Two new students.

Natsuka speaking/thoughts

Natsume speaking/Thoughts

Natsume and Natsuka

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Haruhi was sitting in her room thinking about the two certain Young identical men, and other things in her life. As she waits for her father to return home from work. He called earlier stating that he'd be home early.

Haruhi's pov

It's been ten years since I last seen them. I sighed, and a sudden a nostalgicfeeling washed over me. I blankly stared into space. i thought about how troublesome it had been when everyone found out I was a girl.

At first people didn't think was true till they noticed I wasn't flat chested anymore. I now have male clients ,and some Females who respect me or just want to see Hikaru and Kaoru tease me.

That's onesecret that has been uncovered. I wonder how long it takes tell someone finds out I'm a heiress. Hopefully not to soon. Because I don't want to be a rich bastard. The last thing I want to be is rich... its so much easier being poor. Sure its hard work... But there's no insanely high expectations and constantly being inspected as if under a maginingfineglass.

Knocks at the door snapped me out my light daze. It most dad at the door, I thought.I slowly got up and walked to the door. I held the door knob its cool metal felt like it melt at my touch.. I slowly opened the door. My jaw dropped, as the identical faces grinned at me. I was taken back.

"Na..ts...ume"(A.N.I bet you thought it was Hikaru and Kaoru.) I stuttered like an idiot.... Then just stared like a fan girl who just saw a shirtless bishie for the first time.

Then fainted, talk about worst day ever...Damn I sound like a total fan girl. My body felt heavy i can't get up... my body was suddenly lifted. My body feels hot, My head hurts like hell.

I cover my ears when anoying beeping reaches my ears. Fuck.... my brain feels like its going to explode anym-... my thoughts were interrupted by the growling of my stomach...

Using the table i tried to get up.... But sadly I fall on my knees... Damnit... this is pissin me off... I sat for a minutes and summoned my remaining strength to get up using the table. Then Staggered to the bathroom using the walls as my support. Got readdy and walked to school.. Wishing that my head hurt less.

I enter the huge gates, which lead to Ouran high school. I have been wondering if I was dream, It probably was. Yes only a feverish dream..

End of pov

"Ne ne Hikaru is that Haruhi?" kaoru asked, his voice had a happy tone to it. Kaoru slung his over Hikarus shoulder grinning. He knew the answer, but he wanted to make sure his brother didn't ignore her.

"Yeah it is." His voice was monotoned for once. Kaoru frowned, his poor brother had been in the dumps ever since realising his feelings for Haruhi. A cunning thought entered the younger brothers mind. Kaoruwhispered something in Hikaru's ear that made the poor love struck boy flush. The subject was obviously about Haruhi... Unfortunately the Yaoi fan girls who were cheering didn't know that....The twins walked over to 'the only one allowed to enter their world... Fujioka Haruhi... Haruhi was staring blankly out the window, her face was flushed.

"Ohayo Haruhi!!~" Both said with a wide smile on their faces. Haruhi acknowledged them by giving the brothers a sweet smile.

The brothers couldn't hide their flushed faces. hikaru's fasc was 3 shades darker than kaorus. Kaorusblush ended noticing that Haruhis skin color was paler than normal.

"Ohayo.. kaoru, Hkaru." haruhi replied, her smile alittle fainter this time. kaoru place his forehead on haruhi's. Thus causing a shock wave of kyyaaas from girls in the background.

worry washed over the twin's faces. 'Haruhi are you feeling unwell?'' Consern in kaoru's voice was clearly obvious.

"Im just alittle light headed... It's probably because I haven't had breakfast... Otherwise I'm fine" She answered hoping to clear up their worry.

".... Don't push your self.. lets go to the infermary after class." Hikaru said caressing Haruhs forehead, amazed at how hot she was.

Kaoru and Haruhi nodded.

"milord willl drowned the whole school in his tears, if you over work your self." Kaoru commented.

haruhis sweat dropped as the twins laughed at their lords silliness.

"You two remind me of them so much." haruhi whispered loud enough for the twins to hear... there was yearning in her voice.. The twins couldn't not notice it..

"Who?" The brothers questioned. But just then the teacher walked and Twinstook their seats. Kaoru sat next to on her left and Hikaru on her right.

"Class we have two new students,Come in..." The teacher sighed think god, another thing for these damned girls to drool and scream about... God I hate my life. Two identical boys walked in the class room, welcomed by the shouts of approval..

You could hear the kyyaaas coming from the girls in class. Staring at the Raven-haired, crimson eyed boys.

(A.'s not natsume from alice academy.I liked the name and his I thought what the hell right?)

Haruhi was taken back.... They were there! Wasn't dreaming!! She thought frantically.

"Introduce your selves" The new student's crimson eyes were focused on three people. Hikaru and Kaoru felt the glare coming from the two knew students. It was threatening and almost cruel...

The newcomers to the class smirked, earnng more cheers.

"Mizuki Natsuka, At your service my ladies.." His voice was suductive it, made the girls swoon.

"Mizuki Natsume" Natsumes voice was the complete opposite, it was threatening and dark as if to say don't even fucking look at me..

A girl asked "what do you like?"

"Everything he hates."

"Hates everthing he loves."

"Exept for one thing."The Mizuki twins said with a devillish smirk.. Oh... Kami, please... Haruhi gulped she knew exactly what they were about to say..

"What's that?"The same girl both smirked and pointed to Haruhi.

''Musica Haruhi" The twins said, but whispered the Word Musica. Haruhi fainted, she couldn't take the stress.

Natsume and Natstuka made there way to the fainted Haruhi. The other twins jumped out there seats.