Conversations with a Witch


Drabble Four: Yamamoto Shigekuni Genryuusai-The Way of Things

"This isn't good or bad. It's just the way of things. Nothing stays the same."

-Real Live Preacher, From 'RealLivePreacher(dot)com'

Yamamoto Shigekuni Genryuusai stood in midair above the afterlife's ever-shifting topography. What was a mountain one day could be reduced to a crater the next by a cero from an encroaching Menos or, more commonly, by the attacks and counterattacks of the feuding noble clans. Any lake could be vaporized, any village destroyed, any forest burned down.

Yamamoto stood over a transient world, and it disgusted him. Few new souls could gain a foothold in the afterlife, and those souls among the noble clans were held back by their constant struggling.

He surveyed the land before and below him and sighed.

"It is beautiful, in its own way." A woman observed from behind him. He had had no warning of her arrival.

"I suppose one could say that." He said, turning to look at the woman who had spoken. She was lanky and wore and elegant kimono that looked as if it was worth the entire treasury of a noble household. "But," He continued, "Nothing can come of it. Progress can only occur in stability."

"There are some who would disagree." The woman said calmly, pulling a small paper fan from her sleeve.

"They are wrong."

"You are a strong man." She observed, unfolding the fan and revealing a pattern of butterflies.

Yamamoto waited for the woman to make her point.

"But not all goals can be gained through strength alone."

"And you intend to help me reach my goals?" Yamamoto asked skeptically.

"If you wish for me to do so." She replied.

"How would you do this?"

"It is… complex." She said. "Suffice to say that events would line up favorably."

Yamamoto considered her offer. He was older than almost all of the souls that currently resided in the afterlife, and he was well aware that something could not be gotten from nothing. But if he could build a stable enough base, then all of the souls and clans would fall into order.

"And there would be a cost." The woman added. "The afterlife is not a stable place; its nature is change. It cannot be held still forever and I will not be able to help you as all that you've built falls down around you."

"I will accept your bargain, but the society I create will not fall." Yamamoto said.

The woman made no response, only closing her fan and returning it to her sleeve.

Thousands of years later, as Aizen and his followers prepare to bring down the gates of heaven, Yamamoto Shigekuni Genryuusai will stand over the now unchanging land of the afterlife and wonder if now is when it all comes crashing down around him.

A/N: Here's a short little bit, written entirely in my AHIST 101 class when I should've been taking notes. I've now used up all of my original ideas for these little crossover oneshot, so if there's a particular character, situation, or quote you have and want a oneshot based off of tell me an it might end up as the next chapter.

Great Big Thanks to Unsane Chibi for catching all my comma errors.