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"You're beautiful" Ian admitted as he stared intently in to Daphne's eyes.

She was in a red dress, which according to her Dad looked more like a slip, and yet he was staring at her eyes.

"I know" She replied, lightening the serious and dulcet tones.

The two enjoyed an afternoon ride around the town, watching couple after couple retreat to their hotel suites and warm apartments or dormitories.

"Too bad I don't have one yet" Daphne whispered to Ian as they rode along.

"Yeah, but I do"

Later on, Daphne gazed at the clock. "It's three o' clock in the morning, Ian! My Dad's going to kill me!" Ian startled awake, caressing her shoulder.

"Love, you're old enough to stay out as late as you want…they should be able to understand that…besides, how would they know you're here?"

Daphne got up off the bed and covered her dress with Ian's robe.

"Trust me, my Dad has his ways"

Ian laughed at her retort and got up also.

"Daph, this really wasn't the way I planned it…but…"

He walked over to his sock drawer and pulled out a velvet box, about the size of three fingers.

Standing next to her, he bent down on one knee.

Daphne couldn't breathe, couldn't think…it was all happening too fast.

"Daphne Reynolds…you are the most beautiful girl I have ever met…inside and out. If you say yes…I would love to spend the rest of my life with you. Marry me?"

They stood there for hours it seemed like…the lack of an immediate answer terrifying him.

The silence hung and not one dared to breathe.