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My Aphrodisiac

Chapter One

Stepping out of Security at the Port Angeles airport I looked around for the Cullen family. There were a few groups of people standing around waiting around for friends and loved ones. There were even a few people holding up little sings with names written out on them. I was getting a little nervous about not seeing them when I glanced at the doors leading out of the airport where I saw them with a sign reading: Swan. It was a beautiful sign with a glittery silver and black outline of a swan behind the name

They were standing there waiting to greet me. I saw a girl I didn't recognize first and next to her Rosalie, teenagers about my age, standing with Mrs. Cullen whom I knew to be Esme. Rosalie her brother Edward and I were going to be Juniors this year and Edward and I were to have a few of the same classes together. He and Mr. Cullen, Carlisle, weren't here to pick me up though. I assumed the short girl I didn't recognize must be one of Rosalie's friends.

I was upset at first when my mother had told me I was going to be an Exchange Student for the entire year in Forks, Washington. She thought it was funny as I had lived there as an infant, but shortly after my birth my father had been killed on the job at the police office and my mother had moved us away to Arizona. I didn't see what was funny about it, but since she was recently remarried I'm sure she didn't want to have me hanging around all the time. Her husband was a minor league baseball player and shortly after their marriage we had moved to Jacksonville, Florida. He traveled a lot and I knew she missed him so I didn't put up much of a fight when she sprung the news on me.

When I first started walking towards them they must not have recognized me from the picture because they kept looking over my shoulder…looking for me. It wasn't until I was about twenty feet in front of them and staring straight at them when they visibly realized I was 'Swan'. I smiled involuntarily as I greeted them.

"Um…Hi, I'm Bella." I lifted my right hand at them in a small nervous gesture, before letting it fall back to my side.

"Oh! Dear you look so much different than your photo, how was your flight?" I was pulled into a short hug from the woman before she swiftly pulled away and apologized, "Oh, goodness where are my manners? Bella it is lovely to meet you, my name is Esme."

She smiled warmly at me and then turned to introduce me to the other two, "This ," She gestured at the blonde, "Is my daughter Rosalie, and this," She now swung her arm in a gesture pointing out the short black haired girl, "Is her best friend Alice."

I smiled shyly at them and waved again, "Hi."

Rosalie raised a hand back at me as she scanned my outfit, and Alice bounced on her feet greeting me back with an enthusiastic, "Hey! I'm Alice! It's great to meet you!"

I couldn't help but to smile at her eagerness as she stepped forward with Rosalie to help with my bags.

With all of my things in toe we stepped out into the warm Mid-July air. It wasn't as hot as I was used to, but it was certainly a lot warmer in Washington in the summer than I had thought it was going to be, it had be about eighty degrees. I was glad then that I hadn't worn a jacket onto the plane.

I was distracted from this train of thought as we all climbed into a black Mercedes by Rosalie, "So Bella, what is it like in Florida?"

"Hot most of the time, and sunny." I said, as I buckled into the front seat.

"You're not very tan." She said from her spot behind me.

"Yeah, I don't tan easily. Usually I will just burn, and then my burn will go away and turn back into my normally pale skin."

"Oh, well you have really beautiful skin."

I was a surprised at this, I kind of felt like she was giving me the Spanish inquisition, but then she stops to compliment me? I blushed, "Um..thank you."

She laughed and I looked out the window as Esme started to pull out of the parking area.

"No really, you do have nice skin," Alice put in, "And you're really pretty! I'm sure Rose's brother Edward will just love you!"

I blushed again, what do you say to that? "Thank you, I guess."

Both Esme and Rosalie chuckled to that one.

We continued talking and getting to know each other the whole car ride to the house. It was a fun trip filled with a lot of laughter; I could tell I was going to get along with them easily.

When we pulled up to the huge whit hou-mansion, I gasped and felt my mouth drop. "Woah! You live here?"

"Yeah! Isn't it great! I wish I lived here! You are so lucky Bella!" Alice chirped.

"Oh shut up Alice you have your own room here." Rosalie chimed in.

Wow, Alice had her own room. When we all got out of the car Rosalie and Alice helped me carry my bags in again. When we reached the door Esme turned around and instructed them to show me to my room.

"I hope you don't mind Bella but your room is up on the third floor." She looked at me apologetically.

"Oh no, it's not a problem. Thank you Esme," I said as I followed Rose and Alice up the three flights of stairs. After we got up the stairs they led me down to the end of the hallway to the last door on the right and into an empty room where we set the bags down. It was huge, and I gasped again in awe as I looked at the connecting bathroom and walk-in closet.

Alice and Rosalie both chuckled again as they watched me look around mouth-agape. "Well, we are just going to let you get unpacked on your own. I always hate it when people hover over me when I'm getting unpacked."

I nodded and thanked the both of them as they left and quickly unpacked all of my things. When I was finished I decided to look around the room more closely. First I walked to the bathroom and looked at the sink with its huge bathtub and then a separate shower with glass walls. Looking at all of the switched I found out the tile floor was heated and if the lights were off a row of small glow lights would come on under the cabinets lighting the floor. The bathtub even had jets.

Smiling I made my way out of the bathroom and over to the window, which I realized wasn't a window but a sliding glass door leading out to a balcony. I skipped walking out there for now when my stomach chose that moment to growl, but decided I would check it out more fully when I came back up.

Walking down the hall when I heard familiar music, Clair de Lune was coming out from behind a door just down from mine. Without thinking I twisted the knob in my hand and opened the door.

"No! Emmet! Don't be a sore loser!" I heard a guy say before chuckling as the door started to open.

When it had swung all the way open I was met with the most beautiful pair of green eyes, sparkling with amusement.

He was standing about five feet away and heading straight for the door. He had Bronze hair and his grin was absolutely beautiful. He pulled up short when he saw me in doorway.

"Oh! Hi, uh…" He lifted his hand to the back of his head, "I'm Edward."

I nodded and stared. So this was Edward. Edward shared the room right next to mine, and was reaching his hand out to shake mine….

Shirtless and absolutely ripped.

My mouth went dry.

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