Every morning, I wake up and find fresh blood on my hands, I'm not sure how it gets there, but it happens every morning. So every morning, I make sure to get up early and go down to the stream to wash all of the blood away before Sokka, Aang and everyone else gets up.

At first I thought I had just cut myself, rolled over a rock in my sleep and got blood on my hands, no big deal, just wash it away and it would be fine. But when I washed it away, there were no cuts, nothing to suggest I had gotten hurt. I dismissed the thought of the blood and went about my day. But the next morning, there was more blood. And it keeps happening, again and again.

I need to know why this happens to me, why every morning I have to get up in secret and wash the blood off my hands. I can't trust anyone with this, if anyone finds out… I need to know why I have the blood of some innocent person on my hands. I feel despicable and indecent and the secret itself is enough to tear me apart! Trying to act normal through all this is proving to be a challenge, but I think Toph knows more than she's telling everyone about me.

"Toph," I said, "Can I talk to you for a second. Alone." We walked into my room and sat down on the bed.

"Are you going to tell me about why you've been so jumpy lately?" She asked.

"Well, you see Toph," I started, "I… I don't really know how to say this… but I…" "Is this about Aang?" Toph asked, clearly irritated with me.

"No, this isn't about Aang, its about me." I said.

"Wait… Sugar Queen, are you… are you pregnant?"

"WHAT? No, no of course not!" I stuttered "It's just that… Well… EverymorningIwakeupandthere'sthisbloodonmyhandsandIdon'tknowwhereitcomesfromandI'mreallyscared." I blurted out.

"So that's the reason…" Toph calmly replied.

"Toph, I need you to help me. Tonight, can you watch me and find out how this happens?"

"Sure, Sugar Queen. I'll help you."

"Thanks… Oh and Toph?"


"Please don't tell anyone about this. Especially Sokka and Aang."

"Whatever you say Sugar Queen, whatever you say."