Title: Marks
Characters/Pairings: Sasuke/Naruto
Rating: R (ish?)
Warnings: Mentions of coming :D And S&M..?
Summary: Sasuke marks his property.

Naruto discovered early on in their somewhat odd relationship that Sasuke was a biter. Like a territorial, dominant dog. More often than not Sasuke left deep marks in Naruto's soft, tan skin. Marking his property, Sakura joked.

He'd been surprised the first time Sasuke had actually bitten him. He was so close to the edge—just a few more seconds and he'd be gone, and Sasuke was towering over him, sleek sweat sliding along his creamy skin. He leaned down, and Naruto was sure he was going for a kiss—Jesus, he'd never wanted a kiss so much as right then—but Sasuke dipped his head and—ah—sunk his teeth smoothly into the soft tissue below his ear. Naruto dug his fingers into the broad shoulders above him and came so excruciatingly hard, he blacked out.

Afterwards, when he slouched into the bathroom to relieve himself and saw the vicious mark already fading to a light yellow, he grinned and called out to Sasuke in the next room.

"We need to take you to the dentist, Sasuke; your front teeth are crooked."