Title: The Unexpected
Characters/Pairings: Tajima/Hanai, Suyama
Rating: PG
Summary: Tajima would always be unpredictable.

Everything about Tajima was unexpected. Hanai liked to think that, after having been around him so often, Tajima would be easier to predict in their day-to-day life, but such simplicity was not meant to be.

"What's he doing?" Suyama hadn't really planned to walk in on them—he just needed to use the bathroom.

"I'm not really sure…. What're you doing, Tajima?"

"Hugging you."

"…He says he's hugging me." Suyama really just wanted to use the urinal... did they have to do this right here?

"Do—do you think he could, uhm, hug you… somewhere else?" Suyama's cleats squeaked against the tiled floor. Across from him—slumped haphazardly across the locker room bench like he'd fallen there and had yet to get up—was Hanai and draped over his back like a warm blanket was Tajima. To Suyama, it looked like Hanai had valiantly tried to escape but everyone knew Tajima was impossible to detach without an army (or porn—porn always worked).

Hanai looked bone weary and just a smidge defeated.

"If you get him off of me, I'll let you be captain for a day."

Suyama left to find another toilet.