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I Like You

Chapter 4

It had been nearly a month since Momo had first approached Toushiro, and already they were inseparable. They loved spending time together, and were both much happier than before. When Renji came back to school, he began to spend time with them as well, though he made sure that the two were able to spend time alone too.

Toushiro and Momo usually spent their time together alone in a quiet, secluded place. They didn't do much, but they greatly enjoyed eachother's company. When Renji was with them, they'd play on the climbing fort or play tag. Toushiro was much more sociable now than he was before meeting Momo, and there were several other kids he would occasionally play with now.

One day during lunch, Toushiro remembered that in a few days, the local zoo would be having an event called "The Great Zoo Boo" where the zoo would be Halloween themed. Toushiro asked Momo if she would like to go with him and she said yes. Renji would be coming too, although he usually just ate candy at these things, so Toushiro knew that he and Momo would be together most of the time.

Several days later, Toushiro and Momo were anxiously waiting in class for the bell to ring. Retsu would be picking up Momo, Toushiro, and Renji after school today to take them to the Zoo Boo. They had their costumes stored in their lockers and would be meeting in front of the school. When the bell finally rang, Toushiro and Momo ran out of class.

"I'll see you in a few minutes," Momo said with a smile, "I can't wait to show you my costume!"

"I'll see you there," Toushiro replied.

Toushiro walked over to the bathroom to change. He had a cool pirate costume that he was wearing for Halloween. It had a black, tattered looking vest that he put on over his shirt. He had a pirate's hat and a fake moustache. He couldn't wait to show Momo how cool his costume was. He walked outside to the front of the school to wait for Momo and Renji. After several minutes, Renji arrived.

"Hey Toushiro," Renji said. Toushiro turned to say hello to his friend, but his jaw dropped from what he saw. Renji was a pirate too! That wasn't fair! This was supposed to be his chance to impress Momo, it wouldn't seem as cool if Renji did the exact same thing.

"Renji!" Toushiro exclaimed, "I'm dressed like a pirate! Momo won't be impressed if you're a pirate too!"

"Relax, our costumes aren't even the same type of pirate costume." Renji said. It was true, Renji was an entirely different type of pirate. Instead of a vest, he wore a shirt with horizontal red and white stripes. Rather than a pirate hat, he wore a red bandanna on his head. He had an eyepatch, but not a moustache.

"I guess, but I still wish that you would have worn something else," Toushiro muttered.

"Relax, Momo will like you either way," Renji said. After a few minutes, Momo arrived.

"Hey guys!" Momo called, Toushiro's face lit up at the sound of her voice, "Oh, you guys dressed like pirates too!" Toushiro and Renji turned around to face Momo. Their jaws dropped.

Momo was a real pirate. She wore a big pirate's jacket that reached to her knees. She had a plastic sword at her side and she wore an eyepatch. And her hat…her hat dwarfed Toushiro's in comparison, and on top of that, had a big feather in it! They stared in amazement at her awesome costume.

"Wow Momo…you look great," Toushiro finally said. Momo smiled and hugged him.

"Thanks Toushiro, you look pretty cool yourself, you too Renji," She said.

"Thanks Momo," Toushiro said.

After a few minutes, Retsu drove up in the family mini-van. Karin was sitting in the back seat, wearing a pink fairy costume. Momo and Toushiro got into the middle seat and Renji reluctantly got into the back seat with Karin.

"Hello Toushiro, Renji. I believe that this is my first time meeting you, Momo. Awww, aren't you a cute little bunch of pirates?" Retsu said with a motherly smile.

"Retsu! We're not cute, we're a fearsome group of marauding pirates!" Toushiro said indignantly.

"Oh yes, of course you are, my mistake," Retsu said with a laugh. They began to drive towards the zoo. On the way, Renji had to endure Karin's prodding him with her fairy wand. He put up with it, knowing that Karin would throw a fit if he said anything.

Eventually, Karin got tired of bugging Renji, so she turned her attention to Toushiro.

"So Toushiro, is Momo your girlfriend?" She said. Toushiro blushed.

"Be quiet Karin," he said. Karin smiled wickedly.

"Ooooh, I bet she is! Toushiro and Momo sittin' in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G!" Karin sang.

"Karin, shut up!" Toushiro said. Karin grabbed his hat.

"I got your hat Toushiro! I'm not giving it back until I see you give Momo a big smooch!" Karin said playfully.

"Karin!" Toushiro shouted, leaning over the back of the seat and trying to grab his hat back, "Give it back!"

"No! Smooch Momo first!" Karin said with a laugh, holding it just out of his reach. Momo giggled at the banter between the two siblings. Finally, after several minutes, Retsu decided to break it up.

"Okay, okay, break it up. Karin, give your brother his hat back. Toushiro, be nicer to your sister. We're almost there anyway." Karin grudgingly handed back the hat.

After several minutes, they arrived at the zoo grounds. Huge banners advertising the Zoo Boo were hung on the road through the forest that led to the parking lot. There were many cars, but it was not particularly busy compared to how it had been in previous years. Children wore all sorts of costumes. Retsu opened the door for the kids and helped them out. Karin put on a set of fairy wings. Retsu gave them each a bag to collect candy in.

They walked through the parking lot and into the main part of the zoo. The sides of the boardwalk had many jack-o-lanterns, their flickering flames illuminating faces, pictures, and even words that had been cut into the pumpkins. They paid their admission and went into the zoo. It was nearing winter, and most of the animals had been taken out of their regular exhibits, but there were still a few cool things. The snow leopards were still out, Momo loved how big and fluffy they were. The kangaroos were out too, although they seemed rather annoyed at all of the weird people staring at them.

They walked through the zoo, admiring the various decorations. There were numerous booths that gave out candy, or sometimes brochures for local businesses (what a rip-off!). Their bags were soon filled with candy. Toushiro and Momo sat down on a bench next the river that ran through the zoo. Retsu had taken Karin and Renji to get more candy, so Momo and Toushiro had this moment to themselves. This place was at the end of a short dirt trail that ran through the tall grasses along the shore of the river. Most people didn't even realize it was there. Momo and Toushiro had it all to themselves.

They watched as a pair of swans swam past them. They moved closer to eachother. The swans had their beaks right next to eachother, making it appear as if they were kissing. Momo saw this and seemed to get an idea. She grabbed Toushiro's hat off his head. Toushiro looked at her in surprise.

"Momo?" he said questioningly. She merely smiled at him warmly. "Um, can I have my hat back?"

"Not until you give me a smooch," Momo said, a mischievous sparkle in his eyes.

Toushiro blinked in surprise, but after a moment he smiled back at her and leaned forward. Momo leaned forward too. Their eyes closed as their lips touched in a moment of pure bliss.

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