x royal flush in spades x

This is for the OTP writing challenge in the POT Stands for Pointless but Original Talking forum, the first of my Royal Flush. The pairings will be as follow: Thrill, Royal, Sweet, ToFU, and then Smiling. The following is the Sweet one. These can all be found on the forum. (I totally didn't copy and paste that description from the Thrill story I posted XD)

x sweets on his plate x queen of spades x 200 words x

Akutagawa Jirou always found happiness in sweets.

They were all sorts of things. Soft, fluffy pillows of sugar that melted into sticky delight hard, round orbs of absolute ecstasy, easily attainable objects of immeasurable desire.

Akutagawa Jirou's love for sweets was almost a lust. He passed it off as innocent liking, his overwhelming need for candies and chocolates. It was more sociably acceptable for someone of his standing, he who was the baby of the Hyoutei tennis team, whom everyone doted on and treated as a little brother whom they had to protect. They wouldn't do that if they saw the way his eyes literally glinted as they caught a glimpse of a stick of Pocky.

But then there had been Marui Bunta, the object of desire that was unattainable.

And Jirou wished that, for just one single moment, he could simply drop away his fa├žade and ravish the one confection that wasn't on his plate.

But he never would be able to, and forever he would stay as Akutagawa Jirou, baby of the Hyoutei tennis team, whose plate was full of so many sweets that he could not delight in as long as Marui Bunta was not among them.

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