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Authors Note: Yes, I've looked back at my very old writing, and my old screen name (TheRightWriter)…I have definitely improved my writing style over the years. Okay, well, this is just an idea I had…I've been working with Sci-fi lately, but I wanted to post something that wasn't. A challenge for me, considering my various science fiction stories. R&R.

Chapter One

Discussion Over

Ian strolled down the gravel path near the tiny shops that he and Daphne ventured to on their first official date; the same day he and she shared their first kiss.

There was something…different… about Daphne that made her irresistible to him.

Was it her eyes? The way her funky personality showed through any cloudy day? Or was it her love for adventure?

He really couldn't tell.

Maybe it was all of the above.

The only thing he could tell was that he was absolutely, positively, in love.

"Please stop singing" Henry asked…well, demanded. Daphne turned to her Mom for support. No way was she going to stop singing. I mean, come on, it's the good old music she was listening to. It's not like she was listening to crummy rap.

"Daphne, listen to your Father" Her Mother warned, hiding her grin.

"Ugh, fine. But only because I have a date with Ian…we are going to have this debate later…besides, If you won't buy me my own place I think I should make some simple ground rules around here...which includes singing along with the oldies. Now, I'm going to wait outside for Ian…don't wait up!"

With a final bang of the old, but noisy, mansion door, she went out on the porch to wait.

Liz looked at her husband, frustration filling her veins.

"I'm the one that suggested Daphne should get her own place. Now she's never going to let go of the fact that I said she couldn't, which I didn't! You told her that didn't you?"

Henry tried to make sense of that question…nope. Incomprehensible.


She cut him off. "You just don't want her to leave! Which I don't either…but she's twenty-one now, Henry! You can't keep her locked up forever! She needs her own place and that's final!"

Henry rubbed his temples, contemplating what just happened. What is he doing…what was final?

Well, whatever it was, her mind was made up, and he was definitly going to end up sleeping on the couch tonight.