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This is for the OTP writing challenge in the POT Stands for Pointless but Original Talking forum. I'd feel bad if this summary was word for word the same as in the other ones, so I'll make one up. This is my Smiling oneshot, and I hope my attempt at Smiling isn't too pitiful. XD

x fond of dramatics x ten of spades x 222 words x revised 08.05.23

Tezuka had always known that Fuji was found of dramatics.

He had just never assumed that Fuji's lover was so fond of the same.

'I've decided,' Yukimura stated to Tezuka, a smile playing on his lips, 'that I want a child.'

Tezuka logically thought about Yukimura's statement. Yukimura was in junior high school. He was in a relationship with Fuji, who, despite his appearance, was definitely male. Yukimura, despite seeming as feminine as Fuji, was also male. Neither of the two in their relationship could bear a child.

Tezuka decided that Yukimura was simply being Yukimura, and that his sentence wouldn't stop Tezuka from enjoying his tea.

The bespectacled brunet nodded to show that he had heard Yukimura, and took a sip of his tea.

'Seiichi!' A voice called from the door frame. Both Yukimura and Tezuka turned to face a smiling Fuji with a baby who looked no older than six months in his arms. 'We're home, dear!'

And Tezuka promptly spit out all his tea.

'Ah, Tezuka, don't be so rude,' Yukimura admonished, standing up and walking over to Fuji and the baby, taking the baby into his arms. 'We don't want Riko picking up your bad habits.'

Riko, Tezuka repeated in his already hurting head. It seemed that Tezuka wouldn't be able to properly enjoy his tea any longer.

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