In Your Eyes I get a Glimpse of Heaven

Chapter One: Just a Little Winded

Gabrielle headed towards the 6 flights of stairs to her uncle's apartment, unaware of the figure trailing her. When she got to the first step she stopped. She turned around slowly, but she saw nothing.

"I could have sworn..." She said to herself, but shook her head. Her black ponytail swinging slightly. She wore tight black pants, with suspenders that hung below her knees. Her pink converse were real, not the fake ones everyone else seemed to have. She had a black tank top that rested on the pink skull studded belt that hung around her butt, twisted around so the buckle was in the back, and a pink hoodie that said, "I'm Bad and I like it." Her finger nails ran against the metal rails, making an enjoyable sound. The tips of her fingers were painted black, a silver line created a border between the painted and not painted part of her nails.

Again she felt eyes burning holes in the back of her head and she flipped around, gripping the key in between her fingers. And yet again, she saw nothing. Her hand unconsciously rose to the golden cross worn on a chain around her neck. She turned and ran up the remaining steps.

She ran down the hall and fumbled to unlock 672, she rushed in and shut the door. She could have sworn something had been behind her the entire time. She was panting as she turned and looked through the peep hole. Nothing. She sighed and turned around, trying to catch her breath and stop her shaking. She closed her eyes and leaned her head back. She heard someone turn on the TV and she pushed herself off the door and walked over to the opening that lead to the living room, "Knock Knock." She said gently as she saw her Uncle Bob sitting on the couch. He turned smiling, though saw how shaken she was and his expression became worried.

"No, I'm fine. Just a little winded." she said as she leaned on the wall and looked at the TV. She knew he was still looking at her. She glanced at him, "I'm fine." She said trying to laugh. He cocked an eyebrow. She sighed and walked over to the couch and sat down next to him, "I think someone's following me."

He looked even more concerned, "Like what?" he asked.

She stared at him, she rarely heard him talk. "I don't know. Whenever I turn around when I feel something watching me, nothings there. It's not Serendipity or Rufus, or the Metatron for that matter. It feels different when they pop in or when they watch me. It's meaner. And I keep having this dream. Its always the same one, a man wearing a white suit and white hat and I hear this voice say 'Have you ever been to Hell?' I always wake up before he turns around. I always wake up burning up too."

Bob looked concerned, "Tell your mother."

"So she can freak out and take me to a therapist, I don't think so."

"Well what about Serendipity or Rufus?"

She sighed, "I'll tell Rufus, he's suppose to be coming over tonight."

Silent Bob nodded and turned the channel to the cartoons. Gabrielle leaned on his shoulder as Tom and Jerry decorated the screen, "Where's Uncle Jay?"

A shrug.

"Gabi, you here?"

"Speak of the Devil." She muttered under her breath, "Yeah, Uncle Jay. I'm in here."

"What're you doin' here kid?"

"Mom had to work, so I came over here. I'm probably gonna stop by the library or something before I go home, so I might leave early."

"Why the fuck would you want to go to the library?"

"There's a book I need for school and I need to see if someone will switch shifts with me."

"Don't they give you that shit?"

"Not for book reports."

"You're actually doing that shit?"

"Yes. If I don't I might fail and I plan on graduating this year."

"Well Fuck."