Title: The Art of Public Kissing
Characters/Pairings: Hanai/Tajima, girls, Mihashi (?)
Rating: R(ish)
Summary: This probably wasn't the best way to come out of the closet…

Tajima was kissing him. Or was he kissing Tajima?

Hanai wasn't sure about much of anything any more. It was probably the lack of oxygen to his brain or maybe the embarrassment of kissing in public (because they really were in public—Hanai could hear the gathering of girls watching around the corner) or it could simply be the fact that his long-time boyfriend had a hand stuck down the front of his pants. That must be it.

He couldn't say the situation was unwanted… okay, he could say the situation was unwanted. Mainly because now the gathering of girls had their camera phones out (Hanai was positive those were not allowed on school grounds—not that what they were doing was any less against the rules) and Hanai was positive he heard a very distinct, Mihashi-like squeak come from somewhere close-by.

Either way, Hanai knew he should attempt to tug Tajima off and maybe (if his face wasn't flaming red) get back to class to do the things most teenagers did in class; learning and chatting and annoying the teacher and—oh, forget that!

Tajima's skin was smooth and his mouth was hot and Hanai didn't really care if they ended up on the cover of Nishiura's Underground Newsletter—if Tajima was going to stroke him like that, who was he to complain?