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The Engagement of Neji Hyuuga

Chapter 1

Neji Hyuuga of the Cadet Branch stood in front of his uncle of the Main Branch, Hiashi Hyuuga, wearing a look of pure horror on his face. Neji was not one to be scared, or as a matter of fact, anything else, but today, his life went from worse to whatever comes after worse.

"So what you're saying is, if I don't find an eligible spouse, I'm going to be married…to Hinata!?" Neji yelled. Hiashi would only do something like this if he wanted to torment somebody for the rest of their days. Marrying Hinata off to some Cadet Branch person, was probably what he wanted to do to him. Neji frowned.

"You have until the end of the day Neji." Hizashi stated.

"And, there is no other way to gain some more time?" Neji asked hopefully. Hiashi smirked.

"Not unless you are willing to get a haircut." In less than a second Neji was running out of the Hyuuga compound looking for a wife.

Hinata walked over to a nice shaded area and slumped under a tree. She was tired after all her training with Shino and Kiba, and decided she was officially done for the day. The other two however, decided to keep going. Hinata couldn't even guess what gave those two the energy to keep training. She shrugged it off and curled up under the tree and quickly fell asleep.

Neji found the one person he thought he could ask to be his wife over near his sparring area. He jogged over to the sparring field within a second, not wanting to lose any time. The woman turned around to see Neji running for her. She smirked and lunged at him. The last thing Neji saw was fist coming at him at top speed. Then he saw nothing but darkness.

"Neji! Wake up! NEEEEJIIIII!" called the unknown voice Neji had now been accustomed to hearing throughout the duration of his entire sleep. Slowly Neji stirred and opened his eyes to see large brown orbs staring back at him. The woman had a look of concern on her face as Neji tried to sit up.

"Erm…Tenten…why did you punch me?" Neji asked her as she laughed innocently.

"Well um, y'know, it's a sparring area, and you were running at me and I thought it was a spar match and I sorta hit you…" Tenten responded.

"Yeah I noticed that." Neji replied coldly as Tenten helped him up. He remembered what he came for and quickly got down one knee. Tenten raised an eyebrow.

"Uh…Neji what are you doing?" She asked confused, but only more did her confusion grow when she was presented with a Golden Kunai.

"Tenten, will you mar…"

"OOOOH POINTY!!!!" Tenten yelled as she snatched the kunai out of Neji's hand and skipped away happily. Neji hung his head in defeat.

Hinata woke from her slumber to see Tenten skip happily by holding a Golden Kunai. Hinata got really confused and stood up. After staring at Tenten until she went out of sight she checked her surroundings. "Hmm…nothing unusual…Shino and Kiba STILL training, Kurenai watching them proudly, Neji lying on the ground looking very depressed, Akamaru hiding in a...wait…why is Neji lying on the ground looking depressed?" Hinata thought as she walked over to her cousin. He slowly looked up at her as she approached him. His eyes widened and his hung his head again, but not before seeing something that looked like tears streaming down his face.

"Neji-niisan…w-why are you so depressed? Are you o-okay?" Hinata asked. All she got was a squeal out of the man in response. Now she knew something was wrong. Neji NEVER squealed. EVER! She had to find out what was wrong.

"Niisan? Are you o-okay?" she repeated. She got the same response. Hinata knew the only thing that could get Neji out of his current state.

"I bought some of your f-favourite hair c-conditioner!" Hinata said while taking a bottle of hair conditioner out of her bag. She was immediately strangled in a bone crunching hug as Neji snatched the conditioner and let her go. He growled and hugged his conditioner.

"MINE! RAWR!" Neji snapped. Hinata backed away, really freaked out.

"O-okay…now tell me…w-what was wrong with you n-niisan?" Hinata asked again. Neji stopped growling and looked depressed again.

"I asked Tenten to marry me…she grabbed the gift I was giving her as the offering of my love and skipped away before I could even finish asking the question." Neji sniffed.

"I-I'm sorry niisan. At least s-she never s-said no to your question. Y-you can always ask a-again. It's n-not so bad." Hinata smiled.

"No but it is bad. It is nearing the end of the day and if I don't bring home an eligible wife I have to marry…you." Neji choked out. Hinata's eyes widened and she blushed 12 different shades of red (if there is that much) and at least 2 shades of purple before she passed out.

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