Whimcycle Poetry
By Mew


mew is me
pellet is my friend
pokemon is my thing
my life is cats

Names Of The Mystery


Zimmer's Life

Looks like Butters
A very old man
Never knew
A personal teacher
Enjoyed wearing the same sweater
Never Knew
Paused for a second
Left for a maybe
Never Knew
Came Back
Was The Same
but still, Never Knew


Never a person
Disgusting and mean
Nice for a first
But never for a second
I never found out
In till the life
of a person died
later a person became a new
still had memories from the time above
but why? Just why?

The Different

A luncheon but never a maybe
Some Friends But never a maybe
A life But never a maybe
A change never a maybe
A yes.

Missing Gravel

A Snap
A bother
Disgusting people ruing your life
Just being your self
Sometimes Alone
Sometimes bothered
he is helping you
but it was ruing you
trying to be normal
they bothered you so
you left
you left forever
they forgot
but not all

Never Again

You ruined it before
You ruined it again
And now you want to ruin it another time
I told you
Never again
How do I know its not just out of pity
I know you will make them lie
I know
or were they lied before
maybe, maybe not
you made them, I know
I told you
Never again
A slight maybe, a trick
but still why
never sure about you
but I can tell one thing
I told you before
Never Again
But maybe for sapphire version

Floating Away

They started
few are gone
all may be lost
maybe new ones
maybe none
one place is a resource
it floated away before
then floated back
then floated away in the morning
came back
mostly all I need
I can come back
when most are not there
can continue life
and make it the same
the next day

Again (A sequel to Never Again )

Why Would You
You asked
I might
For Sapphire Version
Then I will get you back
I will tell you
But later on
just to make sure
I don't care if it's pity
I might trade
Soon watch out
I will trick you
and it will be mine
My Sapphire

A While Back, Still It Hurts

It was not
And what you did
It was horrible
You ruined my life
you, and them
I have the memories
you were just, well almost caring on
no guilt
you did not even know what you were doing
you did not feel it
it was never spoken but felt
I had to go thru with it
and did you help
I tried
but you never answered
and now
now you feel it
come on
now it won't work
I might pretend
But to see
to test
and, it will work
for me
but worst for you
I have to think
but it will
it will

All my poems are about life in different ways. How horrible, mean, and disgusting people can ruin others life's. Not killing them but making them fell like the should not live at all. Basically making the suffer mentally. This seems to happen in most lives, but not as bad as others. People leaving forever, away from everything. Just because people make their lives so miserable they just leave. I give free therapy and it helps others with these same problems and also helps them with any problem. These poems are based on real stories and most of them about things that happen in my life and others. So please whenever you read my poems, read them seriously and try to feel a connection with the poems, even email me at Write to me your connections, write any response, or if you have a problem and don't have anyone to ask, tell me I will help you, and respond to all of you messages.
Thank You For Reading,
Host Mewen, Pokemon Master Mew