iii. april

LOL this was just a fun little thing I came up with while grumbling about how much I hate Winter and Spring.


Goddamn, but House hated spring. From the slush and the wet and the snow and the rain to the ridiculously cheery people who went on and on about the budding leaves and flowers and how hey, at least it wasn't cold all the time anymore... blah, blah, blah.

Wilson, of course, was one of those people.

"Don't. Even. Think about it." House growled the words at him, clipped and impatient, as Wilson caught his lower lip between his teeth, clamping down hard to keep the bubbling laughter at bay.

On any other day, House's anger would have melted away at the sight of those brown orbs sparkling with laughter and leaned in to capture that lip for himself. Instead he shifted uncomfortably as Wilson's gaze traveled from the top of his head, wet hair plastered against his forehead and neck, down over his body, also drenched, to his feet, where the occasional drip-drip-drip could be heard in the quiet office. And back up again, even more slowly, an appreciative glint in his eyes.

Christ. House could feel his body temperature rise a few degrees just from that look. He gripped his cane tightly as Wilson rose from behind the desk and approached him, reaching around one side to lock the door.

And shut the blinds.

"You must be frozen," the words were casual, but his tone screamed subtext.

"Wilson, you devil." House's lips curved into a sly grin. "You just want to get my clothes off."

Wilson smirked at him. "Guilty. What happened anyway?"

"Look out the window, idiot. It randomly started pouring on me. Snow, sleet, rain, whatever the hell it was, it got me all fucking wet." House was not amused, despite the fact that he wasn't quite so cold and shivery with Wilson looking at him like he wanted to eat him alive.

Wilson crept closer. "Could be worse," he said conversationally as nimble fingers made quick work of the buttons on the dress shirt House wore under his open leather jacket and pushed both articles of clothing over his shoulders. "You could've gotten splashed by a car. Then you'd be wet and full of mud." House was forced to shrug out of the shirt and jacket himself awkwardly, leaning his cane against the wall and revealing a plain black t-shirt. Goosebumps immediately prickled on his arms.

"Always the optimist," House murmured. He tried to complain, really, but then suddenly Wilson's hands were sliding south and- yeah...