Alright! I haven't posted in a while. Sorry about that. Well, just to let you know, in case you already didn't, I'm not Takeshi Konomi in disguise and I don't own Prince of Tennis TT

EijiXOishi. The story is so short that I will let you just read it to find out :P sorry. I know I'm mean. Here's a hint: Golden Pair 3

Oishi's Pov

It was a fuck my life day. It couldn't have gotten any worse. Morning practice, no one listened to me at all and Eiji missed a volley that smacked me in the head.

First period, the math lesson zoomed over my head like Tezuka's plane to Germany.

Second period, someone hit me in the back of the head with a spitball.

Third period, I failed my English quiz. I was passing notes with Eiji when the teacher taught the lesson, so I wasn't paying attention…

Fourth period, Suzuki-kun failed his Japanese history test and was going to take his anger out on someone. And then, I walked down the aisle. He stuck out his leg and I fell like no other. Suzuki-kun had left something sharp sticking out of his backpack and it cut my forehead, so I spent my lunch in the nurse's office which smelled like medical.

Fifth period, my cooking partner burnt the cookies I had worked so hard on and our teacher made us eat them anyway. He has a burnt food fetish which makes me wonder why he teacher culinary arts…

Sixth period, my science teacher bumbles through the Punnett square, teaches us incorrectly, tries to correct himself, but ends up giving us a quiz instead. I thought those who couldn't teach taught P.E., so what is this retard doing in the Biology classroom?

After school, while I'm changing, my bag breaks and all of my crap spills all over the color. "Ah, fuck." I mumble. Fuji walks by and says "Saa, Oishi swear? That doesn't happen often. I'll explain why you're behind to the coach." I mutter a quick, insincere thank you and start to pick up my belongings.

All of a sudden, I feel a tap on my shoulder. I can't take this today. I whirl around and yell "WHAT?" only to be met by a pair of lips on my forehead. "Nya, sorry I missed this morning. I won't hit you again!" Eiji grinned as he bent down to help my pick up my stuff. And for the first time today, I let a smile loose.

I love my life today.

Haha I know it was really bad, but I appretiate comments all the same:) wink wink hint hint