attention.

He tried not to smile as he wondered how his friend would react to what he was about to do. "Would you mind if I tried an experiment on you?"

The ivory haired child whined a bit. "Not your arts again, I just got over the burns from your last few 'mistakes'"

"No, no, nothing like that, just hold still."

Saphir cocked his head, wide, lavender eyes rather curious, but did as he was told, he always listened to Jade.

Jade, himself, just grinned at his compliance. Taking his chin in his hand he examined his confused, thin face for a moment. He wasn't bad looking, his features were almost feminine, and his snow white, tied carefully in a short ponytail in the back, had a nice sheen to it. He was half surprised he hadn't noticed it before, of course often he looked for only the flaws in people. He had questioned this idea but now it didn't seem as bad as he thought…

Pulling him close he met his lips with his own.

Immediately he felt the other suck in a surprised, shaking breath through his nose and it took all his self control not to right out laugh, now that might qualify as cute. His mouth was oddly soft, he hadn't really expected that, he wondered for a moment if he was actually wearing lip gloss. There wasn't the fireworks and song birds that had always been described in those vapid poems and stories but… it wasn't bad either. A small thrill touched his senses for a moment when their lips met, which was interesting but he chalked it up to teenage hormones. Still, this was something he wouldn't mind repeating soon.

When he backed away he pulled at the other's lower lip, if only just to tease him. A strong curiosity made him examine his companions face for any reaction to the kiss, for good or bad, and a smirk crossed his face.

Saphir's eyelids fluttered, half closed and fogged with confusion and simple speechlessness. After a second or two that was no longer the case, they flew open, wider then he had ever seen them before, and his face flushed such a dark shade of red he feared he might explode, or at least pass out with all that rushing blood. A hand clamped over his mouth, in disbelief that it had just been in contact with the others. Finally, with frantic hands he scrambled to pick up the books and items he had come with, though with shaking fingers he couldn't seem to keep a hold on any of them. Still he seemed intent on getting away and finally sprung to his feet, only to run face first into one of the alley walls, sufficiently loosing everything he was carrying. He stumbled in his confused state for a moment before again trying to grab everything up and get away.

Jade, at this point, had his fun and felt it was morally right to help the poor spaz. He picked up the spilled books and attempted to hand them to the boy. Saphir only snatched them from his grasp, running off before he could say a word or even work out a sarcastic comment about his grace.

Jade watched him go, knelt with a hand on his knee, a smirk still lingering on his face. That was an even better reaction then he expected, Saphir was always so over dramatic but that was downright hilarious… and rather adorable.

…Adorable? What was he thinking? He shook his head, he didn't think of anyone like that, not even Saphir. Perhaps this was his own reaction to that simple little kiss. No, he wouldn't fall victim to something like that, right, not with that boy of all people…

It was just an experiment after all, he didn't expect it, of all things, to WORK…

He groaned, getting to his feet and rubbing his forehead, a migraine was beginning to throb. As he paced to rid himself of the pain he heard a crunch under his feet. He glanced down to see an all too familiar pair of glasses under his foot. That brought his smirk back, picking up the now slightly cracked and rather bent spectacles he looked them over, almost fondly. Well, when you have an odd result leaves you with questions, the only way to explain it was by repeating the experiment, was it not? After all, Saphir would be in need of his glasses.


This is hopefully going to be a slightly random little miniseries, I'm totally up for suggestions because everyone wants different things for Jadist, I am here at your wim.