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Bella tapped her toe impatiently. She was calling her friend Joanna to see if she could give her a ride to ballet class.


"Oh good I thought you might've already left! I was wondering if you were going to ballet tonight?" asked Bella

"I'm sorry Bella but my mom said I can't go. She saw me throwing up again..."

"Oh! I thought you got over that..." said Bella in a shocked tone

"So did my parents, well sorry I can't give you a ride."

"It's okay but who do you think will be Sleeping Beauty in the spring performance now?"

"I really have no idea but I hope you get it!" Joanna said in an enthusiastic tone

"Thank. Well I'll call again after class"

"Bye 'click'"

Bella sighed and picked up her bag 'guess I have to ride with Jake again', her beloved truck had recently broken down and while Jake was repairing it he insisted upon driving her anywhere she needed. Bella picked up her phone and called her friend. He pulled up and honked and she ran out to the car.

"Hey Bells!" called Jake out the window as he pushed the passenger door open.

"Hey Jake, what's up?"

"Nothin' but you better get in this car or you'll be late for class!"

"Right" and she slammed the door shut

"Be careful there Bella what has the car ever done to you?" Jake teased

As they pulled up to the large building full of studios Bella checked the clock on the dashboard and saw she had about two minutes to get ready.

"Thanks for the ride Jake" yelled Bella as she leapt out of the barely-stopped car.

Jake laughed and shouted "my pleasure" back.

Bella ran into the changing room and quickly laced up her Pointe shoes, she always got jittery before her weekly required Pointe class seeing as she was highly uncoordinated.

She slipped into the studio just a few minutes late, trying to be unnoticed with no avail.

"Miss Swan if you continually insist upon being late to my class you will soon be unwelcome! Come on time or don't come at all!" shouted her instructor Miss Jill over painfully loud classical music.

"I'm sorry" said Bella quietly as she took her place at barre.

"I have no time for apologies, just get here on time!" again shouted Miss Jill

Seeing Bella confused as to what exercise the class was on she stopped the music and explained: demi plie, demi plie, grande plie, port du bras front then back in first, second third, fourth, fifth and a passe en pointe to finish; the music then started and Bella did the exercise as she was told.

"Miss Swan turn out!" Miss Jill was walking around the class and stopped at Bella to bend down and press her toes down at an insane angle. Bella winced but kept going.

"Much better, now keep it there" said Miss Jill in a satisfied tone

When class was over Bella called Jake again to come pick her up.

"Hi Jake, class is over"

"Ok Bella just give me 15 minutes, I'll be there" said Jake in a tired tone.

"Hey, you sound busy there I can just take a bus home it's ok."

"No Bells I'm fine. I'll be there in 20! 'click'"

Bella sighed, she started walking towards the lobby but then she heard music coming from a usually abandoned studio. She walked over and peeked in the door, and she saw a private ballet lesson going on. She was about to leave then she saw the people in the class. They were so graceful! She was staring in disbelief when one of the guys, the tall bronze haired one saw her in the mirror and smiled in the middle of a grande jete. Bella blushed and hurried away to the lobby to wait for Jake. Jake was running a little late and Bella was just sitting in the waiting area, then she saw the bronze haired boy again walking out to his car with another girl. Of course he has a girlfriend, what was I thinking...? She couldn't help but feel sad that this boy whose name she didn't even know was taken though.

A car honked then and Bella looked up to see Jake waiting in the driveway waving for her to come. Bella picked up her bag and walked out the door wondering if the mystery boy would be back next week. I'll call Joanna when I get home and see if she knows anything about him.

When she got in the car she said "You know you really didn't need to come pick me up"

"It's no problem. Really"

"Thanks" said Bella

When she got home she dropped off her bag in her room and called Joanna right away. Her dad was on a fishing trip for the weekend with Billy so she didn't need to be worried about being overheard.

"Hey Bella! How was class?" asked Joanna

"It was fine. Miss Jill yelled at me again for being late but I survived"

Joanna laughed, "So did you find out who got Sleeping Beauty?"

"Oh, I forgot about that! I'll check tomorrow at jazz class. I was distracted after class by this boy in a private ballet lesson. He was tall and had cute-messy bronze hair do you know him?"

"Omigosh I can't believe you saw him, he's like a dancing prodigy! His name's Edward Cullen and he and his family just moved here from some exotic place; Alaska or something, I've heard he gorgeous!" exclaimed Joanna

"Ya he was so graceful it was amazing. Do you have any idea where he goes to school?" inquired Bella

"The rumor is he's home-schooled right now because of his busy dance schedule but someone told me he's planning on transferring to Fork's High" said Joanna in a matter-of-fact way

"Well I guess we'll see later. Bye Joanna!"

"Bye Bells! 'click'"

Bella went to sleep that night, her mind full of thought about Edward. I wonder where his girlfriend goes to school...? Will he really be transferring...? How old is he...?