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Author's note: There's no real pairing, and no rating for this… just a little idea I had thinking of poor B'Elanna's frustration.


by Kerisempai

B'Elanna was in heaven. Or at least as close to heaven as could be replicated on one of Voyager's holodecks. This was not the Stokovor of her mother's people, filled with gnarly Klingon warriors who could drink and carouse to their hearts content without suffering the consequences the next morning. No, B'Elanna had taken the idea of the Judeo/Christian heaven, that of a place of perfection and contentment, and designed a program.

As far as her eyes could see stood open doors.

An ironic smile graced the half-Klingon's features as she surveyed her work, knowing that few of her colleagues would understand why the chief engineer would spend her valuable time creating a holoprogram that contained nothing more than a hallway full of traditional hanging doors; fewer still would comprehend why B'Elanna would choose to name the program "Heaven."

B'Elanna Torres had spend many years of her life aboard a starship, and with Voyager still so very far from the Alpha Quadrant she'd be spending many more years to come. The engineer loved technology, loved life aboard a starship, but some things needed to bow to tradition.

The small Klingon rubbed her hands together with glee, and stepped up to the first door.

A holographic Seven of Nine stood before her, cybernetic eyebrow already raised as she proceeded to launch into a complete disassembly of B'Elanna's latest report. The engineer slammed the door as hard as she could right in the holographic Seven's face.

Dark, joyful laughter rang throughout the holodeck, punctuated by the periodic slamming of a door for all of the chief engineer's allotted time.