Disclaimer: Inuyasha belongs to Rumiko Takahashi.

A/N: Written for the "Storm" theme at http://iyissekiwa(dot)livejournal(dot)com. The word count limit was 250 words.

Weather the Storm

It almost drove her to madness, trapped there in the castle while the storm outside raged, waiting for Naraku's orders, knowing that he would give her none.

He liked to torment her.

When she was outside, flying through the breeze on some task or errand, sometimes she could close her eyes and pretend she was free, pretend she could go wherever her heart desired.

But her heart was in Naraku's hands, and now he forced her to wait inside these wooden walls, and stuck in the still, stagnant air of the castle, Kagura felt truly caged.

Kanna was no company at all.

The nothing-girl just sat there in a corner, clutching her mirror, oblivious to the sounds of the storm outside, not even a flinch upon her blank, ivory face.

Oh, how Kagura longed to be a part of that storm, that ferocious wind that howled and crashed against Naraku's stronghold so!

Turning her back to Kanna in disgust, she banged her fist against the wall in frustration as an enormous roll of thunder shook the air.

As the wave of noise passed over her, suddenly an image flashed briefly like a lightning bolt in Kagura's mind, and her heart raced like the wind outside.


He would be the instrument of the storm that would bring Naraku's destruction.

Yes, Kagura thought, her body shaking slightly from the thunder or the realization.

He would free her.

And until then, she must wait and weather the storm as she had always.