Conversations With A Witch


A basic knowledge of xxxHolic is recommended.

Drabble One: Kyoraku Shunsui-If Wishes Were Horses

"If wishes were horses, there would be an easy explanation for all this horseshit."


When Kyoraku Shunsui walked up to the Dimension Witch's shop, he did it with an accustomed ease. Skillfully placing his feet around the enthusiastic greetings of Maru and Moro, girls named after his own heart. He sauntered up to the front door as if he owned the place until he literally stumbled over someone new, nearly dropping the bundle he was carrying.

"What's wrong with you!? It's rude to run into peo--" The boy began shouting as he picked himself up from the ground, stopping abruptly when he saw Shunsui's Zanpakuto. "You're here to see Yuuko, right Shinigami-san?"

"Yeah, sure am." Shunsui said while nodding. He grinned, he'd bet his hat this boy was of Quincy blood judging by reiatsu alone, and yet he wasn't being watched. It was something to remember for later.

"She's right through here." The boy said leading the way into the building, but before he was able to open the shoji to Yuuko's chamber Shunsui opened it himself.

"YUUKO-CHAAN!" He called as he, there was no other word, flowed into the room and swept the lanky woman off her feet. "It's been too long!"

"It has, Shun-kun!" she replied when Shunsui set her back down on her couch. "Watanuki, get the good sake!"

The boy, Watanuki, Shunsui reminded himself, broke from his shocked stare and moved quickly to get the alcohol. By the time he had returned Shunsui had sat down opposite of Yuuko. Watanuki set the sake on the table and then moved to the wall; where, Shunsui wondered, had the pride of the Quincy gone?

"So," Yuuko began while pouring the sake, "What have you brought me this time Shunsui?"

"This." Shunsui said pulling out the bundle he had nearly dropped earlier. He unwrapped it, revealing a fine silken kimono that seemed to shimmer in a way that made it look, not alive, but something Watanuki had no word for. "It's made of Hell-Moth silk. It's brand new too."

"You spoil me!" Yuuko said as she reached over and snatched the kimono away, somehow now disturbing the table as she did so. "And what would you ask in return?"

"Information." Shunsui said simply, taking a sip of his sake.

"He never made a wish…" Watanuki said out loud as he watched Shunsui slip away after his and Yuuko's long conversation, none of which he had understood.

"He didn't." Yuuko agreed.

"But, if he didn't have one, how did he get here?"

"He does have one." Yuuko said as she walked out from behind her ornate dressing screen clad in her new kimono. "Or… at least not one he is sure of."

"That's never stopped any of the others." Watanuki said.

"True, but Kyoraku Shunsui is a rare man. He knows the worthlessness of not working for ones goal."


-This is the first of several drabbles. Up next, Urahara Kisuke.

-Inspired by Je Chante Pour Passer le Temps by Diva-esqe. As they have already covered Byakuya, I most likely will not. Anyone else is fair game though.