Children Come Home

By Dana Bell

From "Star Rangers" by Andre Norton

TARZ…TARZ…the old battle call

shrieking through the silence of the old stoned hall.

I reach for the blaster I no longer wear

somehow we must get that ship safely here.

We talk through the day and we talk through the night

as we watch on the starscreen the slow moving flight.

A pirate in pursuit – who will win the race

we must get them safely to this sacred place.

A beam flashes on and finally they land

our team stands at ready to give them a hand.

The pirate's coming in, the ship launches for space

to lead them away and spare us disgrace.

One lone patrolman, strapped in as he flies,

we all hold our breath, we know he will die.

They took the bait, locked on, pulled him in.

We shielded our eyes as yellow light fills the din.

Dependents of Rangers, their children and wives,

now we're responsible for all of their lives.

With morning's first light a choice had to be made

our continued survival, hope of rescue will fade.

I stand on the platform, my voice all dried out,

Terra had brought us back, I wanted to shout.

The legends are true, you're standing here now

The Hall of Leave Taking, Spirit of Space Wow!

We chose the wilderness life, whatever may come,

We know it won't be easy and not always fun.

Safe are we now, children come home at last,

Bemmys and Rangers our fortune cast.

To the south we will go, it's our best bet,

We'll found a new colony, the end is not yet!