Chapter Seventeen


If you had told me a year ago that I would be dreading the day I had to go back to Florida, I would have suggested you get your head examined. After all, what could possibly make me dread going back to live with my mother? I loved her, she was my best friend, and surely she couldn't do anything in a year to make me feel differently.

I wouldn't have been thinking about the right things.

How could I have possibly known that I'd dread going home, for what I was leaving behind? Since when did my mother take back seat in my priorities?


Grimacing, I unbuckled myself and stood to get my bag out of the luggage rack. It's been Six hours and forty-two minutes.

Renee wouldn't let me stay for the whole summer. Two weeks out of school was long enough for her…two measly weeks. I gave up trying to talk her in to a longer stay when she told me how much she had missed me. She seemed so sad I wanted to stay longer, that I couldn't.

My suitcase was the last to arrive at the baggage claim. I only brought one suitcase on the flight, and mailed everything else, and still it was the last to arrive.

I passed through security and looked around for Renee. An electric clock on the wall caught my eye. It's been seven hours and fifty-three minutes since I last saw his face.


I turned my gaze away from the clock to find my mother rushing towards me. Seven hours fifty-two minutes since I last heard his voice.

"Oh, honey!"

My throat felt as if it was pinching together, and I couldn't speak as my vision filled with tears.

Renee wrapped her arms around me in a tight embrace. Seven hours fifty-five minutes since I last felt his arms around me; since I last felt his lips against my own.

I squeezed my eyes shut, feeling the tears as they slipped down my cheeks to rest at my lips.

"Bella, honey, I'm glad to see you too. It's ok, don't cry."

I reopened my eyes and gave Renee a weak smile. This seemed to satisfy her, as she kissed my forehead before quickly turning to lead me out to her car, asking how my flight was.

The last six months had been the best six months of my life. Every morning I got to wake up with a smile, the reason for that smile inhabiting the room one door down the hall from me. Every night I was sent to bed with a kiss, and a promise. The promise of tomorrow, the promise of continuation. Everyday I'd day dream, just thinking about him sent a giddy feeling through me, and butterflies a flutter in my stomach. Before too long I'd find myself trembling with excitement, an unavoidable smile resting on my lips.

How was I going to survive the year without him?

"Here give me your carry-on and I'll put your stuff in the trunk."

I gave another watery smile to my mother and handed my things over.

"Thank you," I sniffed, trying to wipe away the new wave of tears.

Just then my phone started vibrating in my pocket; I'd forgotten to turn it off on the plane.

I flipped it open and held it to my ear without looking at the screen, "Hello?"


I smiled immediately, he had promised to call every day.

"I love you."

There was a pause, the silence filled with the sudden slamming from the trunk of my mom's car.

"I love you too Isabella Swan. Immeasurably."


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