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A/N: Based on a true story. Ish.


"An adventurer walked down the road, he was a fresh faced youth, full of hope and dreams! New, was he, to the path of the crusader, setting forth on his very first journey. Unfortuantely our brave hero met several horrible monsters, and as defeat loomed large luck would have a lass of priestly garb wander by! The youth did call out to the girl, and the girl turned a look of shock flying ot her features at the sight of the poor soul, and battered and near beaten!

"Calling for help the brave young lad, fended the fangs of the monsters, barely keeping them at bay! The lass, lifted her staff, and the young man could almost smile for relief, she would heal him and victory would be his! But nay! The lady priest turned, and high tailed it with quick feet for some distance, scrambling atop a low rise, from whence she peered as in distress the adventurer gaped before his face was rent in two. The dear cleric would thusly snicker as she viewed the end of the lad, from her fine safe keep.

"Upon returning unto the cloisters whence she came the leader of her order approached the lass, and he said 'I have seen your actions! Why does one such as you find amusement in the pain of others, child?'

"And she looked upon the elder and exclaimed 'Oh, come on, you can't tell me that wasn't funny!'

"Shocked beyond belief the elder replied... -"

"Oh, jesus... Shut up, Huckle!" The sharp bark of words interrupted the rambling tale, followed by a snort of laughter which sprayed a gyser of liquid across the half heartedly polished surface of a counter. The ambiance of the place was that of the dank dungeon mind set, with low flickering torches attached to damp walls stone walls. A mysterious chill draft caused the low flames on the half gone candles (placed just so, to make the shadows that much deeper!) to gutter. This was Huckle's Hole in the Wall, a not so reknowned 'watering hole.'

It was here, that the tale was being told to a few odd adventures, weary of their climb either up or down the tower and with the knowledge fo the Hole's existance. (That is, the few people who came around more often than to inform the old man of what a bad dog owner he was.)

"Aww," a second voice whined piteously interrupting the moment of silence as everyone turned to stare at the first speaker. "Look what you made me do, Wrie." The owner of the first voice, a young woman with short cropped garnet hair preened, proud of her 'accomplishment, while the other young woman with silver hair that effectively hid one eye mopped at the remains of the drink that had escaped from her mouth.

The garnet haired one turned back to the old man who was glowering through the wild hair of his beard, "That's not how it happened at all, anyway: We were running from those monsters..." she said, jabbing the small blue paper umbrella that had come with her Pepe on the Rocks (A drink that had originated in El Nath and eventually made it to the Hole due to some personage or other throwing a right temper at not getting his favorite drink. Apparently the poor sentinel's had hidden for days afterwards, making it so that Huckle had a ridiculously hard time collecting his "magical ingrediants." Honestly, how was he going to get that new mosaic countertop for the bar without sentinel pieces?!)

"And screaming." piped up the silver haired one.

Rolling her eyes Wrie agreed with a bit of reluctance, "...and screaming. When we ran into the guy, it's not our fault that he defended us with his face. Right, Pyro?"

Grinning in amusement Pyro tossed her sopping napkin into a nearby trashbin, "Right, and it was funny, you know."

Wrie smirked bobbing her head in affirmative motion, "Of course it was. The idiot got totally owned. And anyway, it was all Pyro's fault in the first place."


"Well, it was. If you didn't act like a bloody shark and attack anything that piqued your curiosity..."

"Well if I don't attack it, how am I supposed to know if I can kill it or not?"

"Pffft. This is true." Wrie finally conceded. "And it was still funny."

Huckle gave a great gusty sigh of exasperation as he eyed the two young woman sitting side by side at the bar, "Yes, of course, but I was attempting to make it a little more dramatic... It's more interesting that way."

"I wouldn't have minded." Wrie said waving her little umbrella around for emphasis, and mindfully ignoring the skeletal hand trying to pluck the thing from her grip. "Only I wasn't in it."

Huckle wagged his arms around in an aggravated little dance of motion, irately exclaiming, "I was jsut getting there, if you'd let me keep going!"

Pyro gave him a peculiar little squinty look as she slung her elbow onto the countertop and propped her chin in her hand, "But, we met before that part."

"But it would've been more dramatic for you to meet through some strife, or destiny wrought brilliance... Er, come to think of it, how did you meet?" the Master of the Hole asked, suddenly reaching up to scratch at his beard.

Pyro rumintated a moment before looking at Wrie, "Like most every other adventurer, I suppose: Surrounded by snails." Suddenly in a viper quick motion the silver haired mage jabbed a finger that cracked lightly with magic in her temper at her friend, "She still thinks they're the root of all evil, to."

Wrie took a moment to look shocked, and disgruntled before she slammed her fist down on the counter cracking the sentinel shell top with the weight of her heavy metal gauntlet with a thud and a rattly clang, "That's because they are! I am telling you that the reason we kill them so early is because they are the most dangerous monster in existance. You have to stop them while they're still weak, you know."

"I think your just a loony and ought to be locked up." a new raspy drawl broke in as skeletal fingers finally managed to snatch the bright blue paper umbrella from the very red, red head.

Whipping around Wrie glared at the death-in-miniature that was hovering nearby, "Gimme that back, Belphegor!"




From beside Pyro a rather small dragon lifted its head and peered at the arguing master and pet, and gave a soft snuffle of amusement. Pyro nodded solemnly as Belphegor hid the umbrella up inside his robes, and Wrie made a face yelling something about bones and a mallet. The dragon pawed the dish in front of it, tilting it as he peered around to see if there was any food left, sighed unhappily upon finding not a crumb, and looked at the mage, "Weren't you saying something about a weird girl in Henesys the other day, Master?"

Pyro looked momentarily confused before, "Oh! Oh right, her." She leaned forward then waving Huckle and dragon closer, and cupped her hand alongside her cheek to indicate the secrecy as she spoke in a stage whisper, "Maya in Henesys... We think she might be a drug dealer. She had us get her this medicine for her illness, but we've spent a good deal of time there and she asks the same of all the people, you know. We think that the illness is just a front." As the old bartender chortled, the dragon gave Pyro large imploring eyes, and after a moment she rolled her eyes, dug out another carton of food and dumped it into his dish, "There you go, Beelzebub." she sighed. "Pig."

A loud crash, and a shouted curse in the background had Huckle turning away toward the still arguing duo: Wrie at this point had her battle hammer out, and was chasing the undersized reaper around attempting to pulverize him, "Knock it off you two, or I'll toss you down Eos tower!" the old man hollered.

The result was the same as it always was, instantly both Wrie and Pyro got mortified looks on their faces, lunging forward in terror as they both shouted "NO!"

Even if one of them wasn't having the threat directed at them, they always reacted that way for some strange reason.

Slowly Wrie wobbled back to her stool and sunk down, looking dejected and like someone had kicked her puppy. Belphegor followed after her, absently clicking his fangs on the 'handle' of the umbrella, "What's so bad about Eos tower? Other than the place is bloody bright, and cutsie."

Pyro shot Belphegor a wide eyed look, and gave something that sounded oddly like a whimper, "What isn't bad about Eos tower?" she asked, her voice a bit hoarse.

Wrie glared darkly, "That place..."

Pyro stared at the wall, "The tower of doom... One hundred floors of absolute terror."

Wrie shuddered, "Ludibrium is horrifying enough as is, but add Eos into the equation... Well, whoever Eos was he was a sadistic sucker."

Huckle set down two new drinks for the mage and the warrior, tugging the brim of his hat down a bit lower he asked, "I've never been out to Eos, why does it always get you girl's so worked up?"

Pyro and Wrie traded haunted looks, "We've been down the tower one time, and back up it." Pyro muttered quietly. "All the way down to the bottom, to Omega sector."

"We weren't strong then."

"There as much running and screaming. More than usual, I mean."

"A lot more. We never thought we'd get out."

"It was all very terrifying, I don't really like thinking about it."

"She had a bad run in with block golems." Wrie whispered as an aside. "Anyway," the garnet haired warrior said in a louder voice. "We ought to be going. Quests to do..."

"Monsters to kill!" Pyro put in sounding joyful again.

"Money to get." Wrie added. "I do like money."

With that the pair hopped up, Pyro grabbed her staff, Wrie her shield and hammer and the to wandered toward the exit. Belphegor paused long enough to jab Beelzebub in the wings since the dragon was still licking his dish, before the pair scrambled after their masters.