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Chapter 2

" What's that?" The same girl asked. They both smirked and pointed to Haruhi.

"Haruhi"The raven haired twins said.Haruhi's fever made a complete raise.She fainted again.

Natsume and Natsumi walked over to Haruhi. The the twins that were next to haruhi were clearly pissed. They got out their seats and Hikaru and Kaoru kneeled down at Haruhi's side. Lifted Haruhi's head.

Natsume put his hand on Haruhi's forehead. "That baka,she shouldn't have come to school if she was still sick. "Natsume said while putting is hand back in his pocket.

"You know how she is Natsume-kun, But still she did faint last night?" Natsumi took Haruhi out of Hikaru's grasp. And then he and Natsume went to the door. But they moved to fast for the eye to see.As soon as Hikaru noticed Natsumi took Haruhi he said. "Where the hell are you taking Haruhi ?" Natsume turned around to Hikaru, while kaoru just stared trying to hide his anger. Natsume answered coldly. "The nurse obviously,didn't you know she's sick.

"Ne, sensei?" Natsumi said sweetly. But the teach was scared out of his mind, because of the evil aura coming from the two sets of twins. "Hai, Kaoru, Hikaru please take them to the Nurse's office. "The two sets of twins and the sick girl are now at the nurse's office. Haruhi is layed on the bed, While Natsumi and Natsume, Hikaru and Kaoru are seated in the chairs near her bed. Suddenly...


The door flew open. There stood the rest of the host club. "You demons what did you do to my daughter?" Tamaki screamed at the golden eyed twins. "We didn't do anthing, they did." Said the devil twins as the pointed to Natsumi and Natsume. "We didn't do anything..." Said Natsumi. Natsume smirked as he walked over to the sleeping Haruhi. "Yet." Natsume said right before he bent down and kissed haruhi for a few seconds.The host club was in a what the fuck moment."And what do you plan on doing with our hostess."Kyoya said as he replaced his glasses.

" Gomen no sai. We forgot to introduce our selves- .He was cut of by Tamaki. "You monster what did you do to my daughter?" Said Tamaki as he slammed his fists against Natsume's chest Chibi style. Natsume raised a brow."Are you retarded?" Tamaki was in a corner growing mushrooms."Okay, anyway I'm Mizuki Natsumi, and he is Natsume."Natsume waved."Yo."Hunney-sempai walked up to the new twins."Hi I'm-.Huney was cut off by Natsume. "Mitsukuni Haninozuka, your nickname is Huney.And your cousin is Takashi Morinozuka, often called Mori.The guy with glasses is Kyoya Ootori and their is the Hitachiin twins, Kaoru and Hikaru." Natume and Natsumi said in unison.

"Well you really do Know alot about us. But where did you get your information." They both pointed to Haruhi. " Haruhi and we hacked the school's Data base." They both said as they shrugged their shoulders.Tamaki started shaking Haruhi nonstop."Wake up my daughter your otou-san begs you...!" "Are you stupid? Stop or she'll-. Natsumi was cut off because Haruhi punched him in the face and he dented the wall as he impacted into with full force."I tried to tell you."Hikaru and Kaoru clapped. "Nice going milord you just got punched by a girl." Haruhi slowly got up and rubbed her eyes ad stared at Natsumi and Natsume ."Yo long time no see." Haruhi started to panic."Don't tell me it's the dead line already!!" Natsume patted her on the head. "Don't worry we're just here to tell you your punishment is over."Haruhi jumped in the air. "Are you serous? Damn I've waited three years finally." "Haruhi how are these two guy to you?" Kyoya asked out of the blue. "Heheh... "Haruhi started to blush and play with her fingers. "Are you gonna say it or do we have to?" The crimson eyed twins asked. "Well their...Their my-."

The door slammed open. There stood a little boy. He had black hair and golden eyes. He was about 5. The boy ran to Haruhi and jumped into her arms. "Okaa-san I missed you." The host club repeated the child's words. "OKAA-SAN!?" Haruhi sighed and turned to Natsumi and Natsume while holding the child."Why did you bring him?" The crimson eyed twins were frightened from the murderous aura emitting from Haruhi.The child started to cry. Haruhi smiled and looked down at the boy's face."Shhh. Mizu Okaa-san's here."She said as she cradled the boy in her arms. Tamaki twitched and then leaped to were haruhi was standing."Daughter don't tell me this is your child?!Come on , Please tell otou-san."The boy suddenly stopped crying."ugly hag of a prince wanna be isn't a Otou-san." The child said in a matter of fact tone."Then who is otou-San , asked Kyoya. While the twins started poking the frozen Tamaki.The child, apparently named Mizu pointed to Natsumi and Natsume."They are my Otou-san's and Haruhi is my Okaa-san."The twins(Not Natsume and Natsumi) emitted killer Aura's as the words, sat in the background I'm going to kill this kid."As I was saying they're my fiancés." Then came a what the fuck moment.

Honey-sempai walked up to Haruhi. He looked very closely. Mori did the same. Haruhi's sweat dropped. She sighed. "At least you are trying to remember.Suddenly Tamaki started to freak out."Why are you marring them?Is my daughter being forced to marry them because debt!? Selling her body? NO!! Wht did you devils do to my Haruhi. That was the last straw. Haruhi' Natsume and Natsumi. Punched him in the head. He was knocked out. "Since when is Haruhi your!? "Natsumi shouted. "Yeah dumbass, lucky we didn't kill you."Haruhi was more angered than both of them combined."You JACKASS!YOU DONT KNOW SHIT ABOUT ME!!sO DONT ACT LIKE YOU DO OR I'LL KILL YOU!!"

Honey-sempai, finally remembered how Haruhi looked so..."Musica..."Haruhi stopped her rage and smiled."Was that enough for you to remember Honey-chan.It's only been three years since I was put on punishment.Ne Mori-Kun?"Ah"Was Mori's reply."Im surprised you didn't remember."Haruhi turnedto the rest of the host club."Sorry I lied to you all.My name is Musica Haruhi.As of today I am done with punishment.This is Fukashima Mizu.."THe whole host club turned to stone.Well except Mori, Honey and Haruhi."Ne, Honey-chan can we come over to eat caki?"Honey's face lightened up."Yay, lets go!Ne Takashi?"Mori looked at the rest of the host club.He nodded, then pointed to the fainted peoples."Don't worry, We'll take them in our Limo.We'll meet you there." "Ah"was Mori's reply.

Mitsukuni residence-Haruhi,huney,Mori,Natsume,Natsumi,Kaoru and Kyoya, Hikaru, Tamaki(Mainly the only people Haruhi,mori,Honey,Natsume,and Natsumi could explain to where Sitting at a table drinking tea and having caki , While the ones who coudn't keep calm were tied to a chair and their mouths where duck taped shut)(A/n hikaru and tamki where tied up.)

"Huney-chan did you really not remember me?" Haruhi asked. "Well Haru-chan you weren't the type of person that is is to forget. But you have changed alot." "Well that's true." Haruhisaid as she dropped sweat. "So do you care to explain whats going on haruhi?" Haruhi scratched the back of her head. "How should I explain?" "Well My real name is Haruhi Musica. I've been friends with Honey-chan and Mori-chan since I was 5." "Hey isn't that the richest family in the world right now?!" Asked Kaoru. "Yes it is. It's also a traditional japanese family that does marshal arts.'' Haruhi put her finger on her chinn making her look like she ws giving something some thought. "As you know my mother was Musica Kotoko. Anyways our family is famous for having twins and also wemon being head of the family. My mother had a twin sister Musica Ami. Aunt Ami became the head and okaa-san was free to live as she chose." haruhi closed her eyes. "As you know Okaa-san past away when I was Five, So Aunt ami desided I should take Marshal arts along With Hunny-chan, Mori-chan. " Haruhisaid as she opened her eyes and smiled. "I started to live with aunt Ami when I was 11." haruhi's eyes narowed as she stared at the Fusuma. (The sliding doors inside a Japanese home that separate rooms from other rooms and hallways.) "I did something rather Dangous after I found something out about me and my family." Haruhi sighed and Walked up to the Fusuma opened it and left. As everyone watched her do this. Hunny-sempai sighed. "she still can't get over it though she has come a long way." Hunny said. Kyoya looked at honey. "What happened? And what did she do that was dangerous?" Out of curiosity he asked. "in reality Haru-chan was sold at age 8 and was bought back by the Musica family. She didn't have a clear memory of it tell she walked into the musica household." Kyoya, Tamaki's and hikaru and kaoru's eyes widened.

"But Haruhi who could go hand to hand with mori an hunny-sempai, At age 13 she joined a group of Yankees." The host club's jaws droopped.

End of chapter 2